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The Normal Attire Part 2
When I left off, I had just started kindergarten; and, I was 6 years old. After a few months I got used to wearing long pants, collared shirts, and boys underwear, andshoes and socks; and stopped wearing the hand-me-down sister's clothes. I continued like this until about 14, when I developed the habit of sneaking into my sister's bedroom, in the afternoon, after classes were over for the day, while she was still at high school, or over at a friend's house, and my other family members were away, and my mother was busy making supper, or other household chores. I quietly tiptoed across the hall, tried the door, opened it slowly, and snuck into Kathy's room. I inspected her trash; where I might find a discarded pair of nylon stockings, with runs in them, or a pair of ragged panties. I knew nothing about sanitation, but always like the feeling of wet hose, so I rinsed them out first under the hot water tap in the bathroom sink. If my mother was in the kitchen, she ignored that sound on the opposite end of the 3 bedroom house we then lived in. She was too busy with her own duties to stop to investigate my doings. I'd yell, "It's me, mom;" and she'd go about her business. That never worked with my father. He'd investigate any sounds in the house from anywhere by chasing them down to determine their cause. After securing my treasures, I'd retreat to my own bedroom, strip off my clothes, put on my newly secured items, and masturbate in them. Then, I'd stash them under the mattress for the next time. After a couple of uses, I'd wash them out by hand. Now, I'd do that after every use, but, remember, I knew nothing about sanitation, odors, or cleanliness back then. If a weekly Saturday night bath was good enough to keep me healthy, which was all I got at the old house due to no indoor plumbing; what difference did it make, now that we had such, I faultily reasoned, and a shower as well as a bathtub in our present accomodations. I soon learned to take one of those daily, but later on; and use deodorant as well, but I digress. There was one memorable Halloween, when I just turned 13, when I dressed as a witch. My mother and my big sister put me in black nylon panties, a black satin bra, a black nylon girdle, black nylon stockings, a long black satin, floor length dress, with a black, pointed hat, and my young face made up wuth dark red lipstick, rouge, and mascara. A long haired, black wig finished the look.  Now, to prevent embassment, my sister did let me put on the panties and bra myself, and they helped me with the rest; especially the makeup. Add a broomstick, and my costume was complete. All the neighbor's who disliked the boy I was, commented on what a pretty girl I'd become. Not a single one recognized me, in spite of my above average height, near 6' at the time. With just flat shoes, I really wasn't that noticeable among the other youngsters out that night. I just remember, it was windy, about 60 F, and what I had on was perfectly comfortable, properly layered, and I felt good, invisible, and happy. Soon, thereafter, neighbor friends, baseball, and school, put an end to my afterschool, bedroom machinations, as freshman class began in the fall, when I turned 15; and had to be all teenage boy. There was no room for any kind of crossdressing then. Pretty girls, puberty, and sleepovers left no space for anything like that.

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Lifetime CD Charlene  Heart Heart  Closeted, says hello to everyone here!
I didn't wear dresses until age 11. MY mother dressed me in them and called me Melodie. I too really loved the dresses as opposed to those horrid boy clothes. I got to play outside in the dresses and went other places. I personally feel all boys should get an opportunity to wear dresses, like for entire summer. Most boys would enoy this.
This is a very intriguing story!

Welcome to the forum!

I would be keen to hear if you are currently crossdressing? Does your petticoated past influence your present day life?

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