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House Maid
Please find chapter one of my life - more to follow if folk like. Thank you x 

The House Maid

Chapter 1

Standing still, feet together, hands clasped in front, head slightly bowed. I waited. Mistress sighed, putting down her phone she looked up from the armchair.

"Well it's time we had a review my little maid." She paused. I muttered. 

"Yes Mistress." 
"See." She exclaimed. "You speaking without permission is yet another example of why I need you to show some real improvements. You have come along way in the last two months but things have to step up a gear!" 
I could feel my heart race imagining what lay in store.
When Mistress introduced the new arrangements around the house, I was both excited and apprehensive, as I was to be given time to dress and serve which I had always felt was at the heart of our relationship, but I also knew that that I was not in control. It was made very clear to me that if I was to become a house maid my role was to serve Mistresses needs not satisfy my wants. Everything I did, whilst her maid was to be determined by her. What I was to wear, how I was to behave, what I was to do, were all determined by my Mistress. My role was to obey. 
Over the preceding two months, my new role in the house had settled into a routine. Two days a week, I became the maid. The night before I sleep in the spare room, up early I dressed in a plain black house maids uniform, white full apron, flat shoes, small lace headband. I was required to wear appropriate female underwear, nothing fancy but items which sort to reinforce my feminine roll, bra, panties and opaque stockings. On the two maid days I did everything from cooking, washing, laundry, cleaning. Mistress identified areas of the house which required special attention and over those two days I was constantly on call. A small handbell would be used to summon me, required as I was to stop whatever I was doing and report to Mistress, curtsy and respond to her demands. To further drive home my subservient position I was not allowed to eat with Mistress but wait in the adjoining room, ready to serve if the bell rang and only after she had finished her meal was I allowed to eat in the kitchen. 
And so a new order had been established in the house. After the two maid days life reverted largely to what it had been before, although I could sense more changes were coming and changes that I would just have to accept! 
Mistress lent forward and picked up a small notebook. Flicking through the pages, she folded the book back on the page she was seeking and looked up. 
"Kneel." Came the very clear instruction. I did as instructed, hands now folded in my lap, head bowed. 
"You have progressed well over the last few months and I have been pleased to see how you have taken to your new role, but!” 
She paused for effect.
 "I as head of the household and your Mistress, wish to now see some more improvements in both your performance and attitude. Also I intend to extend our arrangement or should I say my arrangement, so that I control more aspects of your life.”
She stopped, and raised her hand to my chin. Smiling into my worried eyes she offered some reassurance.
“You know I love you and I will always look after you. Now is the time in our relationship that you relinquish decisions to my better judgement. You don't need to think, you don't need to worry, I will do what is best for you and you will do as I wish.”
“At this point, is there anything you wish to ask? You may speak.” She said.
I took an intake of breath and looking up said. “Thank you Mistress, I do understand that you know what is good for me. I shall try to be the best Housemaid I can and I am so grateful for your caring for me.” I muttered softly.
I knew that this was always meant to be, my submissive nature was core to my very being. Equally I was having to learn that the future was not about me, the future all centred on making my Mistress happy. This was my new life.
“Good.” She said. “I shall now detail what will change.”
Referring to her note book, Mistress went through step by step how the future would be structured. I for clarity detail each point.

  1. Maid days will now be extended to four consecutive days every week, that means for the majority of each week you will be my maid.

  2. Additional uniforms will be purchased, so you will have uniforms for more domestic work and others for more formal activities, including the purchase of corsetry - more on that in a while. 

  3. Maid days will always require you to sleep in the spare room, which you will redecorate in pastel shades of pink. The room will also accommodate all your female cloths and will have a lock fitted to the door.

  4. A designated corner will be identified in the house, where upon finishing assigned tasks you will go and stand, facing the corner hands behind back and await further instructions.

  5. At the start of each four day period, you will be given specific tasks to be completed in the week, together with regular daily tasks. You will keep an accurate record of what you do each day and at the end of each four day period an inspection will take place and I will judge the results.

  6. Your Mistress will take over the financial running of the household. Access passwords to all accounts will be changed and you will have no access to money, other than a small monthly cash allowance.

  7. Should you wish to purchase any items whatsoever, for yourself or the household you must seek permission first and Mistress will decide whether to accede to your request.

  8. On non-maid days you will always be reminded of your status by having to wear some female clothing, for example bra and or panties under your male attire.

  9. Henceforth Mistress will set time restrictions on your online activities. You will be given an online allowance each week, which may vary according to how Mistress feels you have behaved. This includes use of your mobile phone which will only be made available with Mistress’s express permission.

  10. Punishments and deterrents will become part of your life. Your sole reward is to make Mistress happy. At end of each four day period, Mistress will judge the maids behaviour and performance. Anything which displeases her will result in a penance point. If Mistress judges that the period has been successful no points will be awarded, equally the reverse is true. For each point a dice will be rolled, by the maid - the number on the dice will determine what the punishment or deterrent will be. Each week such points will be detailed in the misdemeanour book and will only be removed once achieved in the following week.    
The punishments and deterrents are as follows:

  1. Throw 1 - an hour of corner time will take place, with the maid required to keep a coin pressed against the wall with her nose, her hands will be kept behind her back. Should the coin drop Mistress may extend the corner time.

  2. Throw 2 - the maid will be dismissed to her bedroom, when her duties are satisfactorily completed. The door will be locked. She will be left with no tv or radio or printed material and a slop bucket will be placed in the corner. The maid will have plenty of time to reflect on how she let her mistress down.

  3. Throw 3 - for one day the maid will be required to wear a laced and boned corset. Mistress will supervise the lacing and only after a full days duties will the maid be allowed to remove it.
d)  Throw 4 - the maid will spend an hour minimum (maybe more) writing out lines. For example “I must learn to obey my Mistress and make her happy”.
e) Throw 5 - the maid will put herself in a ball gag and fasten cuffs behind her back (it is not for a Mistress to put the maid in bondage) she will then be locked and left in the stairs cupboard or garage or greenhouse or just left in the garden, until the Mistress decides to let her go.
f) Throw 6 - the maid will receive corporal punishment. Six strikes of ruler, cane or paddle. To be targeted on the rear, calfs, inner thighs or palms, whatever Mistress deems and on each stroke the maid will thank the Mistress for correcting her poor behaviour. 
My heart pounded, as I took in all these changes. For I knew with great clarity that my life would change totally, I was effectively to become a possession to be used, but hopefully not abused by my Mistress. My purpose in the life ahead was to serve and make her happy, nothing else mattered. The surrender of control made my head spin, although deep inside I knew I was weak, lacked drive and focus, that I needed someone to take control of my life and here that change was being placed before me. Equally I shuddered at what lay ahead, with the certainty that once I crossed that threshold there was no going back!
Mistress stared down into my eyes, she sensed my unease. Softly she told me to stand. Sitting back in the chair she placed the notebook on the side table.
“I understand how much of a big step this is for us both and particularly for you. I will own your world.” She said. “But I will care for you and cherish you, you will be loved but you will obey.” 
“Before I ask you whether you accept these changes I want you to reflect, think, consider and then decide. But if you agree you do so in the knowledge that that will be one of the last decisions you ever make. Do you understand?” 
I nodded.
“Right remove your apron and dress.” She commended.
I did as I was told, placing the cloths on the nearby chair I returned to stand in front of my Mistress. Feeling very exposed in my bra and panties, suspenders and stockings. Looking every part of the male maid I had become.
Handing me a pair of steel handcuffs she told me to attach to my wrists behind my back, which I quickly did. I was helpless.
“In a minute I want you to go to our bedroom and stand facing the full length mirror. You will wait there for at least an hour, maybe longer. Look at yourself as you wait, see what you have become. Realise this is not a game, realise that you are a submissive who needs control and direction, be honest with yourself. I shall ring for you when I am ready for you, now go.” 
I walked slowly up the stairs, knowing that my future lay ahead!
I stood in front of the mirror. A sissy in every way. In my heart I knew what I was and that the path which Mistress had set out was my destiny. I would need to learn more than ever that life was not about what I wanted, life was to be lived in the service of my Mistress, focusing all my energy, all my thoughts on pleasing her. 
I swallowed hard. Could I do this, was I up to it? My mind swam around in confusing thoughts. However, every doubt was met by the same conclusion that my future was no longer in my hands, I needed to let go and and accept that all though there were times I would struggle I knew Mistress would help train me, correct my poor behaviour and make me into the perfect maid. I knew which way I had to go.
I heard the bell ring.
Quickly I walked back into the lounge, where Mistress sat in the arm chair, she did not look up. I curtsied as best as I could when I entered her presence. and stood head slightly bowed, feet tightly together, with my hands still bound behind my back.
Looking up she said. “Right, you have had plenty of time to consider everything I have set out, these are not areas up for discussion or negotiation, you either accept it all as I have laid out or decline it and we just go back to where we were. “Also”. She added. “This my dearest maid is a once in a life time offer, if you decline it now there will be no further discussion at a later date, it’s now or never my dear.” She said with the slight snarl in her voice.
“Kneel.” She commanded. I did as instructed.
“So accept or decline, what is it to be?”
I slowly looked up into my Mistresses eyes and softly said. “Accept.”
“Excellent.” She exclaimed leaning forward and gently kissing me on both cheeks. “We shall have such fun, well I will.” She laughed. “And you will work hard. I’m so pleased.” As she clapped her hands together and sat back with a big happy grin.
I had made her happy and so I was happy. My new life was at its opening chapter.
“Turned around.” She beckoned and released me from the handcuffs.
“Put your dress and apron back on and you can carry on with your daily chores, oh and whilst you at it bring me a cup of tea and a few biscuits.”
I noted that the word please or for that fact thank you, where now rarely used by Mistress, although I recognised that she had no need to acknowledge my work and I had no right to expect any thanks. I was after all just the maid.
As I was about to leave the room, she said. “Oh and I think we will plan something special tonight, to mark the new arrangement, this going to be such fun, now off you trot.”
It's always nice to read gender role reversal story. Wink
Thumbs Up 
(04-26-2020, 01:05 PM)alexvyaz Wrote: It's always nice to read gender role reversal story. Wink

Thanks appreciated, would you like anymore? x
Oh tina, yes please let us have more. Such a delightful reminiscing of your early days. You lucky lucky sissy girl
I always like stories about strong women and their male wives/maids.
However, I do not like to read about cuckolding, BDSM, diapers. Wink
(04-26-2020, 08:04 PM)susanstewartuk Wrote: Oh tina, yes please let us have more. Such a delightful reminiscing of your early days. You lucky lucky sissy girl

Thanks Susan - appreciate feedback - watch this space - more to follow x
I like feeling submissive and focused on pleasing and being challenged to be as good as I can be. I like love and support and fun. I am fine with flexing dom muscles on a whim. I don't like abuse or win-lose. There is satisfaction in submitting. For both parties.

Looking forward to the next chapters.

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