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Words you dread...
“Let’s play Twister!”

Ali had always hated the game of Twister, ever since his sister Lucy’s 6th birthday party. He’d been made to attend, even though he was two years older and couldn’t stand giggling little girls.

But worse than that, much worse than that, was that three days before the party he had earned himself a week of ‘petticoat punishment’. His mother had a somewhat unconventional way of disciplining her son. When he was naughty, she dressed him as a girl – usually a little girl.

Sometimes this would just be for the rest of the day, sometimes, as in this case, it would be for longer. And when he was undergoing his punishment it continued regardless of what else was planned.

So just because he had to go to Lucy’s birthday party, that didn’t alter his mother’s insistence that he be dressed as a girl. He begged his mother not to make him go to the party dressed as a girl, but all it got him was a spanking across his mother’s lap.

Even on the morning of the party he pleaded with her not to make him wear a dress and knickers. She looked at him, exasperated. “Well,” she said, “you’ve gone on so much about it that I’ll grant you part of your wish.”

He looked at her, relieved. But his relief was very short lived.

“Instead of knickers you can have a nappy on under your dress. Perhaps that will teach you not to complain about your punishments in future.”

And so it was that he went to his little sister’s birthday party in a peach coloured party dress, with layers and layers of net underskirts, white frilly ankle socks, and a nappy and baby panties on under his dress. The dress had been his sister’s, and so was quite short on him. It only came half way down his thighs, and he was terrified his nappy would be revealed.

The little girls arrived in their best party dresses. He couldn’t help noticing that their dresses mostly came down to their knees, and that they were wearing tights. He suddenly felt very exposed in his short dress, with his legs bare from the hem of his dress all the way down to his ankles.

And then they said they wanted to play Twister. He managed to miss the first couple of games, and hoped he wouldn’t be asked to join in, but he was disappointed.

“Come on, Ali!” said Lucy. “Your turn to join in!”

He tried to get out of it, but his mother told him “Ali! You’re here at your little sister’s party and you’re to join in with all the games and activities. So unless you want another spanking then I’d suggest you go and play Twister!”

He turned bright red. All the little girls looked at him, knowing that he’d had his bottom spanked.

It took only a few goes before he was twisted into an almost impossible position, with his legs on one colour and his hands over on another. His dress fell up over his waist, leaving his well-padded bottom and frilly baby panties on full show.

At first there was silence, but then one of the little girls exclaimed “Oh gosh! He's wearing a nappy and baby panties!” And then they all dissolved into fits of giggles.

And that’s why he now dreaded hearing the words “Let’s play Twister!”
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Dread and secretly can't live without as you delisciously cringe inside . . .
All of these have actually been said to me.

Throughout my teen years, a great many girls would comment, "you would have been so much better off had you been born a girl, you so much more like us than you are a boy."

"I know you think you're proud of what you have down there between your legs, but let me tell you something, it's really nothing to be proud of. My last boyfriend was at least twice your size, and very masculine, not at all like you. You do have a lot of feminine traits, you would've been better off being born a girl, and if I were you, I would consider wearing panties, and tucking what little you have backwards between your legs to look more like a woman. I would not be proud of it, I would be ashamed of it and keep it away from women who know better."

How does it feel to know I have an absolutely fulfilling sex life while I go out and enjoy myself and you sit here home alone, frustrated and wearing your wet panties?

Take off your pants right now, this time it's for good.

A tee shirt and panties are just fine for someone like you to wear around the house tonight.

A slip and panties is what you will be wearing at home from now on, your regular clothing, hope you learn to enjoy wearing them.

People who wear panties have to pee sitting down, right?

No you can't have sex with me, you are just too small and don't satisfy me.

What you meant to say is “please may I use the ladies room!”

No you can't come along with me, you have lots and lots of your housework to do!

Don’t you want me to go out and have a good time? Of course you do. And you know I like to know you are at home, safe and waiting for me when I get back later on, don’t you. And make sure you are in your pink nightie and panties and in bed before I come back.

Valentine's Day with you, NO honey, I spend February 13th with you, tomorrow is important and for someone else.

Yes, I know you wish you had a pussy like me, but you don't. You just weren’t good enough.

Yes., of course women’s pants have a shorter fly, no penis moving around in there, less room is needed, you are a woman, you should know that.

Seems fitting you should at least switch to women's jeans and cargo pants so you use the proper seated position when you use the ladies room

Hmmmmmm I think that you need to wear your napkin.

How you belong in panties and wearing girlie pants and wearing lip gloss and all things girlie are appropriate!

Because you are cockless and women wear those sorts of jeans so you need to also!!

Repeat after me, I am a sissy and I have a sissy wee-wee.

Admit it, you never really were a man!

I think you should absolutely wear a napkin in your panties, you are so much like a girl and you should go through whatever girls have to go thorough, right?

Quiet now, the women are speaking!

No-one here is interested in anything you have to say.

Get up and sit over there, she's the guest of honor and sits at the head of the table, run along.

This one here well knows this is a woman's house and who is in charge.

This is a woman's house, everyone living here wears panties and uses the ladies room here properly, sitting down, now don't we?

Now run along, you have your chores to do and I'm going out.

I go out and have fun, your fun is staying home and doing your housework.

No honey, I am learning to ride a motorcycle, that’s not for someone like you! People like you should take up at home hobbies, like knitting or crocheting, scrap booking, those kinds of things.

Leave the Valentine's Day gifts you have for me on the kitchen counter, and don't wait up, I'm going out with my friends tonight, don't wait up!

Admit it, you prefer it this way, you were born to be sissy servant, weren't you?

Shussh and hush right now sissy! No-one here is interested in anything you or any other sissy has to say.

Good news, I am inviting some of the girls over tonight to just have some fun with you and to see you in your new 'at home' sissy outfit, your new full slip and panties, just how I like you, barefooted with pretty painted toes and not heard.

I think you should going on line, finding all the women you've dated and writing them to apologize for not being a man is a great idea.

From now on your tell the women in the store the lingerie is really for you, not someone else, it's time you told the truth & came out sissy!

After we buy you some new panties and bras, we are looking for new dresses and purses for you next, many some appropriate shoes too, doesn't that sound like lots of girl fun?

I was told to make sure i'd leave Her gifts on the kitchen counter next to Her coffee mug, She's be going out tonight, not sure if get home before i went to bed and wanted to make sure everyone saw my thoughtfulness.

i would get phone calls from a Lesbian nightclub, I’m having a really good time honey, oh how i wish you were here, but you just wouldn't fit in, ya know?

Another call, are you touching yourself down there? [giggles from her friends in the background]. I don't want you doing that, i might want some if i get home later. Make sure you are wearing your cute nightie, you know the one i said you look cute in, i want you pretty and having girly dreams of me. [She stayed out and didn't return for 2 days].

Of course ladies rooms don't have urinals.

You're thirsty and I have to pee sissy, and the bathroom is all the way over there.

Now apologize to the women for once pretending to be a man sissy!

Just think how much more pleasant your are going to be & how much better your panties are going to fit after the nice lady Dr. removes these!

Run along now sissy, the women are talking!

From now on you will call it making a silly sissy creamie -& NO, you don't have time to be silly now!

Repeat after me: Please my wonderful Mistress Wife, please go out and enjoy the kind of fulfilling sex life you deserve and i cannot ever provide you with, please, i am begging you!!!

A sissy belt is something you will wear and appreciate, just like your panties. - a locked up sissy is a safe and happy to serve sissy.

Why are you crying now sissy?

sissy cindy
"Putting him back into nappies has such a calming effect on him. Look at even how he walks now he's got a nappy on. None of that silly swagger. He actually waddles like a baby!"
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"Lift up your bottie, darling. There's a good boy. Now Mummy can slip your nappy under you and do it up nice and tight.

"Lucy, would you fetch a pair of your brother's waterproof baby knickers please? From his knicker drawer. No, you can choose..."
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Is this really words we love? Even when embarrassed?

One of my favorites was when we were trying to get pregnant the first time. It wasn't always easy for me to perform and often oral stimulation helped.

No, not that kind!

Rather, being told during the throes of intimacy when I was struggling to climax, "You know it's going to be a girl- you don't have any boys inside."

I was so embarrassed, both by what was said and that it worked instantly."

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi (turning red)
(05-09-2017, 05:15 PM)Kimmi Wrote: Is this really words we love? Even when embarrassed?

One of my favorites was when we were trying to get pregnant the first time.  It wasn't always easy for me to perform and often oral stimulation helped.

No, not that kind!

Rather, being told during the throes of intimacy when I was struggling to climax, "You know it's going to be a girl- you don't have any boys inside."

I was so embarrassed, both by what was said and that it worked instantly."

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi (turning red)
Yes Kimmi - I think you are right. There are so many examples in this thread of things we probably did dread the first time we heard them - and we were no doubt properly humiliated. But as we have grown to accept and embrace (and even cherish) our true submissive sissiness, we would now dread not hearing those same things. So yes, "I will be a good girl" and yes, I am happy when told to "show mummy your new panties". And yes, I want to "get the door honey" when I am dressed in my maid uniform, not knowing what awaits me on the other side. Even hearing "your sissy clitty looks so cute in those panties sweetie" makes me blush. Hearing these words over an over again reinforce our true sissy feelings, so - bring it on! Heart
For me, it was a common one- "When your dad gets home..."

Oddly there was usually nothing said when I'd get hit??? The first I would often know of "being in trouble" would be when I was grabbed and restrained, so I could be hurt. I never enjoyed it as a child and I was so horrified and sickened when I got older and discovered I liked the idea of being spanked by a nice "mother". The only things I had as experience to look back on, were highly abusive things by my parents. Maybe that is why I like the idea of it being done by a nice motherly woman?


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