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Words you dread...
I want to dress you up in silk taffeta. 

Those boys aren't looking at you because you're wearing a frock, 
they are looking at you because they think you look cute.

Petticoat, petticoat sissy boy, put this petticoat on as fast as you can.

I told you, you look far better in frocks than pants.

No you cannot wear shorts or Capri pants, only skirts or frocks.

Sissy boy, sissy boy, quite a sissy boy
How does your wardrobe grow?
With lovely satin and lovely frocks
And pretty petticoats all in a row
And pretty petticoats all in a row

No David, I mean Daphne we're going to the girlswear department,
not the boyswear department.

Now remember Daphne, you are no longer a little boy, you are a little girl,
so when you go to the toilet, you must not lift your dress to pee, you
must lower your knickers and then sit on the toilet like a little girl.

As you no longer wear pants David and as frocks and skirts do not have
pockets to keep your things in, I've bought you a nice little handbag.
[Image: 0011729.jpg]Grainger says, "submit to the purple petticoat, you know you want to."[Image: 0011729.jpg]
My Female Master, LadyJ had an old-fashioned wooden hair brush made by Kent.
Her aunt had used it on Her when She was a child and now that i was living with Her
as a sissy-wife, She used it on me. Hair brushes can really, really hurt when used with
enthusiasm, especially on a gurl's bare bottom. At home, i often got painfully corrected
by Ms. Kent, as LadyJ. called Her hairbrush.
She often kept it in Her purse when we went out to go shopping or out for a meal.
More than once, She embarrassed and frightened me by taking it out of Her purse and
putting it on the table beside Her plate. Then, when the waitress came to take our orders
She would say quite loudly, "Ms. Kent phoned earlier and she sounded very annoyed. She
wants to speak to you, I think you had better apologise to her!" I would always blush and
stutter out a reply.
Later, over Her knee, i would indeed apologise to Ms. Kent! Loudly...

trissy neill

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All sissy-gurls should be pantied, paddled and plugged

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