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Words you dread...
"Mum it really itches!"

"Don't be silly tuck your vest into your tights make sure that cardigan is buttoned all the way up to the neck....Aunty and her friends will be here soon"
" Figging ! I like that word . You've never had a figging before . Have you baby ? "
Come and lie down here, Ali. Nanny's going to change your wet nappy for you. Mummy's friends won't mind seeing you having your baby knickers pulled down and your nappy changed. I'm sure they've all seen a boy being changed before. Although maybe not a fourteen year old boy - you are a bit old to still be in nappies really, aren't you? And I'm afraid you need a spanking too for wetting so soon after your last nappy change. But don't worry. Nanny won't put you across her lap this time. You can just have your legs pushed back above your head while I'm changing you and you can have a nursery style spanking once your nappy is off.
You've been a naughty boy, or, as you're dressed like that perhaps I should say a naughty girl, Ali. So I'm going to punish you. No, I don't care that your little sisters' friends are here. You should have thought about that before you were naughty.

Do Lucy's friends know what you're wearing under your dress and tights? Well they'll find out soon, won't they?

Now, go upstairs and fetch my wooden hairbrush. Then when you come down and bring it to me you can hold up your dress so that I can pull your tights down to your knees, then your plastic baby knickers, then your nappy. Then I shall haul you across my lap, lift the back of your dress up high above your waist so that all the girls can see not only your tights, baby knickers and nappy round your knees, but also your bare bottom, and then I shall administer a spanking you won't forget in a hurry.

So run along and get my hairbrush, then your punishment can begin.
*Doorbell goes*

"Lucy, would you get that please and invite them in? I'm just spanking your brother's bottom and want to finish that. Then I'll tuck the back of his skirt into his knickers and he can have half an hour corner time with his hands on his head."
"What's that?.....Cousin Katie is having a fairy party and she'd like Matthew to come....Of course he will...I have just the outfit for him to wear"
"Here, boy, step into these knickers.

Oh come, come. You must have worn knickers before? Surely you've been put into a pair of panties before by your mother, or an auntie? Not even after a spanking?

Well, you're going into knickers now and you'll be wearing them for the rest of the week."
It's Sunday evening so let's add up how many black marks you've earned this week, then we can decide whether to administer your spanking with a slipper or my wooden hairbrush.
"If you're a good boy today, Ali, no-one will see that you've been made to wear frilly panties. But if you're naughty then I shall lift up your dress and spank your bottom for you in front of everyone."
"Oh Matthew! I told you to be careful not to fall into the pond - now all your clothes are soaking! We'll have to get you dried off and then ask your cousin nicely if you may borrow a pair of her panties to wear. And we don't want you catching a chill so you'd better ask her for a pair of nice thick woolly tights and one of her jumpers. We won't embarrass you by making you wear a skirt as well, so you can just run round in tights and a jumper."

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