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Words you dread...
Yes Ali that’s almost unbearably humiliating for a boy to be referred to in the feminine.
"Upstairs now, panties only in the bath and wait."

Preceded having panties full of ice chunks while I leaned on the wall. Any movement caused a large pan to hit the floor and be heard throughout the house. Every hour the ice would be topped up and I'd have to stir up the ice before resuming my position. I only knew it was over when told to tip out the ice. Then just wearing the cold,clammy panties I'd be made to sit on a towel at the table and do my homework or a chore that I was given. This applied even if we had friends round, my friends would have left before I returned, those of my siblings were there to take delight at my state.

With a traditional metal bath it was a trial in winter and the longest session was 4 hours, I'd made a parachute and tested it jumping off a van. My younger brother noticed that it didn't open and came out of a bedroom window breaking his leg, despite being in pain with a twisted ankle and unable to move I was held responsible. I made sure I never earned that again. The ambulance journey with us two and Mum was the longest time of my young life.
It was years before I was told that Dad had laughed so much he couldn't confront us, fortunately they decided that the pain was sufficient punishment.
A truly unique (and clearly effective) punishment. My own mother was known to come up with interesting punishments if she thought my sister and I were either tiring of the usual fare or we were trying to be clever.
How about actions? Like a female with her hands on hips
even if they are not mad,lol
You know they’re mad when they start the slow tapping of their foot as well.  Wink
None of which would be anything without the wagging finger.  Big Grin
(09-25-2020, 06:02 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: What’s the context surrounding ginger?

It's a concept called figging. It involves having a butt-plug carved from
raw ginger inserted in your bottom, preferably before a OTK spanking. 
What starts as a warm, tingling feeling quickly develops into a horribly hot,
burning sensation made worse by clenching. It also works well as a corner
time punishment Sad It is almost impossible not to wriggle!

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All sissy-gurls should be pantied, paddled and plugged
Sounds painful. I’ve never really been a victim of spanking much less any of the more ingenious twists on it so that probably explains why I’m not so familiar.
Here are a few phrases I've heard more than once over the years:
-Put that dress on, NOW!
-Aww, don't you look adorable in curlers.
-I always get what I want.
-You do want to please me, DON'T YOU?
-You'll do it, if you know what's good for you!
-I know what's best for you.
-You're not a man, you'll never be a man, you're a sissy, you'll always be a sissy.
-Lick it up, like a good girl.
-Open your throat, like a good girl, and take his cock all the way!
-That is not a proper curtsy, do it again.
-Look in the mirror, look at yourself, would any real man look like that?
-You call that a cock? Put on these panties!
-Do you think he will like me in this outfit?

I'm sure there are more phrases to come. Are there any superior females with their own favorite lines?
My Female Master, LadyJ had an old-fashioned wooden hair brush made by Kent.
Her aunt had used it on Her when She was a child and now that i was living with Her
as a sissy-wife, She used it on me. Hair brushes can really, really hurt when used with
enthusiasm, especially on a gurl's bare bottom. At home, i often got painfully corrected
by Ms. Kent, as LadyJ. called Her hairbrush.
She often kept it in Her purse when we went out to go shopping or out for a meal.
More than once, She embarrassed and frightened me by taking it out of Her purse and
putting it on the table beside Her plate. Then, when the waitress came to take our orders
She would say quite loudly, "Ms. Kent phoned earlier and she sounded very annoyed. She
wants to speak to you, I think you had better apologise to her!" I would always blush and
stutter out a reply.
Later, over Her knee, i would indeed apologise to Ms. Kent! Loudly...

trissy neill

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All sissy-gurls should be pantied, paddled and plugged

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