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Do NOT try this at home
I will admit, I have seen a much higher level of average intelligence among users of this forum and it brings me hope for the world. As such, I hope many of you are aware of things NOT to do to keep yourself safe and healthy in this pandemic.

Even so, I will put forward to please not try the latest suggestions put forward by a person who I will only describe as "The Cheeto in Chief".

Do not use UV light on yourself to try and kill any virus you think you may have come into contact with. It will cause sunburn and cancer.

Do not inject disinfectant to try and stop or prevent infection. While it may kill the infection, it will also kill you.

The Cheeto in Chief
It's a good thing he hasn't taken on gender surgical transition. What a nightmare that would be.

Thursday was truly frightening. There was just no way what he coughed up as "advice" could be spun.
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

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