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After the Covid-19 virus of the early 2020s life has changed. 

It is now 2030 and most definitely the women are now in charge. 

All the world leaders are female as are their governments. All business leaders, managers and supervisors are female. There are still a few men who hold responsible jobs like doctors, dentists, surgeons, engineer, but that is mainly because it takes time to train people to do those jobs.

All men are either "owned" by a women in which case they act as a housemaid to their owner. Other men like myself are free to do menial work.

All men are kept locked in chastity and have to wear skirts and dresses. It is compulsory to respect females. All males have to curtsey everyone they pass a woman. You can imagine how long it takes to walk to the end of the street if you have to curtsey every few seconds.

My job is working in the toilets at a shopping mall. Everyday before the mall opens, myself and the 4 other people I work with have to polish the floor, clean the mirrors, facets and wash basins. There are 20 of each to clean. Then we clean the toilets, all 40 of them.

Between the 5 of us we have to greet each lady that enters with a curtsey and direct her to a cubicle. After she has finished the toilet and cubicle has to be cleaned along with the wash basin and mirrors etc.

Our uniform consists of a brown knee-length dress, matching brown apron and brown tights. Over the dress we have to wear a long sleeved nylon brown housecoat. Like you we also wonder why we have to wear a apron as nobody can see it but as you would have guessed we do as we are told.

Has you can see we are kept very busy all day long. If any lady complains we have to report to our supervisor who gives us a good caning to ensure that we raise our standards.

At the end of the day we again clean everything before we are allowed to go home.

It is indeed a strange world here in 2030, and one that males are having to learn to adjust to. There are many more things I could tell you but only if you want to know.
So the question is

What is one going to do to make it happen?
Yes... please continue.  Thank you - great possibilities!  Especially would like if some of these parameters might be illuminated in your narration:

  1.  How Females took the initiative in such Gynarchical change.
  2.  The interest, pride, joy, and amusement Women who had previously lived subordinate to males had in Their first opportunities in reversing previous false sex-roles and discovering Females were the Superior Sex.
  3.  The psychic and emotional distress all spectrum of males experienced in their feminization re-education and training.
  4.  Some general focus on future societal change planned by the new Female Masters in charge  (particularly if amusing!)

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