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I just enjoyed this story in April's PDQ issue...firstly, i'd like to respectfully thank Ms Pvcpinny for sharing this detail of Her lifestyle with Her submissive sissy/hubby.  She's created a humiliating, uncomfortable and somewhat painful disciplinary pinny! I have always had a fascination with special punishment attire of any type...whether it be punishment panties, punishment bra or others...and i love what Madame has done with the punishment pinny...for those who haven't read it yet, i recommend doing so!

If Madame reads the forum, i'd love to read more about Her lifestyle (She said if readers are interested, She may share more)...

Most respectfully,

sissy jamieanne
I agree with sissy amieanne. I would love to hear more of Ms Pvcpinny's regime with her charge.  Ms Pvcpinny seems thoroughly creative.


sissy maid Tricia

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