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Protocol and duties of a sissy maid
From Ramona Page,a submissive maid
Hold your little skirt GirlBoy, because if not the girls will see your panties with ruffles
Oh how delightful...i have been learning Spanish on the website Duolingo...this will be fun to work on interpreting! Thank you!
Check out "Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish" ( and "Discover Spanish" (, although I haven't gotten to the lessons that cover sissy vocabulary yet...
(04-04-2020, 06:35 AM)Algoriano1 Wrote: From Ramona Page,a submissive maid

Here are some important steps to be a good Sissy Maid.  And of course you have to master them all!


 The most important thing that as Sissy you must know how to do is reverence. Show both respect and humility, submission and acceptance of your role as a maid.  You must know how to do it properly so that you can better serve your Mistress.

 Here are 5 steps to bow down well:

 1. Show your smile always!

 2. Elegantly place your right foot behind your left foot so that your ankles cross.

 3. Hold the hem of your dress at the sides.  Make sure your action is delicate, you must hold the edges with your fingers

 4. Gradually bend just the knees elegantly, until the hem is slightly raised and released.

 5. Once you have completed the incline, get up gracefully, and return to your starting position.  Straighten your dress and smile!


 Serving correctly is the essence of sissy maids.  When your lady wants her breakfast served in bed, or when she dines with her friends, how should you serve properly?  The correct way is, of course, with a smile on your face and bending only on the waist.  When you bend over, raise your butt a little higher than normal.  As a sissy you must impress your lady and her friends with your skills.


 Something very important for all sissy maids is posture.  Your mistress would want a maid who knows how to sit and get up like a little woman.

 I mean

 Sit down

 Although most maids are not allowed much time to sit down (we have homework after all, right?), It is important to know how to sit down at times.  The proper way is to have a straight back, head forward, legs crossed, and hands clearly and beautifully crossed on your lap.  The only other acceptable way for a sissy is to sit with your feet back and to one side, with one foot on the other so that they cross, and your hands carefully clasped in your lap.  Of course you should also be sitting with your back straight, it is important for a good posture.

 Also sissy, don't forget to smooth your dress in the back when you sit down and also when you get up.  \ Make sure your actions are feminine and delicate!


 Walking in an appropriate way is an art.  It takes a lot of practice, mastery and concentration.  You must walk with your shoulders back, your head high, and one foot in front of the other.  Your Sissy hands should swing either inward;  On the one hand or resting on the hip, delicate and feminine. Your legs must be together, and the hips must maintain a certain cadence.  Your steps should be delicate short.  Therefore, you will take much more steps while rocking your hips in order to get to the call of your Mistress faster.  You must practice it a lot and you will do it correctly

 Submissive bondage

 A sissy should always serve in a submissive and obedient way.  As many servants we have discovered, not doing it well can bring us a punishment, and as a sissy you do not want to be punished.  Therefore you must strive to please your Mistress, no matter what she asks of you.  Once a Mistress told me that she should always be smiling, because she thought my smile was beautiful.  He said that every maid should always be joyful and happy while serving.  It was very difficult for me to smile constantly, but I did, and my Lady told me that she made me smile for 10 hours straight.  There is always a lesson to be learned from my servitude, and this is a lesson I will never forget.  A sissy maid must always be obedient to her Mistress, but she must also always be cheerful and have a happy disposition.  Serving should be considered an honor, and we sissys should be happy to be of service. Our Remember sissys;  Let's serve meekly with a cheerful smile!

 Duties of the domestic servant

 1. Obey the instructions given by the lady

 2. The kitchen is your important workplace.

 to.  After cooking, serve the food.  Wash dishes, organize cabinets and sweep and scrub the floor well.

 3. Works in the bathroom

 A. Clean sinks, toilet and shower b.  replenish supplies, paper, soap, etc. as needed c.  sweeping and mopping the floor

 4. Work in the Bedroom

 to.  Make the bed b.  organize clothes and shoes c.  Clean and polish the floor d. Dust the furniture

 5. Secretarial Work

 to.  Assistance as needed following instructions b.  Organize the library and dust off the books

 6. Entertain clients

 to.  prepare snacks b.  offer additional help c.  serving drinks and snacks d.  thorough cleaning when necessary e.  be available at all times.  F.  be prepared should a demonstration be necessary

 7. Others

 to.  be prepared for the needs of your Mistress b.  maintain the proper protocol at all times c.  be aware and show a pleasant attitude d.  Your Mistress can modify these functions

 By your vow of obedience as a sissy you will agree to the following:

 1. You will be taught the house routine, including, but not limited to:

 to.  b morning duties.  preparing breakfast serving and cleaning c. daily household chores / weekly chores d.  continuous assistance to the needs of your Mistress at all times e.  lunch preparation, etc.  F.  household chores in the afternoon or continuation of the morning g.  special task, classes for your training or rest if your Mistress considers it so, if not continue the household chores h.  dinner preparation etc.  j.  afternoon homework

 3. Immediately inform the lady of any news of your training, wait for a correction or call whenever you are called.

 4. you will keep a "book of your mistakes", so that your Mistress reviews them at any time.

 5. You will fulfill your vows of servitude at all times.

 6. You will accompany the Lady on her errands, as necessary and you will remain in the place that indicates you to stay, either in the car or at her side.

 7. You will practice all the details of courtesy and protocol, as taught by your Mistress, at all times.

 8. You are going to learn how to serve drinks to the lady correctly and to do it at all times, except when she is in "vanilla" presence.  Doing the opposite is a lack of respect and an insult to the Lady.

 I mean

 Protocol and duties of a sissy maid

I hope that in this way you are not forced to study my language.  Curtsy
Hold your little skirt GirlBoy, because if not the girls will see your panties with ruffles

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