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Ms Joan as featured by Mistress Scarlet
There’s a wonderful vignette on Mistress Scarlet's blog from one of her FLR correspondents, Ms Joan. 
I don’t know why exactly, but it set my imagination racing.

…. We were going away for a couple of nights to a rather nice hotel, booked in my name of course. He was allowed a small overnight bag with 1 change of clothes, I had a medium size suitcase with several changes of clothes, dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, shoes, boots and a couple of coats and jackets in a long garment bag, these were all packed by him at home under my supervision. 
At the check in, with me signing in and hubby stood behind with the bags, I asked the receptionist, a nice suited Lady in her late thirties, where the bar was as I really needed a glass of wine after the drive. Then turning to hubby I said, ‘Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask?’
Red faced he asked if there was an iron in the room or if he could borrow one. Being told there was one in the wardrobe, I commented, ‘There you go darling, go and unpack and come and join me in the bar after your ironing, but please don’t leave any creases.‘ And with a smugness and a smile from the receptionist, I turned on my heel, heading for a dink and I didn’t even look back…

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