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Xdress and the future of male models
I'm pretty sure that we've mentioned Xdress on here before, but I was looking at their Instagram site and clicked on the small round icons near the top, they show small video clips of the modeling shoots and what really struck me was there was the guy just in his underwear being photographed and told what positions to be in by a Female photographer and in most clips you can clearly see it's Women calling the shots at these photo shoots.

Applause for Xdress for showing common sense, it would be great to think future photo shoots by other companies may follow suit and we could end up with scantily clad guys sprawling over cars for Female titillation ?

Xdress Instagram Account
Thanks Saz, I love it !!!
 I absolutely love the French maid dresses you saw in one of the videos !!.

 It is very revealing to see one of us dressed in short skirts and heels, while posing for a woman to take photos of him.
 Thanks Saz
Hold your little skirt GirlBoy, because if not the girls will see your panties with ruffles

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