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Genderfree clothes department
I just stumbled across this interesting on-line website from Argentina (after watching a number of Youtube videos of Fabricio Castro Fotografia mentioned in another post). 

It has a clothing section for women (mujeres), one for men (hombres) and between the two, one for without gender (sin género):

In the without gender section, there are two T-shirts that stood out to me, and not just because the text is in English and not Spanish. 

One that says: Clothes have no gender (
[Image: remera-chilleout-clothes-have-no-gender-...019-F.webp]

The other that says: A boy can wear a fucking dress if he wants. (
[Image: remera-paula-continuo-presente-D_NQ_NP_6...019-F.webp]

I must admit, most of my dresses are not for fucking, I take them off first as I like to keep them clean.

This is a trend that is catching on. Even some states are considering mandating gender-free children sections. only promotes their clothing to be gender-free and some boys wearing dresses.

The world is changing and each step gets us closer to a better tomorrow.


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