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Charlize Theron Update
Perhaps we are aware of the fact that the unmarried, highly successful, smart, and gorgeous actress (I still call them that) Charlize Theron has adopted two children, including a 7-year old boy named Jackson, who identifies as female. Luckily this wonderful mom has the resources and intellect to allow him to become his true self.

A smart, savvy, wealthy, successful, beautiful woman wearing pants, with her son in a pink leotard/swimsuit. A beautiful vision of the future.


Have you ever seen a happier kid? He rocks those braids.


A quote from Ms. Theron: "Yes, I have two young girls, two young beautiful, black, African American girls — not from South Africa.". (Editorial note: Ms. Theron is from South Africa and survived an attempted murder by her father, who was killed by her mother.) Yes, her children are both girls in her assessment.

That is indeed Jackson, at left, in the pink panties (two piece swimsuit).


Maybe his mother's love and affection convinced Jackson that the future is female, and he wanted to be a part of it. God bless them both.


Jackson as a ballerina, a long time dream for many of us. Well done by this incredible, inspirational supermom.
Wow! This could not have been timed better! I just did that post on girls swimsuits a few days ago!

This is validation for how I (and I'm sure others who wore girls swimsuits) feel.

And FYI: the one he's wearing in the parking lot is a gymnastics leotard, not a swimsuit. Note the GK (Elite) logo on left hip..... I did gymnastics as a kid Wink

Thanks a ton!

Princess Tommy

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