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Stay safe - and be kind to each other!
In the last couple of weeks it feels like the planet has tilted and wobbled, towards some unknown, new 'balance'.  Who knows where it will end?  One thing's certain - the ride won't be easy, and everyone will be affected in some way.  

At moments like these we have to maintain our basic decency and humanity, despite whatever shit comes along.  Otherwise...well, what's the point of existence if it means we end up hurting and hating each other. 

Take a deep breath, practice random acts of kindness, stay mentally alert and avoid rumour-mongering and division.   Most of all, stay healthy!
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Adding while it is nice to share things in life - this is one time to be very wary of sharing personal aspects.
Avoid the hand shake - the kiss - the warm embrace - if sexual contact is a release of affection remember
to sufficiently do more than washing the hands for 20 seconds - shower or bathe for sufficient time.
While the virus is not known how it is transferred from one to another don't give it an open door to waltz
right thru and dance its macabre beat causing mayhem infection that may lead to death !

Now with that noted - Don't Worry Be Happy - Go and live life to the fullest avoiding the slings and pains
of outrageous virus.
It may be short lived - curing itself - festering itself out - incubation period timing out and if a cure is found
hope that the Big Pharma people don't make matters worse NOT SHARING the results !
God Bless and take care !

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