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Girls swimsuits
Hi Everyone,

I posted this in a different part of the forum, but I'm thinking maybe that wasn't the best spot, so here goes:

I'm curious if anyone wore girls swimsuits as a kid. In the privacy of the backyard is cool, but in public at all? If so whats your thoughts on it now?

I wore a girls one-piece in public once. It was at Sea Breeze Park on Lake Ontario in Rochester, NY. Summer 1991, I was 11 years old. It was a bright/neon pink suit with string ties that went around the back of my neck, and had an open back. Sea Breeze was an amusement park that installed a water park the year before (I think). The man who was with me had been helping me dress like a sissy for about 8 months, and bought me this suit specifically to wear at this park. I remember wearing white short-shorts over the bottom-part on my way out of the changing room, and needing a lot of encouragement to take the shorts off once we found a place to set our things near the water slides. It probably goes without saying, but when a boy wears a girl's one-piece swimsuit, its VERY obvious he's a boy, if you know what I mean. Even after playing in the water, it was still really obvious. 

Looking back on it now, I'm glad I had the chance to do that. I'm proud of myself for wearing it in such a public place, and because I was not forced to wear it, I feel it was perfectly acceptable, even considering the nature of my relationship with the man. Without him buying it for me, and taking me to Sea Breeze, there is no way I ever would've had the chance to wear one. It was one more sissy boy achievement!

Lastly, I hope at least some people thought I was cute [Image: smile.png]

Princess Tommy
That is quite a nice experience. You must have felt an incredible sense of freedom, after an initial moment of embarrassment. Were there other instances when you went out in public as a girl?

Here is a photo you will enjoy. Note the boy and girl are identically dressed, except for the skirt, and he appears to be wearing makeup.

You were quite lucky to have some mentors who allowed you to express your true self.

When I was a kid, I went to a public beach that was not very crowded. Also in attendance was a mom with her daughter, maybe 10 or 11, both wearing modest one-piece swimsuits. She also had a younger boy who wore no swimsuit at all. It must have been quite a powerful experience for him to be nude in public, sandwiched between his smirking sister and powerful mom. They stayed most of the afternoon, and no one noticed or cared. I secretly wanted this myself.
I'm presently trying to lose the tummy because by Summer this will be my go to look. 

The bikini look is possible but loads more dieting and gym work... 

Gosh Summer 

Heart Heart Heart
Yes Conway, I suppose you're right: I did feel freedom. I was going to say "fun" or "thrill" but "freedom" sums it up. It wasn't embarassing for me, but I was scared people would not like me in a girls swimsuit. These were total strangers,  but for some reason their opinion mattered. I had been to this waterpark already, albeit wearing really small speedos (I did a post on "paper" speedos) and didn't have a care in the world then, yet ironically I was actually covered up much more in my girl's swimsuit, but afraid. Maybe everyone can appreciate the moment I pushed my shorts down and stepped out of them, because even now I'm not certain where I got the courage. What I do know is how much fun I had once I "let go" Smile

Had I gone out in public dressed as a girl on other occasions? Most definitely yes! Though I prefer to say dressed as a sissy boy, not dressed as  "girl". 

I think I was VERY lucky to have people help me be a sissy boy. I think, and family members have confirmed, that I was "effeminate" as a little boy. Mannerisms, hips had a little swish to them when I walked (my parents said I walked like John Wayne - can we say "denial" lol!). Most significantly, they said I had a gentle sweetness, and that I was very sensitive. As such I think it was an invitation to these people (who helped me be a sissy), and maybe it encouraged them to take a chance. With the man, there was much more to it, as you can estimate, but still I think both he and my babysitter would not have introduced an average boy to the idea. 

Your beach experience seemed pleasant. I have plenty of memories of being naked in backyard pools and in the woods, but only one beach trip. I don't think its a big deal at all Smile

Princess Tommy
(03-22-2020, 04:06 AM)danicaN Wrote: I love this story!  I can only imagine how it must have felt to walk out of the locker room.  You were so lucky to receive the encouragement to take those shorts off.  Receiving encouragement at that age programs your brain and cements the idea that it's OK to be a sissy.  All of us probably wish we had that kind of training.  I love girls swimsuits but have yet to wear one in public.

Thx, Danica :Smile

I'm kinda laughing now because I went on about taking the shorts off, as though they had masked everything lol! Of course the reality is, the top part of my girl's swimsuit was not covered at all; my hair was "boys" hair (messy, spikey); I had the face of a boy - all these things proved to everyone I was a boy. The white shorts weren't hiding anything. I suppose I never should have put them on in the changing room, but I was 11 years old, what can i say?

Up to that trip to Sea Breeze, I had LOTS  of sissy boy support. I was even wearing really fun dresses and panties in public, and dresses and lingerie were made special just for me. So the support and encourage was definitely there Smile

Princess Tommy
The links to this appear to be bad, but perhaps if you poke around a bit you can find the pix, and a bit better article on the subject.

It would be interesting to hear more about your experiences, especially with your babysitter.

I am certain we all had experiences in our youth that we wish we could re-live in today's world, which is certainly less judgmental than the world I grew up in.
(03-22-2020, 08:10 AM)Conway Wrote: It would be interesting to hear more about your experiences, especially with your babysitter.

I am certain we all had experiences in our youth that we wish we could re-live in today's world, which is certainly less judgmental than the world I grew up in.

I kinda wanna keep this on subject, so I wont go into much about some of my other sissy boy experiences with my babysitter (Mrs. K). Of course you can PM with questions or whatever Smile  I'm not sure how to insert a link, but a good idea of the great lady she was (is) can be found in this thread:

I heard of that summer camp a while back. I  SO wish I could've gone when I was a kid! I'm not transgender at all - I like being a boy, and always have, thus I dressed up because I was (am) a sissy boy, so I'm not sure I wouldn've been allowed to attend that camp. But I'm sure any style of girls swimwear is welcome there Smile

Princess Tommy
I can remember my mother having to go out urgently, and me being looked after by the woman next door who had two daughters. I was about 6 or 7yo at the time, it was a beautiful day and her girls were playing in their paddling pool in the garden. Their mother asked if I would like to join them, but because of the rush to get there I didn't have my things, so she took me into the girls room, opened a drawer, and said "see if you can find anything to wear in here". It was full of their underwear as well as their swimming costumes and as I had been left alone I couldn't resist trying on a few pairs of their knickers, and the bottom half of a pink bikini set, which had frills across the bottom, but in the end a chose a blue one piece. Coming back out was really embarassing, and the girls really laughed at me at first, but that soon stopped and we all had a lovely time playing in the pool together. I dont think they ever told anyone about it. I still wonder if they ever remember it like I do.
Is it safe to conclude the following:

A boy will always choose a one piece over a bikini? Bikini bottoms are so much like speedos, but a one piece has the draw of the unknown. There is no item in a boys wardrobe thats similar to a one piece, except a boys' gymnastics leotard, and not many boys ever wore one of those. But we all know what its like to wear a speedo or brief undies, so its not as exciting? The one piece is a whole new feeling. 

A girls bikini was not an option for me when I was a little kid - the one piece is what Jim (the man who helped me dress like a sissy) chose for me. And it was SO much better than a bikini... I think. I never got to wear a bikini as a kid, but I'll gamble one pieces are way better Smile

So its no surprise you chose the one piece over the bikini Smile

Princess Tommy
I have had a girls / women's suits since about 13yo. I was a junior lifeguard at this time and I swiped one of the other teenage girls one piece suit. It was hot pink in the front and black in the back with a front zip up. I know it was wrong but I could not resist, I had seen her countless times wear this suit and I just had to try it and have it. I wore that suit out I wore it so much. I would wear it under my school uniform and shower it in at night to clean it. 30 something years later I still wear one piece suits, but now I wear them to the pool and do my laps twice a week. I get some looks but it is fabulous to wear, feel and swim in this. Sometimes, rarely though I will still wear a one piece under my work clothes, it just brings me back to childhood. I do have a load of bikini bottoms as well and will wear those on occasion, not often any more but do laps in those. Most of them are floral colors, very skimpy in the rear and thin strap sides, and no way to not know they are not men's.

I honestly think this is wear my fascination of crossdressing and wearing clothes stems from

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