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Ooops, my slips showing
So the other day I decided to do some chores and washed my car, knowing that I should be appropriately attired although not fully brave enough to wear my French Maids outfit I left my skirt on (I usually now wear a skirt or dress around the house) and went outside to wash my car. About twenty plus cars passed by while I was at work and I've no idea what they saw or thought they saw but due to the windy day I'm sure they saw a lot more than they bargained for, lol. 
I spent most of the time trying to bring down the hem of my skater skirt, good job I was wearing one of my silky underskirts otherwise my little panties would have been on show to the world,  Blush

I often thought the more you see it the more normal it becomes, so any Females in those cars would see a guy dressed as he should be and any males would see their future, giggle.

(Who knows maybe next time I'll be more appropriately dressed, lol).

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Well done friend.  Surely the women in the cars enjoyed watching you struggle to keep your skirt in place.  As you say, the more of us who dare to wear our skirts in public, the more normal it will become.
Hold your little skirt GirlBoy, because if not the girls will see your panties with ruffles

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