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The Contract
Sitting in the somber office of my wife’s attorney, I fidgeted nervously in my chair.
Partly, it was because the diaper my fiancé Giselle had made me wear today was much more noticeable by the bulge around my hips than I was comfortable with—my slacks were doing nothing to hide them. The other reason was because her attorney Denise, was very intimidating; she was very pretty, yet she carried an air of absolute authority about her. And while she had greeted my fiancé warmly, she had been short and curt with me.
Although I had done my best to hide my diapered condition from her, I was certain she knew.
Glancing over at Giselle, it was hard not to stare at her busty profile. Even though she was dressed in a very professional pantsuit, her big, round breasts were practically spilling out of her snug, form-fitting top, displaying a shocking amount of cleavage. I had always thought she dressed too provocatively, but she never paid me any heed and dressed however she wanted.
To be sure, Giselle was all any man could hope for. She stood just over 5’8” with long brown hair that framed her gorgeous face. The truth was, she was way out of my league and it didn’t help my self-confidence when she constantly flirted with every good-looking guy that she was around. I tried to convince myself that she wanted me for my personality and not the huge inheritance I had received last year. 
As the stunning lawyer before me shuffled some papers on her desk, I shifted in my seat uncomfortably. Even though I was sitting on some extra padding due to my diapers, my bottom was still sore from last night’s blistering spanking. It had resulted from my stubborn reluctance to accept Giselle’s terms for marriage; namely, that I accept her insistence of permanent chastity for me. 
The fact is, she only allows me an occasional orgasm these days and humiliatingly, it’s always in my diapers (she’s never allowed me to have actual sex with her). And even though I would do literally anything she asked of me--such was my total infatuation with her, permanent chastity just seems like a bridge too far.
And yet, here we were in her attorney’s office, getting ready to sign the prenup agreement. 
I licked my dry lips nervously at what I was about to do and the huge ramifications it would have on my life.
“Okay, I think we’re ready to start here,” Denise said dryly, “I’m going to read the terms of the contract, just so you’re clear on everything.”
Her piercing blue eyes seem to penetrate my very soul and I shifted anxiously again in my seat.
“Francis,” Giselle said sweetly as she turned to me, “I think we should have you pull down your pants while she reads the terms—it’s only appropriate that they see you how I see you at home every day—in your sissy diapers.”
My face flushed bright red in shock as I looked—first in panic at Giselle, and then at Denise and her female assistant, who, it was clear, regarded me without an ounce of sympathy.
“Wha-what?” I stammered but Giselle had already gotten up out of her chair and moved over to mine, undoing the snap on my slacks. I tried to push her hands away but she quickly unzipped my fly, revealing the colorful shiny white vinyl of my baby panties. Ignoring my protestations, she tugged my slacks down my girlishly smooth, hairless legs, all while I whimpered in helpless humiliation. The other two women in the room stared at my bulging diapers, taking in the cute, nursery print of elephants and bunnies of my vinyl panties. I was so ashamed, I stared at the wall in the opposite direction as Giselle lowered my slacks to my ankles, leaving my childish diapers now fully exposed.
“There, that should put you in the proper frame of mind for our proceedings,” she said with her infectious smile.
Glancing up at the attorney Denise, I saw her shaking her head at my infantile underwear and pathetic, subservient demeanor. Clearing her throat, she began reading the prepared document.
“It is recognized that you are nothing but a bedwetting sissy who needs diapers, and that you are completely incapable of satisfying your wife-to-be, or any woman, for that matter.
She looked up from the document but I averted my eyes in shame.
“Therefore...from this day further, the undersigned, Francis J. Smith, agrees to the following terms as a condition of a state of matrimony with Giselle M. Collins;
“One, that he will accept permanent chastity in the form of a secure, steel device of Giselle’s choosing. As befitting your status, you will not be allowed a single orgasm while you remain married.”
The attorney looked back up at me with a condescending smirk but I was so overwhelmed with humiliation, I couldn’t focus on what she was actually saying to me.
“Two...that Giselle will be free to take on as many lovers as she likes, to take care of her sexual needs. In addition,” she cleared her throat, “her boyfriends will be free to use your mouth and ass in any manner they see fit.”
If my face could get any redder, it just did. This absolutely had to be the most mortifying day of my life. I knew I should have stood up and walked out right here, but for some reason, I sat frozen in my seat. I had always been cursed by a submissive streak a mile wide and today it was going to be my undoing.
“Three, that Francis will deposit all of his accumulated funds into Giselle’s bank account. A small allowance will be provided to you, at Giselle’s discretion.
I gasped with shock. This arrangement would leave me totally dependent on her for everything!
“Four, your sleeping arrangements will continue in your existing room known as ‘the nursery’. A babysitter will be provided by Giselle to supervise over you, for those days and/or nights she will be out late on her dates. In addition to handling your diaper changes, the babysitter will have complete authority to discipline you as she sees fit.
“Five, once a week, on a day of Giselle’s choosing, you will submit to her for a review of your behavior over the preceding week. Any faults or misdeeds will be corrected using her wooden paddle or any future implements she may deem appropriate.
“Lastly, you will take on Giselle’s surname upon the conclusion of the wedding.
“Any questions?”
I stammered out an unintelligible response as Giselle grasped my clammy hand in hers to comfort me.
“This is really for the best, honey-bunch,” she said with a sweet smile, “And as a very special treat, before we make your chastity permanent, I am going to give you one last orgasm—right after we sign the documents.”
Taking the key that was hanging on a necklace between her two big breasts, she stood before me, bending over slightly as she tempted me with her sexy cleavage.
“Ready to sign, baby?” she asked in her sultry voice.
My hands trembled and my tiny penis throbbed anxiously inside my chastity device. It had been a month since I last came, and I was frantic to experience that relief again.
Still, I hesitated. 
Permanent chastity? To say nothing of the fact she’d be sleeping with other men all the time!
Seeing my reluctance, she undid two more buttons on her straining blouse and moved closer, pushing her big boobs in my face.
“Don’t you want me to be happy, baby?” she asked in her pouty, sexy voice.
“O-of c-course,” I stammered weakly, “But p-permanent chastity? Couldn’t we just leave that one out?” I pleaded with her.
“I’m afraid not, sweetie,” she said, “Your little penis is of no use to anyone. It needs to be locked away where you can’t play with it. I mean—you never really thought I was going to let you put it inside of me, did you?”
I blushed hotly with shame, not knowing quite how to respond as I tried to ignore the stares of Denise and her assistant.
“Aww, you did, didn’t you? 
“That’s sweet, honey, but that was just never going to happen. I need a real man with a real cock inside me—not a bedwetting, diaper-dependent sissy with a tiny little limp dick.
“Remember last year, when I tried to give you that handjob and it took forever for you just to get hard?”
Her humiliating words washed over me like a tidal wave and I could see the other two women regarding me with shared contempt. No doubt, they thought this was very much what I deserved.
“Just sign here, and I’ll let you have a nice, satisfying orgasm,” she said as she handed me a pen and the legal document.
My hand shook as I took the pen. I wanted to cum so bad and she looked absolutely magnificent before me. I gazed hungrily at the exposed edges of her silky bra, struggling bravely to contain her tremendous boobs, and then up into her pretty, chestnut eyes. Her perfume surrounded me, mixing with the smell of my own baby powder and I squirmed in my seat. She had the key to my chastity device in her exquisitely manicured hand, ready to release my poor, imprisoned penis and give me the relief I desperately wanted so badly.
Licking my dry lips again, I held the pen over the document. I knew deep down I was making a mistake but the sight of Giselle was making me crazy with lust and I couldn’t think straight.
 Swallowing hard, I scribbled out my signature on the contract.
“What a good little boy!” she commended me, clapping her hands with a glee and bending over to kiss me affectionately on the cheek.
My face remained flushed as she reached inside my diaper and unlocked my chastity device, removing the restrictive steel cage from off my throbbing member. The cuff ring came next and I felt my penis start to swell as she softly began to stroke the front of my fluffy diapers. In no time at all, it was at its fully erect, two-inch length.
“Okay sweetie, rub away,” she told me as she took her seat next to me.
“Wha—h-here? I-in front of them?” I stuttered.
“Yes, why don’t you show them what your favorite activity was before I locked your little clitty in chastity last year?”
Looking at the other two women, my cheeks burned with shame.
“I-I c-can’t,” I whimpered.
“Well, this is your last opportunity before I make it permanent, it’s now or never.”
I hesitated, unable to bring myself to masturbate under her attorney’s withering stare.
“No? Alright, suit yourself,” Giselle said with finality as she stood up.
“Wha-wait,” I blurted out in a panic, “Okay, I’ll do it.”
Another wave of shame washed over me as I faced the prospect of playing with myself before this audience.
Slowly, tentatively, I began rubbing the soft, cushiony front of my diapers. Denise shook her head in disgust as she and her attractive assistant stared at me, watching as I humiliated myself before them.
Giselle was beaming at me in encouragement and she leaned forward, granting me a breathtaking view of her bountiful bosom.
“Doesn’t that feel good, sweetie? Just like when your mommy would pin you in your diapers at night and you’d lay in bed rubbing yourself to another sissy orgasm.”
I blushed hotly at the memory, even as I tried not to think of it.
“But just think of all the nice, big, thick cocks you’ll finally get to wrap your lips around now,” she said tauntingly, “I’ll bet in no time at all, you’ll be the best cocksucker in the neighborhood.”
My cheeks and chest were bright red with shame and humiliation. And as I rubbed the front of my fluffy diapers like a desperately horny 13 year-old, I could only imagine how abjectly pathetic the other two women must see me as.
“Yes, you may not be able to cum anymore, but my boyfriends will be only too happy to fill your mouth with their creamy semen,” she giggled, “Trust me, you’ll get plenty of practice swallowing their loads.”
I tried to shut out her words and concentrate instead on the sexy view of her boobs. They looked so heavenly and I could feel my orgasm bubbling up like a volcano.
“Come on sissy, you can do it,” she grinned at me, “Cum in your baby diapers for mommy.”
She sounded so utterly condescending when she talked to me like this but I couldn’t last any longer.
I gasped and my eyes crossed as I cried out, ejaculating my tiny load into the buttery soft, cotton folds of my pampers.
As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw Giselle smiling at me like a proud mother.
“All done? That’s a good boy,” Giselle said as she stood up next to me.
I was still breathing heavily as I felt her feeding my gooey package back through the familiar metal cuff ring of my chastity device. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out a different cage from the one I had been wearing previously, and to my shock and dismay, it looked to be no more than 1/2” in length.
“This one is much shorter than what you’re used to, Francis,” she explained as she began stuffing my slippery limp noodle into the cap-like cage, “and from now on, you won’t be able to grow so much as a millimeter in your chastity device. It’s perfect for a bedwetting sissy, don’t you think?”
Feeling the cage compress what little I had, I let out a sob of despair.
“Don’t worry baby, you leave the erections to real men, and they’ll leave the wet diapers and plastic panties to you,” she said as she squirted a bead of super glue into the lock receptacle. 
Inserting the key, she twisted it, leaving the locking plug to become forever permanent as the glue quickly dried.
As Denise and her assistant countersigned the document, Giselle stood up and shook her attorney’s hand.
“Thank you so much for all your help, now I know the wedding will be a complete success.”
“Have you got any plans for after the reception?” Denise asked her.
“Yes, I’ve got a gorgeous man coming up to our hotel room that night; he has a thing for fucking married women. 
“Francis is going to get some firsthand instructions on how a real man satisfies a woman,” she explained with a mischievous grin.
“Okay, baby, I think we’ll just have you take your slacks all the way off now. You might as well get used to people seeing you in your cute diapers. I want everyone in the building to see you for the big sissy you are.”
I whimpered helplessly as she took my pants and folded them up, leaving me with the prospect of walking out of the office in my shoes and shirt with my diapers now fully exposed. I shuddered to think of what people would think as they took in my appearance, especially since the nursery print plastic panties I was wearing would make it clear that my diapers weren’t for some medical reason.
“You know...” Denise began as she opened up a drawer, “It just so happens that I have a lexan paddle here that someone gave me as a gag gift...if you’d like, you’re welcome to give your sissy fiancé a maintenance spanking right here in the office. I know Anna and I would certainly enjoy seeing him properly punished.”
A quick glance at her assistant showed her clear eagerness to see me spanked.
Giselle paused for a moment as she seriously considered the idea.
“You know, I think that is a wonderful way to seal this bargain. There’s nothing like a good, hard spanking to clear the air,” she said cheerfully.
Taking my hand, Giselle led me over to her chair where she sat down and began pulling my shiny plastic panties down off of my diapers.
“N-no, please...p-please don’t spank me,” I begged her piteously.
Patting her lap with a smile, she beckoned me to bend over her firm thighs.
“Come on, Francis, you know the drill,” she said as she helped me across her lap and began unpinning my pink diaper pins and pulling the soft cotton cloth back between my legs. From out of the corner of my eye, I saw her assistant opening the door to make sure everyone in the outside office would hear what was happening.
“No-no, Mommy,” I begged, “I haven’t done anything wrong!”
Denise handed the clear Spencer paddle over to Giselle who accepted it gratefully, rubbing it in a caressing manner across my now bare, but still pink bottom.
“Anyone care to guess how many swats he can take before he starts crying?” Giselle asked lightheartedly, “I’m thinking five.”
“I’ll say three,” Denise replied with a smug smirk.
“Okay, I’ll say four,” Anna answered.
“Ready sweetie?” Giselle asked, as if this was some special treat for me.
“No!” I bleated out weakly. It was all so unfair! I had just submitted to all her demands and I now I was being rewarded with a humiliating spanking like a naughty toddler!
Gripping my lower torso firmly with her left hand, her right swooped up and then came back down, landing with a loud, searing swat across both quivering cheeks. The cruel instrument left a scalding band of fire that made me cry out at the top of my lungs and I kicked my legs wildly.
It was quickly followed by another harsh slap across my bottom and then another. I howled in pain and my eyes misted with tears. At the same time, some of the office workers began to file into the room, to witness this spectacle of a sissy getting spanked.
Another blistering swat came down, the lexan paddle biting viciously at my soft, tender cheeks. I slapped the floor frantically, squirming to escape but of course, Giselle held me firmly as she brought the paddle down again, landing squarely across my bottom again, right above where my thighs met my buns.
She paused for a moment as she addressed me in her condescending voice for toddlers.
“How about it, baby? Are you crying yet?”
Sure enough, hot, salty tears tumbled freely down my face as I sobbed like a child. The women smiled at each other and Giselle enthusiastically resumed my spanking as more people came into the room to watch.
Swat after furious swat rained down on my bottom, transforming it to a cherry red as the skin turned hot and swollen.
Finally, Giselle delivered one last, especially hard slap before handing the paddle back to Denise.
“There. That should make this a more memorable occasion,” she said with a grin.
Suddenly, the room erupted in applause and she nodded to their collective approval.
I felt utterly and deeply humiliated.
Standing me up, my face was wet with tears and my hands shot back to soothe my blazing bottom while everyone got a clear and unobstructed view of my tiny chastity device which made me look virtually sexless.
To be sure, this was a day I would never forget for the rest of my life.
As Giselle re-pinned my diapers back in place, I sobbed with shame, avoiding the stares of everyone in the room as she pulled my nursery print plastic panties back up and over my diapers. Perhaps it was the trauma of the moment, but no sooner had she worked the elastic waistband over the top of my diapers when I suddenly felt a warm, wet sensation spreading between my inner thighs. I gasped helplessly as my protesting bladder decided to release a strong torrent of pee, making me feel even more childish, if that were possible. 
Without a doubt, whatever shred of dignity I had when I came into the room was utterly gone now.
My mother’s words came back to haunt me and I could see her before me now, saying what she always told me; 
Francis, you’re nothing but a big sissy and that’s all you’ll ever be’.
As Giselle gathered the signed contract, I reflected at how true those words were.
What a charming story! I found it delightful and stimulating! As a sissy, i was easily able to put myself in the sissy's place and imagine her humiliation! i have a love/hate relationship with the paddle...i know i need it, but hurts...i always love scenes in stories that have a hard and tearful paddling...nicely done!
Another excellent story!
A terrific story...judging by the bulge in my panties Wink
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
(03-23-2020, 03:38 AM)sissysoft Wrote: A terrific story...judging by the bulge in my panties Wink

Then you need to be locked in the same sort of tiny cage sissysoft Big Grin
I owe and apology to Bobby1111, but I could not resist attempting to write a brief new chapter to continue rhis wonderful story the Contract

We were about to leave the attorney’s office with me still sobbing after the spanking and thoroughly ashamed to have my nursery print plastic pants and wet diapers on display, when Giselle suddenly remembered something.

”Oh dear, I almost forgot something important” she said as she rummaged through her bag and brought out a pink object. It was a pink plastic collar, about an inch high which she proceeded to fasten around my neck, locking it with a small padlock at the back.

It was a snug fit, not uncomfortable but very prominent and noticeble to both me as its wearer and any observer. It also had the word SISSY FRANCIS in capital letters at the front.

Thus attired Giselle took my by the hand - not clutching it as couples do, but taking it by the wrist as one would do with a child.

”I should have remembered to bring the leash to snap on your collar, but maybe we will find some baby reins for your outings in the future” she mused.

There was nothing I could say as I sheepishly let her guide me out of the office and into the car park. I only looked at my feet hoping forlornly that no-one would pay attention to my infantile state.

When we reached the car she first opened the back door to let me in and fastened me securely to the child’s special seat reserved for me.

As we took off I soon noticed that we weren’t driving home directly but took another route to our neighborhood mall. After we parked there she opened my door and unbuckled me. She then lead me to the second floor and a hair saloon.

The hairdresser lady seemed to know Giselle and was expecting us, for she lit up as we entered and gave a slight shriek in welcoming us.

”Nice to see you Giselle and the sissy you said you would bring along. I am ready to take care of him.”

Without futher ado Giselle and the lady guided me to an empty customer chair. Giselle thoughtfully asked the lady to provide the seat with a cushion as she said my bottom was still smarting from the spanking I had received at the attorney’s office. This was true and I was grateful for her consideration as I gingerly sat down.

The lady fastened a pink plastic cape around my neck, duly commenting appreciatetively on my collar. There was no need to discuss what she would do with my hair, this having been obviously agreed with Giselle beforehand. I did not know what was coming, but I had a feeling it would not be to my liking.

The lady started immediately to cut my rather long hair in big sweeps until there was only a stubble left on my head. She then took an electric clipper and proceeded to remove the stubble.

I was silently in tears watching what was being done to my hair, of which I had been rather proud, when suddenly I felt a rumble in my tummy and knew I would have to ask to be allowed to use the toilet. I was still contemplating whether to try to hold it until the hairdo was over or if I would have to ask for the toilet, when without warning I could not contain a big and rather loud fart coming from my bottom.

Giselle of course noticed this and said in a menacing voice: ”I warn you not to dirty your diaper or you will have another meeting with the paddle when we get home”.

Alas it was too late. I felt squishy stuff oozing into my diaper and I was sure that everyone would soon notice the smell.

I was miserably contemplating what was waiting for me at home as the lady proceeded, after finishing with the clipper, to lather and shave my head with a razor. She completed the job with a rag to polish my smooth and bald head.

The work done the cape was removed but before I was allowed to get up Giselle shook hear head and said ”we cant have you walking out of here without any protection for your head”.

Hearing this momentarily lifted my spirits as I thought she would provide me with a hat to cover my shining pate. This was not the case however. Instead she again rummaged her bag and brought out a very babyish bonnet. Not only was the design babyish but it was made of transparent pink plastic with white trimmings.

When this was securely in place on my head and tied with a pink plastic ribbon we were ready to go home where all sorts of futher humiliations I had signed onto with the contract were awaiting me
(06-06-2020, 04:25 PM)Angelsissy Wrote: I owe and apology to Bobby1111, but I could not resist attempting to write a brief new chapter to continue rhis wonderful story the Contract

We were about to leave the attorney’s office with me still sobbing after the spanking and thoroughly ashamed to have my nursery print plastic pants and wet diapers on display, when Giselle suddenly remembered something.

”Oh dear, I almost forgot something important” she said as she rummaged through her bag and brought out a pink object. It was a pink plastic collar, about an inch high which she proceeded to fasten around my neck, locking it with a small padlock at the back.

It was a snug fit, not uncomfortable but very prominent and noticeble to both me as its wearer and any observer. It also had the word SISSY FRANCIS in capital letters at the front.

Thus attired Giselle took my by the hand - not clutching it as couples do, but taking it by the wrist as one would do with a child.

”I should have remembered to bring the leash to snap on your collar, but maybe we will find some baby reins for your outings in the future” she mused.


Nothing says "SISSY" quite as well as a bright pink sissy collar, securely locked into place.  Unless it's a bright pink sissy collar with a bell attached.  
(06-13-2020, 06:50 PM)mikki Wrote: Nothing says "SISSY" quite as well as a bright pink sissy collar, securely locked into place.  Unless it's a bright pink sissy collar with a bell attached.  

I think baby reins and mittens, with bells on the straps of the reins so that baby can't wander off.
My wife has occasionally added jingly bells to my humiliating outfits when she punishes me in public.  I always hope to go unnoticed when being punished but the sound of the bells attracts attention making it hard for women to miss seeing me in my humiliating attire.

Like the clicking of high heels, the tinkling is also a reminder of my submissive sissy status.  It is impossible to ignore the sound of them.  I have been publicly petticoated with bells in a variety of ways including: attached to my purse or handbag,  my shoes or anklets,  around my neck or on my wrists.

Some times if I displease my wife while we are out, she takes me into a dollar store and make me buy a feminine accessory.  Often while still in the store in front of the salesgirls and customers, she accessorizes my outfit.  I have been punished in this manner with bells, girly bracelets, hair bows, lipstick, and women’s perfumes.
What a delightfully humiliating story!

There's little so humiliating as being spanked in front of people, especially attractive women.

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