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Blakey or posture rings.
Getting into and out of one of those contraptions can be a delicate exercise - careful not to pinch the small orbs.
Getting in takes patience and persistence AND then the struggle to escape - easiest best method after milking.
Rubber easiest to work with - metal can be a real bitch unless it can be assembled in pieces and parts - perhaps
mated together with locks screws or other similar fastenings - a prelude to a chastity device.
Also with the Blakey/posture rings installed the wardrobe to hide them is limited - best consider a well padded nappy -
or perhaps lots of well padded nappies - a nice firm wide hem dress and fluffy petticoats - that should cover it !
Wearing "B" rings may lead (you could entertain getting a leash for that thing) to a prolonged erection !
Careful where you go poking that pole.
There he goes again "tenting his panty".
Such a blood rushing experience.
I can sense you getting excited just writing about it, BABYLOCK.  Big Grin

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