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My Alice in Wonderland-inspired Sissy Shopping Trip
Hi everyone.

Inspired by World Book Day, and after an uninspiring birthday last week, I decided to go on a "Sissy" shopping-trip. I made sure that I was wearing  knickers  for my trip, donning  a pair of pink, floral, brief-style ones. I also donned a pair of girly, white cotton socks with lace trim.

I took the bus from my home village to my local city, (Norwich - my birthplace). First of all, I went into "Intu Chapelfield" Shopping centre to use the toilet. Whilst in the cubicle, the glimpse of my knickers reminded me of my sissy status.

My next port of call  was the HMV shop, literally "around the corner". After a brief search, I made my purchase - a DVD of Disney's 1951 animated film "Alice in Wonderland". (I already have some other "Alice"-related DVDs at home - the 1933 black & white film "Alice in Wonderland" starring Charlotte Henry as Alice; the 1972 film "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", starring Fiona Fullerton as Alice, and a 1999 Hallmark U.S. TV movie "Alice in Wonderland" ).

After the irritating distraction of having to go to the bank, I set my sights on a shop I had encountered during a previous visit to Norwich. It is called "Beaujangles", and apart from selling jewellery, also sells wigs and costume accessories. I had decided that I wanted a long, shoulder-length , blonde wig (Very 'Alice'!). It boiled down to a choice of two - one had a straight fringe, the other a "Wavy" fringe. After some attempts at trying both on, I made my decision. The one with the straight fringe was too tight, so I selected the other. (A "Fashion Idol 101 by Sleek Premium Wig, Style: Candice".  It cost £25. I think that I should point out that this wig was one far superior to the usual Fancy Dress 'tat' - it was of a much better quality).

I paid for the wig and took a look at some of the other wigs on display. These were also of a high quality, varying from £25-£40, and different styles and colours. As I checked the feel of one of them, I fell in love with it. I think that I will be back!).

Onto my next destination - the " Oxfam" charity shop in Magdalen Street, which was a bit of a walk, involving walking past the Art College/University. But it did give me the opportunity to walk past a Bridal shop and admire the dresses on display in the window. Once in the Charity shop, I searched around, checking out women's shoes and trying to find a doll. In the end, I settled on some Children's Books - "Sleeping Beauty", "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs", "Alice in Wonderland and "Barbie - The Peasant or the Princess". (They were roughly 6" wide & 9" long, except for the "Alice" book, which was slightly larger).

By this time, I was feeling fatigued. So I trudged my way back to St. Stephens Street & "Wilkos", where I had coffee and biscuits. Feeling refreshed, I left. Outside the store, a teacher was leading a party of schoolchildren down into a pedestrian subway. (I noticed that part of the girl's uniform consisted of a plaid skirt, and I felt a sense of envy. I wish that I could have worn a skirt as part of my uniform when I was at school!).

I crossed the road to go into "Shoe Zone" to buy some women's shoes for myself. I eventually chose a pair of black, size-9, flat-soled shoes with a decorative buckle and strap. (They were made by "Lilleys") Resisting the urge to try them on in store (!), I paid for them and left. (A couple of Asian women customers gave me a strange look!).

My final places to go, were 3 Charity shops not far from the Bus Station. In the "P.D.S.A."  Charity shop, more Disney Story books were purchased ("Belle- A Feat in the Forest", Sleeping Beauty - The Secret Spell" & "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" ).These books were about half the size of the ones that I'd purchased earlier.

Although in the next shop, I didn't get anything of  a Sissy-nature, in the final shop, I purchased 2 DVDs "27 Dresses" & "Made of Honour" - both "Rom-Coms" (I think that I should get more films like this on DVD - I really must get more "girly!" - the 2nd film has a pink DVD cover!).

Time to head home. After waiting (and watching a Bus Driver's Union protest),I caught the bus home and had an enjoyable chat with a fellow passenger on the way back. I eventually got home.

Of course, I had to try the shoes on. They fitted, but I had forgotten about the osteophyte on the big toe of my right foot. (an osteophyte is a growth of bone - a couple of years ago, i had badly stubbed the big toe on my right foot. As a result, my body had made some more bone grow there). But the shoes still just about fit!

I ended the day watching the Disney "Alice in Wonderland" DVD, before heading to bed. Tucked up in bed, Cuddling my Teddy Bear Snowy, and sucking my thumb, I eventually fell asleep, happy & content.  Smile
My name is prissikins and mommy and me live close to Norwich.
We often go to that Oxnam shop.
Mommy bought me a twinkle annual from there.
In frilly frocks most of the time at home.
Bet you looked sweet in your Alice wig.
That sounds like a lovely day out, Leslie. You don't specifically mention it, but I assume you were dressed in men's clothes, other than your knickers and frilly ankle socks?

What a shame you couldn't have worn an Alice-style dress for your excursion!
Do you ever go out in your frilly frocks.
Me is not to far away from Norwich.

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