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Stuck In The Cosmetology Program
The first day of classes approached very fast and I was not happy as I stood outside my nail care class. As you can imagine I was only boy inside the class room. The first thing I noticed was the two girls at the registration desk were TAs for the class. “Welcome to class ladies and one boy I see. I am professor Golowski. In this class you will be learning about nail care and obviously making nails pretty. Today we have a special guest and a treat for one lucky person. Miss Harley will be here today and the class is going to vote for one student who gets an ultimate manicure and they will show it off at the end of the class.” The girls in the class buzzed and I heard many giggles, which in my life when a girl giggled it was never a good thing. “Okay class who did you all vote for?” They all laughed again and most of the class pointed at me! “An excellent choice! Young man come on down and Miss Harley will start her work and I will start today’s lecture.” Umm professor I don’t really want this so maybe someone else in the class who does can switch with me. “Non sense non sense now go and sit with Miss Harley!” Yes professor and the class giggled again as I went and sat with her.

“What color do you prefer?” I don’t know do whatever you want! “Okay if you are sure.” Yes I’m positive which I said with a rather annoying tone. I left her alone and began to listen to the lecture. Most of it was about the health of a nail and what a healthy nail looked like. I didn’t find this part of the class that bad and some of it was interesting. I wasn’t paying attention at all to what Miss Harley was doing and when she was finished I was horrified! To say that I was upset was an understatement. What did you do to my nails? “You told that me you did not care.” “Ladies it sounds like he is finished before class ends let’s all see his nails!” The girls crowded around me and said how much they loved them and most of them giggled. She applied fake nails to mine and they had a girly matching design on them. I couldn’t let anyone see I thought to myself. “Okay girls one more surprise for us all! Manicures and pedicures for everyone in class!” After she said that ten more nail technicians joined us In the class room. The girls went crazy as I made for the door. “Where are you going?” I’m leaving professor! “Not until after your pedicure go get in line!” I don’t want one! “Get one or get an F for the day!” I bent my head in shame as I walked and sat down in front of the same technician that did my nails.

The struggle hide my nails was hard as I had to remember to keep them in my pockets. Luckily as long as i wore socks or shoes my toe nails would be hidden as well. My next class wasn’t until a couple of hours as I thought about going home because of my situation but I didn’t see a point of just having to come back. I looked ahead and saw Katie bouncing towards me as she looked to be very excited. “Hey bestie! How was class?” It was okay you? “I loved it so much. I’m so excited! Come on let’s go to the dinning halal and get some lunch.” Katie tried to pull me and drag me by the arm but I didn’t want her to see my nails so I didn’t allow her to pull me. “What are you doing come on let’s go!” She then pulled me again and succeeded to pull me and she looked down and saw my nails! “Omg look at your nails!! Did this happen in class?” Yes the girls in the class all voted for me to get a free manicure. “Hahahaha” “and you asked for this? This is so girly!” I told her I didn’t care what she did and I didn’t think that she would do this! “Hahaha, well in the plus side they are very pretty and you shouldn’t be hiding them.” I should be Katie I’m not a girl! “Will you stop that! You’re my bestie and if my bestie wants his nails painted then fish will be painted. Now come on I’m hungry! As she pulled me toward the dinning hall! My nails clearly visible as I ignored the stares.

“What’s your next class?” The art of walking in heels and I sighed. “That should be fun you can practice at home we have the same sized feet.” I’m not going to practice at home! “You say that but I’m sure you will have too in order to pass the class.” I hope it doesn’t come to that. I went to class and I couldn’t wait for the day to be over. I was shocked to say the least. I was the only one in the class. “Welcome to class! I wasn’t expecting anyone in this class but I was shocked when I saw a lone boy. Why are you interested in walking in heels?” I’m not I said and then I explained to her my class situation. “Well regardless you will still have to learn to walk in heels!”

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“What size shoe to you wear?” I’m a three in men’s professor. “ Perfectly petite! Here I had a pit with me! Put them on and stand in front of me.” I sighed and put the heels on that she offered me. They were a black pair of open toed heels. So, naturally my professor then saw my painted toe nails. “I see that you like to have your finger and toe nails polished and all prettied I see.” It was an accident! I had to do it for the last class. “It’s okay no excuses needed! Now attempt to walk please.” I wobbled and struggled to walk! It was extremely hard! I ended up falling in the class. “Pathetic you will have to practice I a lot at home. You will take these heels and walk in them at home.” Professor surely I don’t need to do that. “In order to pass you should. I want to see improvement every single class. So, that by the end of this semester you will feel awkward not wearing heels. Now class is over and you know your homework!” Yes professor and I left class feeling discouraged again and I left campus to go home.

Katie saw me walk in with the heels in hand and she said “I knew it! You have to practice at home.” Only once and a while Katie! It’s not that big of a deal! “It’s a huge deal! I’m going to teach you to walk in heels at home! Take off your shoes and put them on!” What Katie no! I’m not doing that! “You are doing it! Take off your shoes and put on the heels. You have to do this for school. Do you want to fail our?” No I don’t. “Good. Now put them on!” I sighed and took off my socks and shoes and forgot about my toe nail polish. “They gave you a pedicure too? Wow they look so pretty!” I sighed again and said thanks Katie and I strapped the heels on and install wobbled. Katie trained me for two hours and made me walk around the apartment and I was slowly making progress. “Okay that’s enough for tonight. You don’t want to hurt your feet.”
Today I had my two other classes. Skirts through out the ages and hair and make up. I was hoping today would be better than yesterday. The first class was skirts throughout the ages and just like the high heels class I was the only person in it. To my dismay it was also the same professor from my heels class and the TA Morgan was also here. “Oh look it’s my friend. Here to learn about skirts too? Let me guess you were out here by mistake?” “Hahaha good one professor.” I was out here by mistake and if I have to learn about them then I will. “Well have you ever worn a skirt before?” No why would I have? “Who knows? Some boys want too.” “I think he should have to wear one professor!” You can’t make me do that. “I can make it a requirement to wear one in my class and it just so happens that I have an extra one in my bag. I would like you to wear it please!” I couldn’t believe that this was happening as I walked to grab the grey pleaded skirt and then they boy burst out laughing. “I can’t believe we almost got him to put on a skirt!” “Go sit down unless you want to wear it!” No I don’t! Pissed off I went and walked back to my seat and they began to go over all the types of skirts. My home work was to find my favorite type of skirt and write a report on it.

I saw Katie again after class and she wanted to know all about it. “Well that’s not too bad! I’ll help you pick out a skirt tonight! Let’s go eat!” Next was my last class for the day which was hair and make up. Once again the professor was a familiar face. It was the same professor from the nail care class. “Welcome ladies and once again one boy. For those of you in my nail care class we selected one student to get their nails done and we will do the same today but for hair and make up! Students you have five minutes to vote!” The girls again all giggled and too no surprise voted me to do it! I don’t want to do this I said. “That’s not my problem go sit down with the stylist or you fail for the day. It’s time for your make over!” I sat down with the stylist and she began to work on my hair and then my make up! When she got done I was saddened by how much of a girl I looked like. She styled my hair into nice long curls and my face was full of make up. The girls in the class applauded me and I rushed to get home!
“OMG look at you! You look like a girl!” Katie you have to help me get all this stuff off and undue this hair. “Well I can take the make up off but that hair won’t change for a while. You’ll have to deal with that.” Are you kidding me? “Sadly I’m not. Come on I’ll help you get the make up off and then we can start your home work.” It took a little while but Katie finally managed to get the make up off and then she even put my hair into a pony tail but I didn’t know that she put it the way girls wear it. I never noticed it but girls wear it at the top of the head and boys wear it down their backs. “Okay now home work time. Let’s find you a skirt that you really love!” I don’t think that will happen Katie. Let’s just find the first one and I’ll choose that. “You’re not going to do this half assed. You will pick one and the explain why you like it.” Doing what Katie said entailed me to search and search google images until I found one I sort of liked. It was a pink short circle skirt that glittered. I told Katie that I liked it because of how much it did glitter. She actually bought it I thought! I was happy with my choice until she said “You know I have that exact same skirt! I Think you should wear it to see if you like it.” Katie the assignment didn’t state that I have to wear it. “No but I’m saying you have too!” Katie you can’t be serious! “Oh I am!”

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Why are you be like this? “Being like what? Your not taking any of this serious! Granted I know it’s not what you wanted but it’s school and your treating it like it’s a joke. Not to mention it’s a tad bit insulting. Your acting like your too much of a man or any of this girly stuff. So, I’m going to prove how much of a man you really are! Go on that skirt and a pair of my panties!” Katie please! I’m sorry. “GO!” I did as she said and I found a pair of panties and the skirt. The panties were very silky and the skirt zipped up In the back. God I felt like such a priss and I felt very weak wearing it. “Why look at you! Not much of a man are you?” No Katie I’m not! “Go ahead put on your heels. You might as well practice walking in them now!” That’s how it went for the next couple of hours. I was getting better at walking In heels but it was very weird to be In a skirt. For some reason I know felt like I wasn’t just Katie’s friend but I was a friend that she had control over. “That chart was so right about you.” What chart? What are you talking about? “A penis size chart on the internet. Come on I’ll show it to you.” I was shocked that something like this even existed. It basically classified what type of man you were based on penis size. Seven to ten inches meant that you were husband material. Five to seven stated that you were nothing more then a boyfriend. Three to four meant that you were a beta male and anything less then that made you a girly girl bestie.
Love the story. Wish it was continue.
(06-04-2020, 06:42 PM)subjami Wrote: Love the story. Wish it was continue.

Don’t worry at some point it will be continued and finished.

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