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Various Resources
Some resources for you all to enjoy and share.

Some interesting reading here. It is wonderful to see technology begin to address errant male behavior.

There are a lot of similar garments.,853538670?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=lowerfunnel

Some very candid and inspirational words.

Worth reading.

Very well done. The woman has the most devilish (and lovely) smile. The revelant clips are at 8:45 and 26:18. It is very refreshing to see a modern couple of ordinary folks (none are supermodels) enjoying their lives empowered by the web and modern devices.

Very hot. Some proof that chastity devices are moving onto the mainstream.

Very nice. These should be advertised better.

Some interesting links here.

Incredibly well behaved and disciplined. No whining or struggling. Kudos to the very smart, strong, and determined keyholder.

There is a lot of content here (follow links), but if you listen to the underlying message carefully, she really is incredible. She truly understands men on a deep level. A goddess in every sense of the word. She should be teaching in a female-only university. We need more women educated to her level of sophistication.


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