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Part Time Job As A Prom Dress Model
Chapter 1 

I was nervous to say the least. The two weeks before I started my modeling went by very fast. Miss Ashley and Miss Claire had me on a strict training regime. They worked immensely on my ability to walk in high heels which was extremely lacking. After the two weeks were up I was walking in heels everywhere and I’ve never looked so much like a girl In my life. Miss Claire decided to incorporate breast forms to my look and we glued them to my chest. It was weird to say the least. Having two breast on your chest. However a lot of dresses fit better because of it. The worst thing though was not having a release in I don’t know how long. I was very frustrated and completely submissive to every women. My mom was preparing to quit her job in the coming weeks and take along vacation while I paid for the house. 

The ride over to my first day was so tense in the car. Miss Claire had me dress in a modest short prom dress I had. Of course I was in heels and looked as girly as I ever did. She dropped me off and was surprised she said she was not coming in. I walked in the studio and I was greeted my a young receptionist. “Hello what can I do to assist you?” Hello I’m Nicole and I’m here to start work today. “Oh we have been expecting you. Danielle will be right with you.” “Hello there Nicole and welcome to the first day of the next ten years of your life.” Hello Mistress Danielle I said and added a courtsey. “Come with me and I’ll show you around and you can meet some of the girls. The first girl she introduced me to Brandy. She was very tall and pretty and looked very powerful. “Is the new sissy?” “Yes this is Nicole and she is here to model certain dresses and also to assist you in anyway.”
Great start. I particularly like when Brandy refers to Nicole as the new sissy.

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