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Part Time Job As A Prom Dress Model
Nicole is very lucky to be in a job with such benefits. I am quite sure there will be a twist - if nothing else, I’m sure Claire can use this new supply of prom dresses to her advantage  Wink
Chapter 5
“So do you want your release now or later tonight?” I need it now I thought! Miss Claire may I have my release now? “If that’s what you want! I suppose I should lay down the ground rules.” Ground rules I asked. “Yes ground rules. The rules are that the release will happen in my bedroom with me watching. You will be wearing whatever prom dress that you are currently wearing and you will have five minutes to achieve release. After you have received your release you will be expected too clean up right away and then you will be locked back up immediately. If you fail to get your release within the five minutes time limit then you will be locked back up without getting anything! Understand?” Yes I understand Miss Claire! “Good now let go up to my room and see if you can achieve what you desperately want.”

I followed Miss Claire up to her bedroom. She took the key off of her charm bracket and asked me too lift up my dress and pull down my panties. I did as Miss Claire asked! I needed this so badly. Miss Claire unlocked the device and took it off. “Put your dress down! You will play with yourself and explode into the dress.” I did as Miss Claire asked and began to rub extremely fast as my penis became erect almost as soon as the device was off. I’ve been waiting for this so long! I couldn’t help but think about all the humiliating things that my sister had done too me. She’s completely dominated me for so long and it was so erotic. “Look at you pounding away! You should make it last! I mean your only at four minutes. I bet your already close! So slow it down!” I did what my sister said and began too stroke slower. “There! I bet that feels good. Go so slow and get a good rubbing going!” God she was right! It was was amazing! “Three minutes left so continue to go slow.” I continued to go slow as I was doing such a gently rub now! “Perfect! Two minutes.” More time passed as I went as slow as possible. “One minute left! Go slow still!” Only a minute left? Wouldn’t it be time to go fast? “Thirty seconds go slow still. Be patient!” She must be do something big I thought! “Ten seconds! Hands off!” What? And I took my hand off. “Five, four, three, two one. That’s it your done you failed. It’s time too reenter lock up.”
Pressure doesn’t seem to be conducive to success in this department but I suspect in this instance he might regret not following his own instincts. Still, it is something for him to think about whenever he is next afforded an opportunity - hopefully he will have developed some form of strategy.  Wink
Great fun, it’s unfortunate he missed his release but they are great ground rules and there’s always next time.

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