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Part Time Job As A Prom Dress Model
Chapter 1 

I was nervous to say the least. The two weeks before I started my modeling went by very fast. Miss Ashley and Miss Claire had me on a strict training regime. They worked immensely on my ability to walk in high heels which was extremely lacking. After the two weeks were up I was walking in heels everywhere and I’ve never looked so much like a girl In my life. Miss Claire decided to incorporate breast forms to my look and we glued them to my chest. It was weird to say the least. Having two breast on your chest. However a lot of dresses fit better because of it. The worst thing though was not having a release in I don’t know how long. I was very frustrated and completely submissive to every women. My mom was preparing to quit her job in the coming weeks and take along vacation while I paid for the house. 

The ride over to my first day was so tense in the car. Miss Claire had me dress in a modest short prom dress I had. Of course I was in heels and looked as girly as I ever did. She dropped me off and was surprised she said she was not coming in. I walked in the studio and I was greeted my a young receptionist. “Hello what can I do to assist you?” Hello I’m Nicole and I’m here to start work today. “Oh we have been expecting you. Danielle will be right with you.” “Hello there Nicole and welcome to the first day of the next ten years of your life.” Hello Mistress Danielle I said and added a courtsey. “Come with me and I’ll show you around and you can meet some of the girls. The first girl she introduced me to Brandy. She was very tall and pretty and looked very powerful. “Is the new sissy?” “Yes this is Nicole and she is here to model certain dresses and also to assist you in anyway.”
Great start. I particularly like when Brandy refers to Nicole as the new sissy.
Chapter 2

“Thank god it’s been ages since we’ve had a sissy. You’re very passable too! So, she will be modeling too? “Yes she will be Brandy but mostly short style prom dresses. Unless you want her to model other dresses with you?” “That might be possible or at least she could hold the back of my dresses up for photos.” “I’m sure that could be a possibility! Now Nicole you address Brandy as Miss Brandy. Understand?” Yes of course Mistress Danielle as I preformed my perfect curtsey. “Wow she’s very well trained. Who trained you?” My sister and Miss Ashley Miss Brandy.” “Miss Ashley owns a local prom dress store Brandy.” “Well they did very well. How long do we have her?” “She’s looked in on a ten year contract.” “Perfect! Now one last question. Will she be getting permanent breast?” “Of course but we haven’t decided on whether we are going to do that through hormones or surgery.” Breast? I thought to myself! I don’t want that as it would make this that much more permanent, but I knew that I couldn’t speak out of turn. Not when women are in the room! “Okay follow me Nicole we are going to meet the other girls.”

We walked further into the building and eventually met Annabelle. “Annabelle do you have a minute? I’d like you to meet our new sissy Nicole.” Hello Miss Annabelle! Annabelle was a tall and pretty Indian girl and she had long brown hair. “Perfect! She’s well trained! You do whatever I command understand?” Yes Miss Annabelle! “Will she be modeling too?” “Yes mostly in short prom dresses.” “Thank god! You know I hate modeling those! It’s better off that we let the sissies of the world do that!” “Of course and Nicole is very eager aren’t you?” Of course Mistress Danielle I love wearing and modeling prom dress and serving strong and powerful women. I couldn’t stop myself from saying things like this at this point. I was almost addicted too feeling humiliated and controlled. “Okay Nicole follow me we have one more girl too meet.”
Chapter 3

“Lexi? I would like you too meet our new sissy Nicole!” “Is this my new sissy?” “Lexi we talked it Nicole is the studios sissy. You don’t need a personal sissy. She belongs to the studio for the next ten years.” “She should be my sissy. She will be modeling shirt prom dresses with me.” “That is true and she will spend a lot of time with you but she’s the studios.” “Well today she is mine. We have a shoot later don’t we?” “Yes that is true Lexi. I’ll leave you too alone. Let’s get to work!” Lexi was another very pretty girl that was around my height and she had black hair was well as striking eyes. “Sissy Nicole you are under control of myself for now. We have a shoot today so pick up a prom dress and the I’ll pick one and then we will choose mine but I still want too see your taste. Get to work!” Yes Miss Lexi I said and began to hunt for the perfect dress. All of it felt natural and I felt content to be under Miss Lexis control. I needed too please her. Once again my penis had failed to gain control over the device and it left me feeling even more submissive.

I began the hunt for the dress as Miss Lexi also began to look for one. I new I had to pick out something girly. Not only because that’s what was expected but because that I wanted too. She must have had a hundred in that room too choose from. I decided to pick a baby blue two piece lace prom dress with a full sleeve and I handed it over too Miss Lexi for her decision.

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Oh my gosh Nick your choice for Miss Lexi is gorgeous, you do have great taste, can’t wait to find out what Miss Lexi chooses for you.
That is indeed a gorgeous prom dress; I think Nicole has a lot to look forward to.  Wink
Chapter 4
“While it is a good choice it won’t be the dress you will be wearing. Today for our shoot we will be wearing matching dresses just different colors.” Miss Lexi handed me a short frilly purple prom dress. “I’ll be wearing the same one mine is just blue. Put on a pair tan high heels to go with it.” Yes Miss Lexi whatever you command! I went too change but Miss Lexi had other ideas. “No I want you to change in front of me. I want too see all of you.” I took off the dress I had on and stood in my bra and panties in front of her. She eyes me up and down. “It’s no wonder why you are a sissy. Your penis is no existent. Tell me how long have you been a sissy?” Well I wasn’t always one. I got a job at the prom dress store and they began too force me too wear them. Then my sister Claire found out and began too force me at home. Then my mother found out and let the store and Claire continue their fun and now I’m here. “Yes now you are here and under my command. Put on your dress and then we will go too hair and make up!”

My dress bounced and my heels clicked as I followed Miss Lexi. I almost didn’t have a non sissy thought in my head. I was only worried about pleasing the women around me and I enjoyed being under their command. “Payton this is Nicole the new sissy model. She is in  dire need of your magic.” “Of course she does now sit down in my chair.” Yes Miss Payton I said as she he got too work. “So it must be really great to be a sissy and work here huh?” “Of course it is and I want too work here forever.” My mind was complete  sissy mush as I was happy that I was pleasing everyone. Eventually Miss Payton finished her work. Thank you so much Miss Payton. “Of course now go have a good photo shoot!”

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This is going to be too easy for them - almost like having their own Barbie doll to play with.  Big Grin
Chapter 5
Flash! Click! Flash! “Work it girls! Nicole more laughter! Swish that dress around too! Lexi you’re doing perfect!” I did everything that the photographer was telling me to do. I really wanted to please her and Miss Lexi. Miss Applebaum was the photographer and she was really strict and expected perfection. “That’s it Nicole! Perfect! That was really girly! I loved what you did with your face. You loved swirling and fluffing that dress about didn’t you?” Yes I love doing all that stuff Miss Applebaum. My mind was complete sissy mush at this point and I really did love doing all that stuff. “What did you think Lexi?” “That wasn’t bad for a first shoot, but Nicole I expect you to be doing all those things Miss Applebaum was telling you to do. She shouldn’t have to say them.” You’re right I’m sorry Miss Lexi I’ll improve. “Good now that’s it for today go find Mistress Danielle and see if she will let you go home. Also you get to keep the prom dress. Perks of the job. Personally I don’t keep them but I know that you’re like forever in prom dresses. So, I’m sure you could use more.” Thank you Miss Lexi and I’ll go find Mistress Danielle.

I walked through the studio and heard the other two photo shoots still going on and I dare not walk in on them. Eventually I found Mistress Danielles office. “Nicole I heard your first shoot went well. Is that the dress you wore?” Yes it is Mistress Danielle. Miss Lexi said that we get too take home the ones that we wear. “Yes that is true! None of the other girls do but of course you would. I’ll call your sister and she can come too pick you up.” Thank you Mistress Danielle. It didn’t take long and Miss Claire had arrived to pick me up. “So how was your first day?” It was great Miss Claire! Thank you for getting me the job and turning me into a prom dress sissy. “Well what are sister for? Since you had such a great first day. How about I reward you with a release tonight?” A release I thought to my self. Oh how I craved it! How I needed it. It had been so long. That would be amazing Miss Claire! My sister smirked and said nothing else!
Very sweet but I’m sensing a twist Smile

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