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Metamorphosis Balls - fls or gender role reversal
All credit to Stana correlating information on an historical gender role reversal example a time in one part of earth when there was FLS to a degree.
Interesting going to have to do some searching on Metamorphosis Balls.
I remember reading about Catherine the Great getting her court to switch clothing years ago, there was also clubs in the UK known as 'Molly houses' were males dressed up in Female clothing (even having weddings and pretend births) in Georgian times. It just goes to show males have always been attracted to Feminine clothing and the submissive role in society.
Fascinating!  "The more things change the more they remain the same."  The phrase was coined by French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (Google search)  It means that change is a constant, natural part of life. It is a natural quality of "things". So the constant change of things is part of them "staying the same". Once you realize this, you actually stop seeing each small change as something exceptional (and maybe threatening).  Good for us all to remember in this conflicted, divided, topsy-turvey world.  Interesting how long gender role reversal has been around. Seems to be inexorably moving forward, maybe a little accelerated these days.
DARN!   Recall over a half-century ago references to a book titled methinketh  "IMPERIAL ORGY" that spoke of some of Catherine the Great's parties where the sexes had to present themselves in sex reversed attire.  Believe the point was to diminish male political opponents arrogance having to socially defer to Females.   Guess She liked the idea that the

WOMEN boldly dress in Uniform
Discussing affairs of State
While now 'malletes' dressed as SERVING GIRLS
Upon  FEMALE MASTERS  daintily wait!
(03-05-2020, 01:03 AM)afp Wrote: All credit to Stana correlating information on an historical gender role reversal example a time in one part of earth when there was FLS to a degree.

Yes, Catherine the Great, who showed that she was a much better ruler than her husband and indeed all of the men around her, ruled supreme in Russia and could easily get away with a ball where the dress of the sexes was inverted. Catherine and the other ladies could strut about in breeches and embroidered men's waistcoats and coats while the men had to mince about in the voluminous gowns and petticoats of the period, teetering on heels, made up and also wearing huge womens' wigs festooned with ribbons and jewels. They should have been made to wear all of the corsetry and dainty underwear as well!!! An enlightened period in history.
See the above link for even more information.

Also check out this fascinating video.

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