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Indeed, Great to see, Gina. And great material as always.  Smile
I haven't read this month's edition yet. I always wait until I have enough time to put on my favourite dress and frilliest knickers before I read all the wonderful letters and stories. Tonight's the night! If you hear a lot of rustling petticoats this evening nothing untoward is happening, honestly!, it's just me getting comfortable *giggle *
That makes for a delightful image. Do be sure to get back to let us know your thoughts.
As each new month approaches i find myself eagerly anticipating the next issue of PDQ and was so pleased (and relieved) to find the December issue posted bright and early! While attempting to approach each new issue like a box of chocolates, making it last, sometimes that is impossible and i find myself gorging on the sweets. While i will attempt to stretch the enjoyment of this installment over time, i couldn't help but check out the letter listed as having a pic: "My Sissy Journey" by Lexi. What a lucky gurl s.he is! And writing to Auntie Helga for help! Seems like sh.e's fallen into Femininity much too deeply to ever emerge from the Dominance exerted on by Girlfriend, Miss Victoria and Miss Victoria's roommate Miss Cynthia! Whenever i read such accounts, i generally swoon with envy, but realize that fantasy and reality are two different things, and wonder how i could ever cope with finding myself in such a situation for real. Hope everyone enjoys the December 2020 PDQ and is looking forward to 2021!
Oh yes very enjoyable and I too gorge on each issue.
Yes, I too was delighted to find the December PDQ already posted on Monday, a day early!  Congratulations and many thanks to those responsible for putting it all together.  And, as always, there's another issue of Dummy Digest as well.  How perfectly delightful!  
What more could we possibly ask for? Excellent fare again as always.

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