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Trading Panties for Diapers
Trading panties for diapers
Making sure the address matched the note his mother had written for him earlier, Jimmy set his suitcase down on the front porch of the suburban home and rang the doorbell with some trepidation.
His mom was leaving the state for the summer and she had left the care of her prissy, innocent 12 year-old son to her younger sister, Tess. Jimmy was familiar with his aunt, although not that familiar, as he'd only visited her a few times during the last several years. Still, she had seemed nice enough, and from a physical standpoint, she was beyond reproach. Jimmy could still recall the many times he had been caught red handed, leering at her busty profile when he thought she wasn't looking.
As he was waiting at the door for her to answer, he thumbed the sealed envelope once more in his hand that he had been instructed to give to his aunt.
What had his mother written about him? he wondered anxiously, not for the first time.
After a moment, he heard footsteps approaching and the door swung open to reveal his pretty aunt smiling down upon him.
"Well hello there, Jimmy!" she exclaimed.
She stepped out onto the porch and bent down to hug her slight and diminutive nephew.
"Come on inside!" she invited him warmly, "How was the bus ride over? Any troubles?"
Jimmy was very shy by nature, and suddenly he felt rather overwhelmed by his gorgeous, voluptuous, and much taller aunt. By and large, he was unaccustomed to getting a lot of attention, particularly by attractive females, and he found himself at a loss for words.
Jimmy's cheeks reddened and after mumbling something incoherent, he thrust out the envelope to aunt Tess.
"M-my mom said to give this to you," he said, trying without success to avoid staring at the long line of deep, sexy cleavage disappearing down the front of her snug top.
"Okay, sweetie," she said as she took the envelope and ran her long, glossy nail under the flap to open it.
Taking out the single hand-written page inside, she unfolded it and read it over;
Hello Tess,
Thank you so much for taking in Jimmy for the summer months. He really is a well behaved boy and I'm sure he won't give you any cause for concern.
As you know, Jimmy sometimes wets his bed, so I've taken the precaution of packing his waterproof mattress cover in his things. I'm sure it's just a phase that he's going through and will soon be over. Please put the cover over his mattress tonight and I'm sure everything will be fine.
Also, and I know this may sound strange, but over the last couple of years, Jimmy has become particularly interested in, of all things...panties.
I've been allowing him to wear them under his regular pants, but I will leave it to you as to how you'd like to handle this new desire for women's clothing. It seems harmless enough and so long as it doesn't go any further--I'm okay with it.
Aunt Tess looked up from the letter to see her nephew fidgeting nervously. To be sure, she intended to continue having him wear panties, although undoubtedly, not in quite the way he was expecting...
Two more things; I've packed his favorite teddy bear in his suitcase. I know he is rather old to still be clinging to such a silly thing, but he becomes very upset if he doesn't get it at bedtime.
Lastly, while sleeping, Jimmy sometimes sucks his thumb.
I'd really like to break him of that habit, for a number of reasons, but so far, I've been unsuccessful. Hopefully, you will have better luck...
Love, your sister,
Aunt Tess folded the paper carefully and she eyed her anxious nephew, silently imagining him sucking his thumb like an infant.
I can think of the perfect remedy to solve that little problem, she reflected.
Taking him down the hallway, she led him into a warmly lit room that looked more like a baby's nursery than a spare room. A large pink and white crib stood in the corner and nursery print designs decorated the walls. A lemon-yellow rocking horse stood waiting for its next rider and a number of childish dolls sat atop a brightly pink colored dresser.
Jimmy quailed at the thought that this was where he would be sleeping but he was simply too shy to speak up about it.
Inwardly, he cursed his lack of backbone.
He was also acutely aware of the distinctive smell of stale pee, like wet diapers and vinyl panties that had been used so often, they forever retained the odor. He was deeply ashamed that his aunt might think he needed such precautions and for the first time, he found his voice.
"A-aunt Tess?...I-I won't be sleeping here, will I?" he asked timidly.
His beautiful aunt bent down to look him in the face, holding his trembling hands in hers. "Yes sweetie, this is where I keep all the little bedwetters that come to stay with me. But don't you worry--I have just the thing to take care of your problem."
Jimmy's cheeks flushed a bright red and he almost choked.
"I-I'm not a-a bedwetter," he squeaked, the anxiety rising in him. The lie came automatically to him but instinctively, he feared she knew his shameful secret. Could that be what the note said? he wondered.
"Honey, we both know you are, and I have some very special ways to help you with it."
As Jimmy gazed down at the thick stacks of soft, fluffy cloth diapers nearby a changing table, he gulped with fear but he was afraid to ask further.
He certainly didn't want to give her any ideas!
"Now--don't you worry your little head about any of that," she said as she playfully mussed up his hair, "I've got dinner all ready for you and you can tell me all about your school year and the TV shows you've been watching."
Without waiting for an answer, she led him out of the room, back down the hallway and sat him down at the kitchen table.
Jimmy was still feeling flustered as his aunt placed a plate of steaming lasagna before him, along with a bowl of salad. It had been a long day, and the scent of wonderful food distracted him from his immediate concerns. He dove into his dinner with abandon and soon, the two of them were engaged in an upbeat and light-hearted discussion about all manner of things.
After they'd finished, and aunt Tess had cleared away the dishes, she came over and took Jimmy by the hand.
"Okay sweetie, let's get you ready for bed now."
"A-already?" the effeminate boy whined. It wasn't even 8:00 yet.
"Yes, you can stay up a little longer but I want to have you all ready ahead of time," she explained patiently.
Jimmy couldn't think of why it was so important that he get into his jammies so soon, but he didn't argue as she led him back down the hallway to the nursery.
He expected her to open his suitcase to retrieve his Power Rangers pajamas but instead, she sat him on the edge of a raised diaper changing table and began untying his shoes. After removing those and his socks, he watched with growing concern as she began undoing the snap on the front of his pants.
"I-I can do it," he whimpered uncertainly, not used to having someone else taking his pants off for him.
"That will be quite enough of that, young man," she warned him sternly as she slapped his hands away.
Jimmy wasn't used to strong authority figures outside of school but he sensed that he probably shouldn't do anything to anger his aunt.
She continued her ministrations, tugging his jeans down his legs and exposing the lacy pink panties he was wearing underneath.
He blushed hotly and was worried for her reaction, but she only smiled at him saying; "Don't worry, sweetie, your mommy told me all about your interest in panties, and I'll make sure you're wearing some the whole time you're here."
She chuckled to herself at her private joke as she folded his pants, putting them aside.
Jimmy was somewhat relieved to hear that, but he also had a creeping suspicion that his aunt had something else up her sleeve.
Tucking a long-nailed finger into the delicate waistband of his panties, Tess suddenly yanked them down as Jimmy let out a gasp of surprise.
"Wha-what are you doing?" he quaked.
"In this house, bedwetters wear diapers and plastic panties," she told him firmly as she looked him in the eye with steely resolve. Her stern look seemed to be goading him to defy her and out of the corner of his eye, Jimmy spied for the first time, a wooden paddle lying next to the crib. He felt a ripple of fear course through him as he imagined himself over his aunt’s firm lap, his bare bottom being soundly paddled.
Jimmy blushed furiously as his hands shot down to cover his still hairless genitals.
"B-but I don't need diapers," he cried piteously.
Taking a thick stack of three fluffy diapers in her hand, Tess lifted the poor abashed boy's ankles up together and slid the baby soft cloth under his curvy rump.
"I've found that the best way to deal with bedwetters is to keep them in diapers and plastic panties," she repeated as if his claim was meaningless.
Jimmy bunched his fists in mute frustration. His mom had never used diapers for his problem! Did his aunt think he was nothing but a big baby?
While keeping the whimpering boy's ankles aloft, she dipped her free hand in a large jar of Desitin and smeared it across his quivering bottom. Between being exposed to the cool air and the even cooler diaper rash cream, Jimmy shivered a little until she set him down and began powdering his front.
His eyes misted with tears as he realized with humiliating finality that he was going to be diapered like a toddler by this strong-willed woman no matter what he said. As the crushing realization washed over him, he cried softly but lay there submissively, resigned to his fate.
Taking a pink pair of clown safety pins, aunt Tess pulled the bulky ends of cotton together tightly around his slim hips and pinned them closed. Jimmy was amazed at how thick the cloth was and he could barely bring his legs together.
Selecting a lilac pair of translucent plastic panties, Tess gathered the leg openings and began working them up Jimmy's trembling legs. He whimpered in defeat as he watched his humiliating new panties being pulled up his legs and then worked around the fat diaper swaddling him.
"There..." she said slowly with satisfaction, "These will keep my little sugarplum's bed dry."
Jimmy blushed again, feeling very babyish. His nose was assailed by the twin infantile scents of baby powder and stale pee and he was mortified having just been pinned into pampers like a helpless baby. Worse yet, was the virtual certainty that some of these items must have been previously worn and wet by someone else. He felt totally ashamed.
After running her fingers around the elastic waistband of the shiny panties to tuck his diapers in, Tess sat back and smiled down with satisfaction at her blushing, embarrassed nephew.

"There you are--all set for beddie-bye. Why don't you go brush your teeth and then you can watch the TV for another half hour."
Jimmy's heart sank at the thought of having to go to bed at such an absurdly early hour--he was used to 11:00 pm at home and yet, it was barely 8:00 here!
Standing up, he almost lost his balance as the imposing diapers conspired to keep his legs apart. The closet doors on the opposite wall were mirrored and as the sissy boy gazed at his babyish reflection, he nearly burst into tears. What would his friends say if they could see him now??
He fled out of the room as quickly as he could waddle, the fat cloth feeling slippery between his legs but inhibiting his stride nevertheless.
After brushing is teeth, Jimmy went into the living room to watch a show that was playing on the TV, but he found it hard to concentrate on what was happening on the screen. He was extremely conscious of the strong scent of baby powder surrounding him and he couldn't get used to the feeling of his hips being wrapped in bunny soft cotton. He felt so immature and babyish that his aunt had decided to put him back in diapers as a solution and waves of humiliation swept over him, one after another. Obviously, all these years, she had thought of him as nothing more than a sissy bedwetter.
Fidgeting in place while lying on the floor, the plastic panties crinkled with his every move, constantly reminding him of his shameful, infantile underwear.
Before he knew it, the half hour had passed, and his aunt came into the room to retrieve him.
"Okay Jimmy, it's beddie-bye time," she said as she reached over and unceremoniously shut off the TV.
Jimmy's heart sank and reluctantly, he rose to his feet. Patting his fat, diapered bottom affectionately, aunt Tess guided him back to the nursery. After sitting him on the edge of the crib, she removed his t-shirt but instead of opening his suitcase, she went to the pink dresser instead, sifting through a drawer until he held up a white and pink top.
"Here, I think this will do just fine," she proclaimed happily.
Bringing it over, Jimmy could see it was a fuzzy fleece top, with short, puffy sleeves and a baby bear motif across the chest. It looked just like something a toddler would wear.
Shaking his head, Jimmy held his hands out in protest.
"No!" he said fussily, "I want to wear my own jammies."
He was humiliated and angry and he was going to stand up to her right now.
"Young man--in this house--I determine what you will wear. If you have a problem with that, I have no problem with putting you over my knee where we can continue this discussion," she said firmly.
Jimmy's mouth dropped open in shock--he had never been spanked by his mother and the prospect terrified him! Thrusting his lower lip out in an epic pout, he dropped his hands in defeat, accepting the top, as she fitted the soft garment over his head, pulling the short hem down until it almost reached his waist.
"It's not fair," he whined petulantly under his breath.
Ignoring his comment, aunt Tess grabbed a large pink rubber pacifier and bending down to his level, she slowly began pushing it between his trembling lips.
"That's it...that's my baby," she smiled as he submissively accepted it.
He could smell her perfume surrounding him and as he gazed down her top at her big, round breasts, he felt very intimidated.
Helping him under the soft baby blankets, Tess tucked the squirming boy in and then remembered his teddy bear. Going over to his suitcase, she reached inside and took it out, putting it between his arms before raising the side rail of the crib.
"There you are sweetie," she smiled down at him, "Have a good night."
Jimmy hugged his teddy bear like his life depended on it as he sucked the rubber pacifier filling his mouth. Aunt Tess turned on her heel and walked out of the nursery, turning the lights out as she went. Filled with anxiety and uncertainty, Jimmy tossed and turned in the crib until he finally gave way to slumber.
The next morning, Jimmy awoke to the window curtains in his room being pulled back. Bright sunlight streamed into the nursery and he looked up to see his beautiful aunt smiling beatifically down upon him. She was happy to see the pacifier still in his mouth, and she smiled at his innocent, baby-like countenance.
"Good morning, sweetie!" she said brightly, "How did you sleep?"
Jimmy had to admit that he'd slept very well--the bed was soft and comfortable, with the slight exception that every movement was followed with the crackling of the waterproof mattress cover beneath him.
Lowering the side of the railing, aunt Tess took his hand and led him out of the crib, sitting him gently down on the changing table. It was only then, as the thick, soggy Birdseye cloth of his diapers squished against his rump that Jimmy realized to his horror, he'd helplessly soaked them during the course of the night. He blushed hotly as he anticipated her discovering the shameful fact any moment.
Putting a finger on either side of the elastic waistband of his plastic panties, Tess tugged them down, exposing the sopping wet cotton pinned around his hips. The humiliating smell of pee surrounded them, and Tess gave him a knowing smile.
"Just as I expected," she stated with conviction.
Jimmy looked away in mortified embarrassment as she unpinned the wet cloth and dumped it with a heavy thud into a nearby diaper pail. She used some moist towelettes to clean his damp bottom and front before raising his ankles to slather his cheeks with another sticky coating of Desitin.
As the realization struck him that she fully intended to pin him into another set of diapers, the embarrassed boy suddenly spit out his pacifier.
"Wa-wait! Wha-what are you doing??" he cried frantically.
"Jimmy--we've already had this discussion," she explained patiently, "As I said last night, when I have bedwetters staying with me, I keep them in diapers and plastic panties," she told him as she slid a fresh trio of thick diapers beneath his upraised bottom, "That's where you belong, and that's what you'll wear while you're here."
"B-but--I-I don't wet during the day!" he wailed desperately, trying in vain to kick his ankles free of her grasp.
"Jimmy--these will be your underwear from now on. Until you stop wetting the bed, you can depend on wearing diapers and plastic panties indefinitely," she told him firmly.
Jimmy burst into tears but his aunt only continued her ritual of changing him, powdering him generously before pinning the soft, bulky cloth around his hips. After pushing the pacifier back between his squalling lips, she chose a cute pair of white nursery print plastic panties and pulled them over his feet. With practiced movements, she tugged them up his hairless thighs and worked them over the fat cotton cloth surrounding his hips.
Jimmy cried to himself as she put some short socks on his feet and tied his sneakers in place.
"I'll let you get yourself together while I make your breakfast, sweetie," she said kindly. Bending down, she kissed him on the forehead, granting him a heart stopping view down her top.
Gazing at his humiliating reflection in the mirrored closet doors, Jimmy burst into fresh tears of self pity. What was he to do now? To think that he'd have to spend his entire summer, dressed like a baby in diapers and plastic panties! It was too much to bear!
To be sure, it was a big adjustment for Jimmy, getting used to wearing his embarrassing diapers not only at night but also during the day. And it wasn't like wearing a watch, that one quickly gets acclimatized to. He was constantly aware of the slippery squish of soft, bulky cotton between his thighs as he waddled about and the extra padding every time he took a seat.
The whole experience made him feel not just childish, but very babyish and he cringed every time he passed a mirror and saw his shameful reflection. To make matters worse, there was no escaping the infantile smell of Johnson's baby powder that followed him everywhere.
He also felt like Tess treated more like a four or five year-old boy, instead of the 12 year-old that he really was.
However, other than the somewhat draconian measure of being diapered and sleeping in a baby's nursery, Jimmy found living under aunt Tess' roof to be, all in all, very enjoyable. She gave him lots of attention and it was obvious she was happy to have him around. She was eager to spend time with him and they often played games around the house together.
When aunt Tess walked into the house, she found her sissy nephew lying on the floor, a box of crayons arrayed before him as he intently drew in his Trucks-For-Tots coloring book. His legs were spread apart and his feet were crossed behind him, while his snug, shiny plastic panties stretched over the very fat diaper he was wearing.
Sitting patiently next to him was his familiar teddy bear, happy to be included in his activities.
As soon as Tess came in the door, Jimmy scrabbled to his feet and waddled over to her, eager for his daily hug.
"Aww, that's my little baby," she commended him happily, as she held him to her soft, cushiony chest.
Without thinking, she reached down and slipped her fingers inside of his waistband to check his diaper for wetness but as usual, he was dry.
Jimmy had settled into his new home comfortably and over the few weeks since his arrival--like all true sissies, he'd gradually become accustomed to wearing diapers 24 hours a day.
His claims to the contrary not withstanding, Jimmy managed to wet his bed every single night in his crib; waking up sheepishly to pee-soaked diapers in the mornings and his aunt, who clearly expected nothing less from him.
During the day, Jimmy was allowed to use the restroom for his needs, but he was required to summon his aunt whenever he felt the need to go. She would stop what she was doing, take him to the bathroom, and pull his diapers down long enough so he could do his business. After that, she pulled them back up and with a friendly slap of dismissal on his well-padded bottom, Jimmy was free to go about his day.
Nevertheless, regardless of whatever he was wearing, aunt Tess made sure his fat, embarrassing diapers were always clearly on display. She felt it was important that they be seen at all times and she refused to let him cover them with any other kind of clothing. This was to make sure there was no doubt to anyone that saw him that her little nephew was a well-diapered sissy.
And every Sunday, Tess had a routine set where she would come into his nursery, undo his diapers, and give him what she called a "cleansing enema"; two, very full quarts of warm, soapy water she patiently administered into the squirming sissy's bottom before releasing him to go to the bathroom.
Jimmy didn't like these enemas, which were always conducted over her lap as she admonished him to try harder in controlling his bedwetting. They were uncomfortable and extremely humiliating for the effeminate boy, but he knew better than to put up a fuss. He had seen aunt Tess' wooden paddle, and he didn't want to find out what it felt like, firsthand.
Indeed, Jimmy had accepted everything about his life with hardly a quibble. Perhaps it was his weak, sissy nature that he fell so easily into a regime that was not that much different from a toddler's.
And so it was that Tess was so pleased with his docility and willingness that she went out and purchased a gift for her bedwetting nephew.
"You've been such a good little boy these last few weeks that today I got you something I hope you will like," she explained to him as she briefly turned her back on him to reach into her purse. Turning back around, she held forth a light, pink pair of rumba panties, decorated with three flouncy rows of ruffles across the seat.
"Here you are sweetie--your very own rumba panties--aren't they darling?"
Jimmy blushed deeply but inside, he was secretly pleased. He missed wearing his girly panties and these were likely to be as close as he was going to get to his former fetish.
"And they're cut nice and full, to fit over your big diapers--isn't that neat?" she asked enthusiastically.
Tess was nothing if not pragmatic.
Jimmy felt a strange mix of both shame and arousal. He was humiliated that the only way he'd be able to enjoy his fetish was over his embarrassing "protection", but he nevertheless nodded silently as he stood before her.
They were made of a thin, stretchy nylon and aunt Tess held them low so he could climb into them. Once his feet were inside the leg holes, she began slowly drawing them up his baby smooth legs. He held onto her shoulders for balance as she tugged them lightly, pulling them up over the fat, bulging diapers pinned around his hips.
"There you are...oh, they're a perfect fit too! Let's go look in the mirror," she said eagerly.
Taking him by the hand, she led him down the hallway to his nursery where the two of them stood before the mirrored closet doors. Jimmy was still blushing brightly and Tess took the opportunity to grab his pacifier and push it into his mouth, completing his babyish look.
"What a good little sissy you are," she told him proudly as she patted him on his fat, ruffled bottom, "I think I need to get a nice, cute little baby dress for you. How would you like that?"
Jimmy's cheeks blazed and he shook his head but Tess only chuckled and beeped his nose playfully.
Things went smoothly for a month until one day in late June, when Jimmy happened to be out in the back yard, playing with his Tonka trucks. The yard was surrounded by a tall wooden fence, so there was very little chance of him being seen by the neighbors.
His aunt had dressed him in a short top with bunnies on it, his usual diapers, and his sneakers.
Tess was in the kitchen, re-arranging some canned goods when she saw Jimmy suddenly come in through the sliding glass door, sobbing loudly, his face wet with tears, and an obvious scuff on his right knee.
Aunt Tess dropped what she was doing and came over to hug her diapered and distraught nephew, pressing his wet face against her pillowy, soft bosom.
"Aww, what's the matter baby? Did you skin your knee?" she asked, full of maternal concern.
Jimmy nodded, his crying unabated.
Taking a seat next to her, Tess carefully guided the prissy boy onto her lap to comfort him. It was then, as she felt him settle his weight upon her lap, that she suddenly felt the distinctive warmth through the thick seat of his diapers and plastic baby panties upon her thighs. Obviously, he had managed to wet himself during the traumatic incident.
Reaching over to the near counter, aunt Tess picked up a baby bottle of milk and slowly pressed it against Jimmy's trembling lips.

"Here you are baby," she said soothingly, "This will make you feel better."
Jimmy nursed from the bottle, looking much like any diapered toddler in his mother's arms as his crying was gradually reduced to sniffles.
With her free hand, Tess slipped a couple of fingers down the back of Jimmy's baby panties, feeling the warm, pee-soaked cloth inside.
"Looks like my little boy wet his diapers," she told him sympathetically.
Jimmy hadn't even realized he'd done it and he blushed red with shame and whimpered a bit as he kept his eyes downcast.
"That's okay baby, you just finish your bottle and then we'll get you changed into some fresh pampers."
Leaning forward, she kissed his forehead lightly in a show of comfort and affection. At the same time, her action served to fill his entire forward view with her big, round breasts and cleavage, displayed inches before him in her clinging, white halter top. He whimpered again, this time with sexual angst, staring at the soft curves of her bountiful chest, wishing he could somehow have her.
As the last milky bubbles drained from his bottle, Tess eased it from his lips and stood him up.
"Okay baby, let's go change those wet diapers and then it will be naptime for you," she told him as she squeezed the sissy's thickly padded seat.
Jimmy squealed a little, but he clutched her hand as she led him down the hallway to his nursery.
Two weeks later, another event happened that made for a big impact, both figurative and literally on young Jimmy.
It was late in the afternoon and aunt Tess was just coming into his nursery to wake her charge up from his daily nap. Looking down on the still sleeping sissy, she smiled to herself as she watched him for a moment, contentedly nursing from the pacifier still lodged in his mouth and his teddy bear tucked under his skinny arm. To be sure, since she'd begun training him with a pacifier, he hadn't once gone back to sucking his thumb.
Lowering the crib rail, she gently pulled back the soft, fuzzy Disney Princess blankets as Jimmy's sleepy eyes fluttered open.
"Good afternoon, baby," she greeted him cheerfully, "Did you have a nice nap?"
Jimmy nodded, his eyelids still sticking a bit.
With practiced ease, aunt Tess helped him out of his crib and gently set him down on the changing table. Removing his pacifier, Tess replaced it with a baby bottle filled with warm milk, which she let Jimmy hold for himself. Tugging his clinging rubber panties down off his soggy diaper, Tess tossed them in his diaper pail before unpinning the wet Birdseye cloth.
Jimmy was still blinking sleepily as she pulled the pee-soaked cloth from under him and put it aside.
In just a few minutes, Jimmy was powdered and pinned into a fresh set of diapers and a new pair of plastic panties pulled up around his hips. After tying his sneakers on, aunt Tess beeped his nose and left him to his own devices in the nursery.
After he'd finished his bottle, Jimmy waddled out of the room to return it to the kitchen. It was only then, that he realized aunt Tess was entertaining one of her friends.
He froze in his tracks and nearly dropped the baby bottle in his hands. In his half-awake state, he must have missed their conversation from down the hall.
All eyes turned to him as his mouth opened in shock.
Unfortunately, the surprise of being seen dressed like a toddler in pampers was too much for the young sissy and he promptly flooded his diapers in a helpless torrent.
Feeling the hot, urgent pee suddenly warming the front of his diapers, Jimmy cried out in panic.
"Oh!" he exclaimed in his high-pitched voice.
"Hi Jimmy--I forgot to mention, this is my friend Katie," Tess said as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world, "Come over and say hi."
Jimmy blushed hotly, feeling very childish, not only for being seen in his sissy diapers but also for having just wet them like an incontinent baby. Tears of shame filled his eyes and he was on the verge of a full-blown cry when aunt Tess stood up and quickly embraced the poor child.
"There, there, baby," she comforted him as she hugged him closely, pressing his cheek against her mammoth bosom, "Don't be shy."
Jimmy choked back a sob. Ordinarily, he might have confessed his wet condition to his aunt but he certainly wasn't going to say anything now.
"Don't worry honey, Katie knows all about your bedwetting," Tess explained as she patted his fat, diapered bottom to sooth him.
"That's right, Jimmy," her friend chimed in, "Some little boys just aren't ready for big boy underwear and they need to stay in diapers longer."
Jimmy blushed hotly, feeling the heat all the way to his ears.
How many people has she told about my bedwetting? a voice was screaming in his head.
And he didn't like being called a little boy. He was almost thirteen years old already!
Of course, his appearance wasn't helping the situation, given that he was wearing a fuzzy fleece diaper shirt adorned with a motif of building blocks and a short, ruffled hem that barely extended to his navel. The pacifier hanging from his top and the baby bottle in his hand only added to the impression of being an overgrown, diaper-dependant toddler.
Of course, Katie's humiliating appraisal of him was spot on but it was nevertheless devastating to the fragile boy's ego to hear it put in such frank, condescending terms.
Just then, the kitchen sliding glass door to the back yard opened and a cute girl who looked to be 10 or 11 came through. She looked about ready to say something to her mom, when she suddenly came face to face with Jimmy.
Apparently completely unprepared for this unusual sight, she abruptly burst into giggles as she looked him up and down.
"You're wearing diapers!" she squealed in her little voice.
This unexpected arrival to the scene only caused another strong burst of warm pee to flood unchecked into Jimmy's already wet diapers.
His mouth trembled as his cheeks and chest burned with hot, flushed intensity while he struggled to find words to say.
"Now Mikayla," her mother chided her, who also happened to be trying to suppress her own smile, "Jimmy has a little bedwetting problem. You are not to tease him about it."
Although theoretically said on his behalf, Jimmy was mortified by the entire situation. He wanted more than anything to run away, or at least waddle, as fast as he could go--to anywhere else.
Aunt Tess seemed to sense it, and she bent down to his level to speak sweetly in his ear.
"Honey? Why don't you and Mikayla go and play in the living room? I know she'd love to have someone to help her with her dollhouse."
Gazing across the room in a daze, Jimmy spied a large dollhouse on the floor, with numerous dolls awaiting a collection of outfits.
"I don't want to play with any stupid dolls!" he suddenly burst out angrily.
He just wanted these two to leave, and he didn't want to do anything to condone or contribute to the situation.
At that moment, aunt Tess summarily yanked him around to face her and she wagged her long-nailed finger at him.
"Now you listen to me, young man," she said sternly, "I know you're upset at being seen in your diapers and plastic panties but you're just going to have to get used to it. Until you stop your silly bedwetting--this is how everyone is going to see you."
Hot tears of shame tumbled down Jimmy's face as his aunt continued to scold him before the others.
"These two people are my good friends and you had better learn to get along unless you'd like to spend the rest of the afternoon with a hot, stinging bottom."
As Jimmy choked on the ominous threat, Tess emphasized her point by roughly turning him around and delivering a hard swat to his diapered bottom.
"Oh!' he cried.
He blushed furiously as everyone looked at him.
Mikayla stood up a little straighter and smiled at seeing this older sissy boy being humiliated and castigated before her. She was an attractive young girl and one could tell that someday, she would be a real beauty.
With a sob of resignation, Jimmy trudged over to the dollhouse and sat down with a warm, wet squish in his seat. Mikayla followed and in no time at all, she was bossing him around, confident of her own superior social position.
However, this soon devolved with Jimmy becoming more resentful and angrier by the minute. Mikayla was teasing him and calling him a 'diaper boy' which only heaped further shame on the poor sissy.
At last, Jimmy could take it no longer. Taking one of the dolls, he brought it down violently on the edge of the roof of the doll douse, snapping its little plastic head off.
Mikayla reacted with shock and disbelief as she burst into tears.
Jimmy was yelling at her and oblivious to his surroundings when he suddenly felt himself being physically yanked to his feet by his wrist.
"You've just earned yourself a good, hard spanking," aunt Tess snarled as she jerked him over to an armless chair nearby.
Jimmy shuddered and his eyes widened as he saw she was now holding the stout wooden paddle in her hand, ready to bring swift retribution to the diapered pantywaist. As Tess angrily tugged his plastic panties down, he let out a squeal and let loose with another hot stream of pee into his diapers.
"No-no-no!!" he cried, flailing his arms before him in a futile gesture to make her stop. With his waterproof panties below his knees, Tess threw him over her lap, quickly unpinning his warm, sopping wet diapers and pushing them back between his thighs to give her an unobstructed access to his youthful bottom.
A string of incoherent statements piled out of his mouth in a tumble as he tried to defend himself.
"Y-you can't do this--sh-she started it--she was the one--"
The paddle landed flat across his damp cheeks and Jimmy wailed like a little girl at the top of his lungs. Two more harsh, crisp swats scalded his tender rump, searing a bright red oval pattern across both his curvy little cheeks.
Jimmy kicked his feet wildly, slapping his hands against the floor as he tried in vain to get up off her lap. However, aunt Tess was obviously not one to be trifled with. She used her free hand to hold him securely in place while her paddle viciously struck it's target again and again with harsh, blistering slaps. It stung terribly and Jimmy was bawling his eyes out, now regretting the day he'd ever arrived at his aunt's house.
Katie and her daughter sat silently, watching his punishment with obvious approval and satisfaction. To be sure, Jimmy was at the very bottom of this totem pole in social standing.
Tears of bitter frustration at the unfairness of his spanking poured down his face--why was it he was the one being punished while Mikayla got away scott-free?
Every time he thought the spanking couldn't get any worse, another hard, angry swat landed on his bright red bottom, making him howl in agony and bringing forth fresh tears. They spilled down his cheeks and dripped on the floor as he kicked his feet frantically. He'd never been spanked like this in his life and he wailed helplessly as the hard wooden paddle continued to slap his stinging, blazing cheeks.
At last, the terrible punishment was over and Jimmy lay across her lap, too weak to move.
With surprising gentleness, aunt Tess lifted the crying sissy to his feet and hugged him closely as his wet diaper fell away, leaving him nude from the waist down.
"There, there baby," she consoled him as she pressed his face against her big, soft breasts, "Don't cry sweetie."
However, her words had little effect on the spanked youth as he only sobbed louder, desperately rubbing his red, blotchy, swollen bottom with his hands.
"Katie--can you get me his baby bottle from the warmer there?" she asked her friend, "Yes, that one...thank you."
Taking the bottle filled with milk, Tess eased it into Jimmy's crying mouth which was salty from his tears.
Feeling both defeated and very babyish in front of them, Jimmy accepted the wet nipple and began nursing from it. He realized all too well, that in a battle of wills, he stood no chance whatsoever against his aunt.
As before, the rubber in his mouth had a calming effect and his crying abated somewhat, becoming ragged sniffles.
"We'd better get this little sissy back into his diapers," Tess said sagely, "There's no telling when he might have another accident."
Leading him by the hand, with Jimmy doing his best to shuffle while his damp plastic panties were still around his calves, the four of them went down the hallway and into his nursery. Once there, the pungent smell of Jimmy's diaper pail advertised to one and all that an incontinent bedwetter lived in the room.
"This is a lovely room you have for Jimmy," Katie exclaimed glowingly, "Everything a little boy still in diapers could ever want."
Aunt Tess smiled proudly.
"His mommy told me about his desire to wear little girl's panties but as you can see--he's much too immature to handle that responsibility yet."
"Oh yes," Katie laughed, as she bent down to face the boy nursing from his baby bottle, "I'm afraid you're going to need diapers and rubber panties for quite some time, baby boy."
Jimmy didn't like Katie and his cheeks blazed red with shame under her condescending remarks.
"Can I help change him?" Mikayla offered, not wanting to be left out.
"Absolutely!" aunt Tess told her, "Go and pick out a pair of plastic panties for Jimmy. They're in that stack over there."
Jimmy was mortified to be the center of everyone's attention, especially during this most humiliating of rituals. He squirmed and fidgeted on the changing table, his embarrassing, tiny little bald genitals and red, stinging bottom on display for everyone to see.
Nonetheless, the blistering spanking had taken all of the fight from him and Jimmy was now more than willing to cooperate with whatever aunt Tess deemed necessary.
Seeming to know that she had him right where she wanted him, Tess undid his shoes and removed them along with his socks. She soon replaced them with lacy pink anklets and a pair of glossy white Mary Janes.
Grasping him by his ankles, aunt Tess swung his girly-smooth, sissy legs up over his head and began applying a nice, sticky coating of Desitin to his bright red bottom.
"I'm afraid that's going to hurt for several days, sweetie," she told him as she slid a new, thick stack of fluffy fresh diapers under his white and red cheeks, "But sometimes little boys need to be taught a lesson."
Jimmy whimpered and drained the last of his bottle.
"All finished?" Tess asked, "That's a good baby--here's your paci now," she said as she pushed the rubber nipple into his mouth.
Jimmy dutifully accepted the pacifier as Tess powdered him all over his front and between his legs.
"Jimmy really wets a lot, so I use thick soaker pads between the layers of his diapers," she explained to her friend, "It means his diapers are too thick to be able to put regular clothes over but that's okay--I want to make sure everyone sees them anyway."
"I couldn't agree more. A sissy boy like he is should always have his diapers visible.
"Jimmy--you're very lucky to have such a loving aunt like Tess here who knows just how to handle bedwetters," Katie told the blushing boy.
"How about these?" Mikayla said brightly as he held forth a cute pair of pink polka dot plastic panties. Delicate white lace edged the leg holes giving it a look of girlish, toddler fanciness.
"Wonderful!" Tess praised the beaming child.
Gathering them in her hands, Tess worked them up the prissy boy's hairless legs and then over his big, imposing diapers.
"There! All safe and secure now, babykins!" she said, hugging the befuddled sissy.
In his heart of hearts, Jimmy was beginning to realize that he could no longer be entirely trusted not to wet himself, even during the day, and as humiliating as these were, they were also very necessary. Of course, even if he had felt otherwise, the large rubber pacifier filling his mouth made any kind of coherent speech impossible.
"I think I'll take my highchair out of storage so I can have a place to keep Jimmy while I'm preparing his dinner," Tess told her friend as she led her babified nephew out of the nursery and back into the kitchen.
Ten minutes later, Jimmy found himself strapped into a baby's highchair, with a plastic tray snapped in front of him. Aunt Tess poured several jars of baby food onto a plate and after tying a colorful bib around his neck, proceeded to start feeding him. 
"You know," Katie offered as she watched the sloppy process taking place, with baby food spilling over his chin and bib, "I still have a playpen I can let you have--it would be a great place to put Jimmy where you can also keep an eye on him."
"Oh, thank you! That would be wonderful!" Tess exclaimed enthusiastically.
"You hear that?--" his mommy asked excitedly, "Now you'll have your very own playpen--and it'll be a really big help to me so I'll know where you're at and know you won't be getting into any trouble."
Jimmy felt like he was sliding inexorably down a slippery path to complete babyhood but his bottom was still blazing like a five-alarm fire. The last thing he wanted to do was defy her again.
Instead, Jimmy swung his legs uselessly as she continued to shovel large portions of creamed corn into his mouth with a large, plastic spoon. It slopped on his chin, around his mouth, and down onto his plastic Barney bib which Tess would then scoop up and re-feed him.
This babyish and unappealing meal was followed up with a large bottle of warm milk which Jimmy nursed as the women talked amongst themselves.
Some time later, when he had finished, he was feeling quite ignored and bored, and he tried unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn.
"Is baby tired?" aunt Tess suddenly asked him, "I think an early bedtime is just what you need."
Jimmy shook his head vehemently.
"No! I don't wanna go to bed," he whined petulantly as he kicked his Mary Jane-clad feet.
Indeed, it was only just after seven.
"Come along baby, let's get you ready for beddie-bye," she told him as she unlocked the tray and led him down the hallway to his nursery.
Once there, Jimmy pouted angrily, stamping his feet in place as his aunt removed his diaper shirt and replaced it with a soft, fuzzy yellow onesie. It had a delightful bunny appliqué on the chest and even a poofy ball on the seat.
"But I don't wanna go to bed," the fussy pantywaist repeated.
Tess pushed his pacifier into his quivering mouth and patted him on the head with a condescending smile. Checking his diapers, she pronounced him dry and after removing his sissy shoes, tucked him into his crib, along with another baby bottle and his teddy bear. Turning the lights out and closing the door to his nursery, Jimmy was left with his Tinkerbelle nightlight.
Down the hallway, he could hear Mikayla's high-pitched giggles and he bitterly resented that he had been sent to bed much earlier than the younger girl.
Jimmy tossed and turned in the crib, the crackly waterproof mattress cover and the ever present smell of the nearby diaper pail reminding of his childish status as he stared up at the ceiling.
At last, the bedwetting sissy finally fell asleep.
As the days progressed, and Jimmy became accustomed to an increasingly more babyish lifestyle, he found himself wetting his diapers with greater frequency during the day. Perhaps it was the constant wearing of his infantile underwear or his aunt's childish treatment of him, but he found his already tenuous control over his bladder gradually slipping away.
Meanwhile, aunt Tess was, bit by bit, transforming his wardrobe to a more feminine style, albeit, that of a little toddler girl. Frilly baby dresses and tops became his daily wear and it was supplemented by occasional gifts from her friends like Katie, who reveled in seeing the sissy boy treated like a baby.
Being the true sissy that he was, Jimmy put up only token resistance, although even if he'd been inclined to stand up to his aunt--in a war of wills--Jimmy was hopelessly outmatched.
And although Jimmy rarely defied her anymore, there were times when she felt the need to pull down his diapers and give him a hard spanking, and these humiliating punishments occurred whether or not there were guests present.
Soon, the whole neighborhood thought of Jimmy as nothing more than a diaper-dependant toddler, who's sissyish personality befitted his prissy appearance. They all treated him with the same general lack of respect one would a three year-old.
At the same time, Jimmy's weekly enemas soon became a daily affair, with Tess pulling his wet diapers down every morning to administer a thorough, warm, soapy purge before his usual diaper change. Before long, Jimmy no longer needed to summon his aunt for #2, and more often than not, he was simply wetting himself during the day without even thinking anymore.
One day, Katie was over visiting with Tess when she brought out a small box from her purse and presented it to her friend. Jimmy was across the room, busy in his playpen and occupied with his plastic blocks, not paying any attention to their conversation.
"What is this?" Tess asked curiously.
Katie giggled and lowered her voice.
"It's a chastity device for little Jimmy," she said conspiratorially.
"A what?" Tess asked, not sure of what her friend was talking about.
"It's a chastity device," she repeated, "It will prevent Jimmy from being able to get any erections, which, I'm sure at his age, are starting to become more frequent."
It quickly dawned on Tess what she was looking at and a smile appeared on her face.
"Oh yes..." she exclaimed enthusiastically, "This is exactly what he needs."
"Is it secure?" Tess asked, suddenly concerned.
"Oh yes--very. It comes with a lock so that only you will be able to remove it. And I managed to find this version in pink," she giggled again.
Both of them chuckled as their heads turned to the sissy boy in his playpen, quite oblivious to their plans.
"Oh, that's perfect," Tess exclaimed, "Can you show me how it works?"
Katie opened the small box and spilled the pieces on the table, going over how it fit and the proper sizing of the cuff rings.
"I'm sure he's wet now--we can change his diapers and put this on him right away," Tess said eagerly.
She stepped over to his playpen, bent over and lifted the back of his dress up to slip her fingers down his diaper.
"Mm-hm," she nodded, "Somebody's in a very soggy diaper. C'mon little boy--let's go get you changed."
Jimmy blushed a little as she took him by the hand and helped him out of the playpen, guiding him back to his nursery down the hall. As usual, the two were greeted with the sour, pungent smell of stale wet diapers as they entered his room and Tess quickly set about removing his soaked pampers, depositing them in his diaper pail next to his changing table. After cleaning him up and arranging a fluffy new set of thick diapers under his rump, Katie bent down and pulled Jimmy's tiny little package through the small pink cuff ring of the chastity device.
"Wha-what's that?" he quaked uncertainly.
"Nothing to worry yourself about," Tess said as she pushed a baby bottle of warm milk into his protesting mouth. This effectively blocked his view and allowed Katie to work without his interference.
Jimmy's penis was little more than an inch in length but the cap-shaped pink cage that she slipped over the head captured it effectively and she mated the two parts together, further compressing his toddler-sized nub.
"Would you like the honors?" she asked Tess as she held forth a small bronze lock.
Tess smiled broadly as she looked down on her quivering nephew, the obvious concern written on his cherubic face.
"This is just what he needs," she said as she slipped the shank though and snapped the padlock shut with an audible click.
Jimmy kicked a little in helpless frustration as he felt his tiny little penis now effectively trapped in its new home.
"There you are, sissy boy--no erections for you anymore," Katie announced smugly.
Although he wasn't presently aroused, Jimmy could feel the close confined restriction around his wee-wee and his agitation only increased. It was apparent that this very last vestige of control in his life was being irrevocably taken away and he felt helpless to stop it.
Tess dusted his tiny package with fragrant baby powder and quickly covered it up with his soft, fluffy diaper, pinning the sides snugly around his hips.
"Don't worry, Jimmy--you'll get used to that in no time at all and before long, you won't even know it's there," she assured him as she swiftly tugged his pink baby panties up his legs and fitted them over his bulging diapers with crisp, maternal efficiency.
"There," she said with obvious satisfaction, "That's where my baby belongs--right back in his diapers and plastic panties."
Jimmy blushed and looked the other way--too ashamed and intimidated to return their collective gaze.
He knew he should have stood up to his smothering, domineering aunt a long time ago but now it was far too late. From now on, it would be a baby's life for him; a life filled with wet diapers, early bedtimes, soapy enemas and bare bottomed spankings, highchairs and playpens, and from now on--one without orgasms of any kind.
But it was also the lifestyle perfectly suited for a bedwetting sissy like Jimmy.
Wonderful - a classic! Thank you! X
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
An excellent story there Bobby!
I'm freshly shaved and locked in my tiny steel cage and back in diapers and I feel just like poor little Jimmy...
You write wonderful stories.
Thanks bobby for a wonderful story.
Great story Bobby! Loved every minute. Lots of fine detailed imagery, to feed the imagination. It’s a nice ending too, I thought. As it doesn’t really end, or it doesn’t have to in the readers mind.
What a super story, Bobby!  Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us! 
Really enjoyed reading this story; thanks very much.

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