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Great Day!!
Hey All

What a great way to be woken up yesterday!! Boss calls up and building heat was out and it would probably take till the evening to get it back!! gave me a list of 6 names to contact and said have a nice day ( with a smile in her voice) Called my 6 people, They were pleased!! LOL Then called two friends from the office, told them to get going, I would pick them up in an hr and we were going shopping!!! If you can't make money in a day, you may as well spend it!! Shower, hair, makeup and dressed 45 minutes flat! Looked in the mirror, not bad for a rush job and out the door! Car started, thank god, picked up the girls and headed for the mall. You have to picture this Judith is a 5'9, beautiful blond, Marg is almost 6" Redhead and would put Rita Hayworth to shame! ME! 5"5' a little on the heavy side, not really a classic beauty, but I'm happy! I take pride in my hair, makeup and clothes so I guess I pass better than if I didn't!
First place Marg wants to go is the priemier lingerie shop in the mall, way off to the other end, big sale on bras, oh goody, who couldn't use another bra or ten!!! We get there and only another 2 customers in the store!! Go to the bras, Judith, the smart ass calls the sales clerk over and asks if she could show me the younger girls bras!! I'm like a year older than her and about a year older than Marg!! Marg is 40 D, Judith is a whoping 44 DD!! ME, you got it 36C! However My pretty little thing , regular, $47.95 for $8!! Those amazons both paid over $50 dollars ON SALE! Take that!! So was able to get something else and found this gorgeous black and white chemise, just my size! Still came out ahead by about $10 bucks when we left. Down the mall, ok so this mall has about 15-16 shoe stores all clustered in one area, we did them all! In , I think the fourth one I found found a nice pair of black pumps with 2" heels, just what I was looking for and they were mine. I am not an Amelda Marcos type girl. I have or buy the shoes I need!! Crux of story, we all bought shoes.
  The real story is Judith !! She always has to use that great body of her's to tease!! Young sales man, shoe store, trying on shoes! Judith asks him for assistance. Picture if you will, 5' 9 blonde, legs longer than any legs have a right to be, very tight short dress, sitting in a fitting chair and young man helping her try on shoes. By the look on his face, he was seeing things he had never seen before! By the time she was done with him, I'll bet the first place he headed for was the washroom and relieved the pressure!! LOL Marg and I all this time are trying our hardest not to pee ourselves! At least she was wearing panties yesterday? I think?? 
  We did a few more stores then hit the mall restaurant for lunch. Afternoon was a trip to a salon for nail work and a facial. Afterwards we did a couple more stores picked up some scented candles and soap at BB$B then it was time to head home. Dropped the ladies off at thier appts got home and felt tired but wonderful! soaking in the tube later I thought what a great way to spend a non earning day! Final tally was bra, shoes,6 pair of panties, 3 pair of nylons, a chemise, 4 candles and 3 bars of soap!    A great looking set of nails and that facial was super!! Great lunch and better company!!
  Oh NO!! Here it comes, Damn I gotta go back to work tomorrow!!
So how was your day??

Love yas


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