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Spanked in panties
Your Aunty Jane didn't have much time for boys. As soon as you arrived at her house she told you as much, and ordered you to strip off for a bath.

When she'd finished bathing you she stood you up and dried you off. But still she wasn't finished with you.

"I've put your clothes in the wash. They'll be all dirty from your travels. So here, put on these panties, and then we'll see if one of your cousins' dresses fits you."

You tried to protest that you're a boy, and shouldn't wear panties or a dress, but you simply earned yourself a spanking. Once she'd got you dressed she took you downstairs, and, in front of your giggling cousins, hauled you across her lap, lifted your dress and spanked you on your pretty panties.

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A very humiliating and a wonderful experience. Your really in for a long day of teasing by the girls. I bet their in jeans and t-shirts.
Thank you, mini sissy boy!

I have a real Aunty Jane. When I was a child she often saw me in girls' clothes, and even baby clothes. She wasn't unduly harsh or vindictive, but she would sometimes dress me, or change my nappy. It was excruciatingly humiliating, especially when my cousins, her daughters, were present.

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