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Bound, Gagged and Paddled in a Gymslip
Hi everyone.

One thing that I really enjoyed happened to me about 3 years ago. I went to visit a Dominatrix, Miss Sharon, in a nearby city. 

After being ushered in, we both gave each other a big hug. (We got on really well with each other). I then got changed, and took off my normal clothes, only keeping on my underwear (A pair of cotton, floral-print, brief-style knickers, and a pair of white cotton ankle socks). I then changed into my schoolgirl uniform - a navy blue gymslip with a single-button strap. I also wore a white cotton long-sleeved blouse, and a diagonal-striped tie. A brown wig with plaits completed my outfit.

Miss Sharon then began to tie me up. As I didn't have any rope at that time, string was used instead. She tied my hands behind my back, and my feet were tied together. She used the Gymslip's sash to gag me. I was helpless. Soon the hem of my gymslip was being lifted up and my knickers pulled down. Miss Sharon then gave me a good dose of C.P. on my exposed buttocks with a wooden paddle. I squirmed helplessly as I was being disciplined, the gag muffling my protests.

My paddling was brief, but enjoyable. The only drawback was that the string was cutting off my circulation. (On a later visit, when she hog-tied and ball-gagged me in a catsuit, proper rope was used).

She made me change into another outfit, but keep the wig on. It was a Dorothy (from the "Wizard of Oz") dress. I had my rag-doll, Sally, with me. I was forced to skip and prance around like a big girly-girl. I also had to suck a dummy.  I ended up laying face-up on a bed. Once again, my knickers were pulled down, but for a more pleasurable reason. After baby-oil was applied to my prick, Miss Sharon got to work and used a vibrator on it. It was not long before I ejaculated. Afterwards, Miss Sharon helped me clean myself up. As I left her house in a quiet, city side-street, I was buzzing with happiness. 

I only visited her one more time, as sadly I lost her phone number. But of all the Dominant Females (excluding "Auntie") I have visited, she was the best. (One day I will hopefully again to be able to visit and be dominated by a female).  Smile
How could you possibly lose that phone number and then forget the way to the Doms place ?
Meet with her again and that will be one sorry ass excuse - - - !

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