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Sissy penetration
Like many others on this thread, I have been penetrated by both men and women. I enjoy it immensely, and while there have been times when there was an element of humiliation, for the most part it seemed perfectly natural and “normal”, as a submissive sissy, to submit. To the extent it involves humiliation, that is more a function of verbal exchanges during (or after) sex. If the superior requires that I repeatedly profess that I am a sissy, or that I’m craving their cock or semen, or any self-degrading comments, humiliation plays a part. But even in these instances, it’s a combination of “play acting” and just being honest.
I have been married now for some time, to a woman who was previously my mother-in-law, and I am routinely penetrated by her, but it is all in a very loving manner. I very much enjoy it, and it gives her pleasure - which in turn excites me. She does allow me to penetrate her once a year, but it is not something I crave, or miss doing. The fact is, on those rare occasions, I experience intense “performance anxiety”, as I know I won’t satisfy her. The last time I was given the privilege, as she lowered herself on to my erection, my whole body tensed up to try and postpone the inevitable. Unfortunately, my fear was realized, and as I hugged her as tightly as I could, without even one thrust, I experience an intense orgasm, within 10 seconds of penetration. She whispered in my ear over and over, “that’s my girl”. Each time this happens, it reinforces the idea that I am naturally built to be penetrated, not to penetrate.
There is somewhat of a different emotional feeling with a man, because even though there never was a “competition”, since I am biologically male, by virtue of accepting his cock, I am conceding that he is the superior specimen. But the primary difference when it comes to men, is that unlike a dildo or strap-on, the man needs to be made erect, prior to penetration. Spending the necessary time and effort to orally pleasure his cock and balls, is a tacit admission on my part, that I so desire to be penetrated, that I will do everything in my power, to make that possible. And there is an added level of pride and satisfaction as I can witness his excitement grow. This is often in concert with verbal encouragement and praise, which makes me even more eager to please him. So rather than humiliation, it’s more a feeling of pride. Suffice to say, I love orally pleasing men (and women) - no performance anxiety. And yes, there is an added psychological element, when I feel them climax inside me (mouth or bottom). And I always thank them, as I hope to do it again very soon.
Fortunately my wife makes certain that my mouth and bottom are regularly put to their natural use.
Yes, I had penetration sex. And this happened quite recently. Just 2 months ago, I stopped being a virgin! Everything turned out very comically from the second time. I was overcome by fantasies and the desire for sex. I started communicating with one boy, and after two or three weeks I decided to accept his offer and meet at my house. I was really afraid, honestly. I was preparing for a very long time, choosing clothes and makeup. As a result, I was wearing a dark blue top, blue tights and leggings. But the guy was very nice and understood how I felt. We drank wine, then he began to hint at intimacy, and at that time I was overwhelmed, I was shaking all over and I was very worried. He saw this and gently led me to just lie down next to him. This suggestion made me feel better, although I understood everything. We lay down next to each other and he began to get excited, touching my inner thighs. I said that I really want to, but at the same time I'm afraid and I don't know what to do with myself. He did not insist and offered a compromise way to simulate penetration by masturbating with my legs (see attachment     . The photo is not mine, taken from the Internet). I was still afraid, but I agreed to it. While he was using me, I lay with my eyes closed and constantly repeated in my thoughts "this is not sex, he just hugs me." After that, when he finished, we lay and chatted about everything for a while. He didn't take offense at me, because he saw that I was very shy. When he left, I reproached myself for behaving like a fool and took this photo to him.     . A week later, I still decided to go to the second meeting, where I already gathered my courage. The second time I put on a more erotic image of a bra, mini-skirt and stockings. At the second meeting, my knees were shaking from the fact that this time I could not refuse. Having overcome my shyness, I suddenly realized that I could not object, and even more so, refuse, so I accepted it and became an obedient girl, whom he touched in all places for a long time, and then decided to completely master me. I wet his cock with my mouth, and then he penetrated me into my narrow hole. He finished quickly enough, but continued to act until I finished from anal without the help of hands (he did not let me touch the penis). As a result, I came profusely the first time, and he managed to do it the second time. After we said goodbye, I tried to recover for a long time, and as I gathered my thoughts, I realized that it was just stunning. According to tradition, I took a photo of him while he was driving home     . That's how they took my virginity and made a real girl out of me)
Thats quite a lovely story Inga

I love the way made sure you only finished through anal because 'he did not let me touch the penis' sounds so firm of Him but gentle too.

I'm sure you said thank you & I hope you are soon on your knees before Him again.
I'm sure you said thank you & I hope you are soon on your knees before Him again.

I just couldn't do it, because I was lying on my stomach, and my skirt was pulled up only from behind)
What a lovely story, and some lovely outfits!

Sissy's in leather leggings are sooooo delish!
(09-08-2021, 02:27 AM)Melissa123 Wrote: What a lovely story, and some lovely outfits!

Sissy's in leather leggings are sooooo delish!

Thank you) boys are excited by tight legs ))
(09-08-2021, 02:27 AM)Melissa123 Wrote: What a lovely story, and some lovely outfits!

Sissy's in leather leggings are sooooo delish!

I do love wet look leggings too, especially when a Mistress wears them
(03-06-2020, 01:48 PM)Tommy1k2 Wrote:
(02-26-2020, 04:06 PM)ModeratorM Wrote:
(02-20-2020, 12:44 PM)sylviapetty Wrote: Only once when I was raped at the age of 14 while en femme in a toilet. It was horrible and very frightening experience although I can't help looking back on it with a certain amount of pleasure. Can anyone explain this?
I'm very sorry to learn that happened to you. My guess is you had no one to commiserate with but you had to come to terms with it on your own, at least for several years. I hope you got professional help at some time.......

I heartily respect you for phrasing what happened to you as you did. I also know exactly how you feel about the pleasure element, in retrospection.

I was first penetrated (orally) when I was 10 years old, and I thought it was fun, and enjoyed my role in the act. A very short time later I was penetrated anally, and while not physicality enjoyable the first time, it was (for lack of a better term) emotionally comforting. With repetition anal penetration became as fun and enjoyable as performing oral sex on him. 

In no way is what this man did with me,  or what the man did to you condoned. Its a violation. What is condone-able is how you feel, and how I feel. I was very "enthusiastic" when I gave him oral sex, because I was having fun and liked the results of my efforts, if you know what I mean. I enjoyed the anal sex because it felt good, and it made me feel cute, wanted, and most of all, when was all the way in, I felt very safe. 

Its ok to feel whatever you feel whether in hindsight or not, because you were a 14 year old boy. Just as its ok for me to feel everything I've shared here - because I was a only 10 years old. I have had professionals and others tell me I didn't know what sexual pleasure was, so enjoying what he and I did together was impossible. None of those people were in there, and don't know what it was like. I also think people cannot accept how I feel because the acts I experienced, and at my age and the age of the man, are so egregious that anything positive (enjoying the physical pleasure) can only be dismissed when my feelings contradict this position. 

Anyway, pm me if you need to. I've been where you are Smile


I completely understand your feelings here. I too entered a sexual relationship in a similar manner at a similar age with a man. As a bedwetter he would get me ready for bed at times. Touching led to sucking led to first anal penetration near 11. To me it wasn't wrong at the time. It hurt at first but still I felt wanted and desired and grew in short time to very much enjoy it. It continued for a long time and I never begudged it or him. I am aware its illegal and perhaps if I wasnt the only one others may not have viewed it like I did but for us it worked. I understand that legally I couldnt consent but I definitely did. So your feelings on what happened to you are all that matter, not what others tell you.

My older sister Anne was deep into Femdom. She first feminized me at age 5. I loved it and it seemed natural. When I reached puberty,she dressed me in lingerie,stockings and heels. OMG,how I loved it! My sister penetrated me at age 12.I LOVED IT!
My wife and I are deep into a Femdom marriage, and her younger boytoyand her penetrate me. I love it!
Being a sub-sissy-slave seems natural. I enjoy being subserviant. It seems natural.
Gurls,this is the life we choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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