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Job as a secretary
The After graduating school most of the boys in my class soon gained employment in one of a number of masculine pursuits, ranging from being a mechanic to an engineer and from joining the armed forces for those who were ‘macho’ men or whose skill set provided them little opportunity for anything else to the one or two really intelligent guys who became managers at FTSE 100 companies.

Being slightly more effeminate, I tended to gravitate towards female pursuits and had been working on a typing course alongside my GCSE’s. It was for that reason that I found myself taking a job at Tyrrell’s Training Company. I knew that there employee roster was mostly female and looked forward to engaging in the banter.

On arrival on the first day however, I was in for more than I bargained for. My boss Mrs Reynolds did the usual induction, pointing out the kitchen and toilet facilities as well as the fire exits. After around half an hour of this we eventually arrived at a hidden away changing room which was the point at which Mrs Reynolds began the discussion about uniform. Apparently the Tyrrell’s board of directors were keen to maintain traditional values but also recognised the need for equality. It was because of this policy as it turns out the lower grade staff was made up entirely of females. All staff were required to wear a knee length pencil skirt, fishnet tights, 4 inch high heels, a fuchsia pink blouse, full foundation, lipstick and blush as well as wearing their hair in a bun style.

Mrs Reynolds told me that I would be obliged to keep up exactly the same style of appearance if I wanted to maintain my employment. Having already been turned away from numerous other firms due to my limited skills, I knew I couldn’t afford to turn down the position and so it was half an hour later (with the help of Mrs Reynolds) that I sashayed into the typing pool, my feet clicking with every step (perhaps the thing that takes longest to get used to) and began my role.

Over the course of the coming weeks, I of course had to get ready for work without the help of Mrs Reynolds and ended up looking like something of an amateur drag queen and gaining one or two askance glances at the bus stop in the process, but having worked at it, taken some advice from the girls and investing in a push up bra, I now attend work with confidence, even catching the odd lad eyeing me up from time to time.

That first day with Mrs Reynolds was a shock but also a life changer; now I would never go back.

This is my first attempt in this section so not sure what reaction it will get; I hope you enjoy though.


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