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How were your nappies bought and stored?
What an interesting account, Seth. I had a similar change in friends when I entered full time petticoating aged 18 and found that my previous friends no longer wanted anything to do with me. 

It worked out to my benefit though as my new acquaintances were better friends than those I had known previously had ever been and were a major source of help in helping me become the female I have lived as ever since. 

Losing a friend like that is not the best feeling but generally those that replace them have experiences to which one can far better relate.
(01-11-2021, 03:50 PM)Bobby1111 Wrote: Ah, the humiliations of being a bedwetter. I can relate so well, as it's happened three times, just this week.

[Image: 5coy7gwwf9qe5294g.jpg]

Seth, would you be so kind as to share with us your experiences of being nappy punished by your mom for bedwetting?

Hi Bobby,

My nappy punishment originally started due to an argument with my mum about my lack of accuracy around the toilet and if I couldn't hit the target then I would be wearing nappies. For my bed-wetting, I think it started several months later from having bad nightmares, My mum had hoped it just a phase but it occurred a few more times and she decided it was behavioural and I would be given corrective punishment. She frequently spanked me already so my bedding was changed with a mattress protector and rubber sheets to me wearing a nappy and plastic panties to sleep in. Early bedtimes were very common for me even when guests were over, there were many times I was put to bed with the sun still up and I was able hear our guests downstairs and even the kids in the garden playing, all the while struggling to get to sleep while not even tired.

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