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A big thank you from Girlygirl International
There a lot of aspects that I can discuss with my petticoating and being new to the forum I have tried to discuss different aspects of my petticoating at different times to give you an idea of what drives me. From having to wear my friend Gabrielle’s school skirt (mostly to do homework (but occasionally to school itself) to the shared misery of nappy and petticoat punishment with my tomboy sister I have already picked up my fair share of positive and curious responses, for which I am most grateful to the people who have responded.

I also know that while I am about as girly as they come now (and most of my current colleagues have not seen me wearing something other than a dress or skirt) some people on this forum would like to leave that aspect of them behind.

For those who have only seen part of my story in one thread or another, I would like to use this thread to clarify that I have had a happy ending. The airline girls I work with are legends (and I’ve even persuaded lead air stewardess / hostess (still deciding which term I like best) that nappies on long flights are a good idea). 

I now live the dream and the petticoat punishment that I endured in heels, pencil skirts, full makeup and a hair bun as a secretary under my mum has made me as an air stewardess. I hear that Natasha is so impressed by my long haul nappy idea that the entire cabin crew is going to wear a nappy under their skirt on our next long haul flight with the idea of an informed vote afterwards. Who knew that was a thing but cabin crew have apparently long been aware of the lack of cabin hygiene. I am told that if you pay enough attention to a cabin crew’s uniform on a long haul flight you can very often see the evidence of the faintest nappy bulge.

But most of all this is a big thank you for the warm welcome I’ve received. I would write a longer post but I need to reapply my lipstick and I’ll be honest, after a night on the town with the girls will need to be up early for a long shower and a change of nappy for the long haul return journey.

Thank you once again.

Hugs and kisses

I have just had a call through from Natasha. There are going to be five of us on the morning flight and she has apparently dropped off nappies to all of the other cabin crew. The others don’t seem very excited at the prospect of wearing nappies (not surprisingly as they have not worn them since they were about three) but Natasha is a proponent and thinks they are practical for long haul flights.

She has said that we will all have to drink a glass of water every hour to ensure that when the voting takes place we are all doing so with the benefit of an empty bladder (compared to usual full ones when we land) and can experience the full reality of our decision.

Typing this while in a nappy that I’ve already wet four times since my drinking session, I feel sure they’ll approve
So this is it , we’re all ready to head out on the road. Myself, Nadine, Chloe, Felicity and Natasha have all met in Natasha’s room and Chloe Felicity and Nadine do now seem at least convinced that you can’t actually tell that they’re wearing nappies.

Natasha has given it the big sell telling them how much more hygienic than using airport laboratories it will be. Natasha has actually planned ahead and had four trial nappies on her bed when we got to her room (she hasn’t actually told the others that I’m already on board with it). Because she knew the others would struggle to wet naturally initially she had them sit on the toilet in their nappies and let go. I think now that they have sat in them while we went through briefing means that they are a lot more comfortable with the concept now. I’m quietly confident it will get voted in.
How did the experiment and vote result?
Suffice to say nappies are something most of we stewardesses now wear on most of the very longest flights (and TBH at the most intense moments of this year I was wearing them as a matter of course, purely for hygiene reasons).
Thank-you for answering. I’m being a contrarian, but the poor boy presenting crew would be too embarrassed to try it. In saying that, as a passenger I’d be willing to try it, as I’ve seen plenty of guys wearing pantyhose and shorts as their travelling attire.
It makes sense when you think about it. The amount of passengers that plan ahead in depriving themselves of liquid for hours before a flight and minute by minute toilet schedules all so that they can avoid having to go on the plane. A nappy would solve all those problems for them and if even only moderately popular, would cease to be an abnormal sight. 

A male crew would certainly have to go to somewhat greater lengths to hide their bulge, this is true, though there’s nothing to stop a male trying a skirt and if ever there was an industry where that might actually catch on, this would be it.  Wink
Definitely does make sense. I don’t try to avoid liquids before or during flight. Even before now, I detest having to use the aircraft toilet, but use it. It might catch in if the idea is promoted. Motor sport drivers today wear nappies. Male and female both wear trousered gear but if course is easier to hide in theirs. As do astronauts except when in the ISS. I wonder do military pilots. There sure is scope for the wider general population in many circumstances for it to catch on. Certainly if makes wear a skirt it will. Even as a passenger I’m thinking a skirt must be more comfy than the inseam of trousers squished up against you when seated for hours.
It would certainly make for an interesting ‘Dragons Den’ pitch.  Wink 

The thought of some of today’s F1 drivers wearing nappies is quite interesting as well.

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