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Disney Princess Knickers
Thanks. I have looked in the past, but you're right they can be found pretty easily.
Hi all! 
As a slave that is forced to wear Disney princess panties on a daily basis, I can vouch for how easily they can be found. My Mistress Wife has ordered several of them online, I have also been able to find some at Walmart in the women’s section. They are relatively easy to acquire and very humiliating to wear. 
My babysitter loves to laugh at me in my princess panties while I’m serving her 
Disney Princess panties are exquisitely humiliating, aren't they? There's almost nothing more girly.
Disney princess panties are a constant staple of my humiliation of my slave husband! He has a variety of princess panties, chastity belts, French maid outfits and slave collars that always remind him of his place. 
My little sister has recently furthered the humiliation by making him sing the songs from the movie that the princess on his panties is from. He always gets teary eyed by the end of the song. He has now gotten to favoring certain panties because he remembers the associated songs. 
My sister also likes to make my slave husband admit that he would be inferior to the princesses if they were real which he readily does.
It sounds like you really make your sissy husband suffer, Jessielinton!

Disney princess knickers are utterly humiliating at the best of times, without being made to sing songs about them.
Disney Princess panties rock, I'm lucky enough to be able to squeeze into Girls panties  Big Grin

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