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My First Nappy Punishment
Being a few years older than my sister it was in fact she who was to have the biggest bearing on my first nappy punishment.

Due to medical problems I had been rather late getting out of nappies but when as a five year old she heard me teasing my three year old sister she soon got me involved in the proceedings. I was to wear a nappy alongside; every time my sister wet herself, I would have to nominally wet myself. I couldn’t believe what I heard next though; if my sister was to mess in her nappy I would be changed...into her dirty nappy.

The first day was actually pretty ordinary despite obviously being told on a few occasions that I needed to let go and wet. The first mess came during the night and I got the shock of my life when I woke up at 3am lying in a mess.

When this happened for the first time during my awake time, I put up such a fuss that I got a full week punishment. Not only that, the contents of any nappies that my sister messed were emptied out into my nappy. Any time that this happened I had to continue wearing for a further two hours.

Finally, after a rough year or so my sister finally gained toilet training.

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