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What is the worst nappy punishment you have had to endure?
When I was fourteen I was caught smoking by my mother with a group of friends. Nappy punishment had been reasonably common up until then where I had to wear one under a Lolita style frock but perhaps ironically my worst purely nappy based punishment took place in otherwise boy clothes.

This punishment took place on a two week foreign holiday where it was made clear that I was to use nappies full time and not use the toilet at all. Upon wetting or messing I would have to inform my mother who would start a stop watch leaving me stewing in a wet or dirty nappy for a further hour. At one point I messed a nappy but made a deliberate attempt not to have to sit in it for the time period. I was soon to regret this as my mess was smudged right across the front and back of my nappy and I wasn’t to be changed until the following morning.

Night time was perhaps the worst however; mum would make me drink six fizzy drinks across two hours prior to bed, the diuretic effect making me all but incontinent and meant I had to wake about five times every night to wet my nappy.

Such was my pattern interrupted that I ended up wetting my bed three nights in a row when I got home  and didn’t become fully continent again for nearly a week. Needless to say I never smoked again.
Being left in a wet or a dirty nappy was always one of the worst elements of nappy punishment for me.

It was always terribly humiliating being made to wear a nappy and baby knickers again as an older child. Initially it was only for a set period, and I could usually hold out without using my nappy. But after a while my mother would make me stay in my nappy for longer and longer, until it became impossible for me not to use it.

The shame of realising, for the first time, that I had to wee, but being told by my mother that "that's why you have a nappy on" was almost unbearable. I held out for another ten minutes or so, but then had to swallow my pride and flood my nappy. I could tell that my mother knew when I'd let go, because she smiled knowingly at me

She left it maybe five minutes before asking "Ali - have you wet your nappy?"

I had no choice but to confirm that I had. "Don't worry, darling," she said, "that's why Mummy put you into a nappy."

The sheer normality of it, as if it were perfectly normal for a boy of my age to wet his nappy, was crushingly humiliating, especially in front of my little sister.

As my punishments went on I was kept in nappies for longer and longer, sometimes for a week, and then I knew I had no choice but to use my nappies and wait to be changed.

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