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Spankings & Life
FLS schools are inclusive. With boys and girls together for most classes and lab work.

 Boy students as incipient Sissies. Girls as future Dominas.

 Boy Bathrooms don't have doors or walls. But fully-equipped for Sissy Care and Discipline.

 When a boy needs to "Go", he's escorted by a girl.

 She strips him barefoot naked. For bidet or toilet. Cleanses him afterwards.

 He often goes across her lap for handspankings. His sister uses the hairbrush.

Everything changes after First Cum. Common during Bathing. Using gentle soapy hands, girl Bathes Sissy brother's genitals.

Suddenly, spurts of thick spermy milky Cum erupt!  

I was 12. With a merciless Latina Nanny.

I endured my first serious spanking.

Below the best of yours truly (17) summoned by Sandra (14?) for a horrific spanking in the park.

I hated the tall tweeny vixen. I feared her terrific spankings. I adored the ecstatic Cums she gave me.

Males don't respect (or truly love) women or girls incapable of blistering their fannies.


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