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Paper Speedos
Does anyone remember "paper" speedos? These were out as early as 1990, and disappeared probably late 90s/2000. These were the forerunner to the high tech fabrics worn today. They were thin, fit VERY tight, and made a crinkly sound when handled. The actual fabric was very different than regular speedo fabric. 

I wore these at scout camp as a kid in 1990, 91, and 92 (10-12 years old), and I remember only a few boys wore speedos (being in the U.S.), but I had the only paper speedos Smile Nostalgic as I am, I found a n.o.s pair on ebay, still in the box, and for a good price! Its plain black, whereas I wore really bright-colored pattern ones as a kid. I bought it anyway and upon trying it on I noticed several things:
-the sides are narrower than regular speedos
-the whole suit is low-waist
- the back is rather "cheeky" (less coverage than a regular speedo), basically 4/5ths coverage, not quite 3/4 though

These are just as fun to wear now as they were at camp! And I'm astonished they made suits like this for little boys, with considerably less coverage all around, and especially in back! If Speedo tried that today, at least a dozen executive's heads would be on the chopping block! 

Glad I was a boy when I was, at least when it comes to swimsuits.

Princess Tommy
I remember the plain white speedos with a draw string for a waist band closing.
These were used in the YMCA when mixed company was present - otherwise swimming was in the nude - ala natural.

But ??? this "PAPER" - speedos actually made out of paper or just a loose term ?
I looked on eBay and did not find anything at this time.

Speedos the male equivalent to the female bottom bikini - with just a tad more coverage ! LOL !

This is the best description I found:

"Paper" speedos was a loose term - not actually made of paper. Appears they were around as early as 1988. A few more articles:  

I think the last time I swam nude at the Y was 1988 or 89, and it was, like you said, males only however the adults had the option of wearing trunks/speedos - 12 (13?) and younger were required to be nude. And there wasn't any discomfort about it either.


I definitely remember the shiny Adidas short-shorts! I had them in every color when I was a little kid! The 80's was a great time for tiny shiny shorts!

I have comparison pics of my paper speedo against one I bought 2 years ago, but cannot figure out how to get the images on here - any ideas?

For the sewing savvy, below are some measurements (in inches)

                               paper speedo                                  regular speedo
Side                                1.5                                                 3
rear rise                            7.5                                                8
front rise                            7                                                 7.5
crotch width                       3                                                3.5

The comparison is stunning, and the pictures definitely show how the rear coverage is significantly less. Again I am shocked they made these for little boys! Not trying to sound weird or anything, but I had to be super cute in one of these! I haven't found any surviving pics of me wearing one (yet), but I'm hopeful and will share here if I do. 

Princess Tommy

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