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Stuffed Toys
Does anyone else have a collection of stuffed toys? I have a large number of teddy bears which I have in my nursery and I usually have one with my most times. Some are famous bears like Winnie the Pooh and Paddington and others are just standard bears in all shapes and sizes. I always sleep with one close by and find them very therapeutic.

However I do find it embarrassing when I'm punished in front of them, their eyes can feel so critical at times. After being spanked in front of them I hug them tight and apologise to them as if I had disappointed them also. Pooh bear can be so judgemental at times. Cry
Great topic, Seth!

I agree completely: sleeping with one of my stuffed animals next to me is SO comforting Smile

I still have my Care Bear I recieved on my 4th birthday! "Friend Bear" is in great shape for his age, and I take excellent care of him. With a golden retriever in my house, he (and my other boyhood stuffed animals) live on the top shelf of my closet, ready to come down when I choose.

In addition to Friend Bear, I have a racoon, a dog, and a bear one of my grandmothers made for me. All are at least 35 years old, and if my house was ever on fire, I would probably throw them out the window first (after my dog) before escaping myself! Totally cherished possessions! 

Princess Tommy
I'm glad to see others do get comfort from them too. I have about 25 bears now but am always on the look out to get more!
It’s now possible to get 'smart toys' which have a camera, are programmable, and can speak the words that an operator speaks to them remotely, or are programmed. They can also play music, or relay messages overnight.

The scope for building and reinforcing a Female Led Relationship are immense!
My little sister got my slave husband several little girl dolls and stuffed toys for Christmas this year. The Elsa doll from Frozen is his “favorite”. When there are no females present, we have a joke that the doll is in charge because it is less inferior male than my hubby.
I have been given many stuffed toys by my wife’s female family members. The worst is having to come up with appropriate little girl names for them. It’s always so embarrassing. Also having to do corner time with the toys watching makes it seem so much worse
Seth, I have a Paddington bear too.
I have many stuffed toys, teddies, rabbits and more and last week I was given many baby toys to play with all second hand in very good condition in need of a good home which they have now in my nursery.

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