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Ten things a sissy boy knows...
(03-05-2020, 10:23 AM)susanstewartuk Wrote:
(01-29-2020, 11:46 PM)Lovely articleAli but for me it’s the whole experiencewaking up in a scented bed wearing a pretty nighty and panties seeing your pink lacquerd toes on your so smooth legs as you slip your feet into fluffy pink slippers the slither of your silky nighty when you rise admiring your pink lacquered manicured fingers asyou reach for your dressing gown and start the day making tea and toast for your Mistress/Wife. Then it’s shower shave and towel dried brushed and in rollers.face body and hand creams. Then the real pleasure of deciding what to wear.the choices of underwear and hosiery before a little makeup, drying your hair brushing combing and styling perhaps a little holding spray.a good spray of anti persperant, and now the choice of outerwear be it a dress or skirt and blouse or top studs or ear rings bracelets necklace and watch.Check in the mirror a spritz of perfume at wrists and behind ears, and another sissy day of housework begins. Pure heaven.nothingin the world could make me feel nicerlove susan xxx Wrote: Ten things a sissy boy knows about getting dressed that other boys don't:
  • ¬†the tug of shoulder straps
  • ¬†the constraining feeling of a bra around his chest and back
  • ¬†the delicate tickling of frills from his underwear
  • ¬†the exposure of underwear that doesn't cover his whole bottom
  • ¬†the gentle pressure of stockings or hold-ups on his thighs
  • ¬†the feeling of a skirt or dress brushing his thighs
  • ¬†the feeling of tights over his knickers
  • ¬†the constraint and pressure on his bottom from wearing a girly teddy
  • ¬†the feeling of vulnerability of wearing a short skirt
  • ¬†the sensation of silk and satin
Can you think of any more?
  • The inexorable feel of a sissy collar locked around his neck, complete with dainty little bells that tinkle with his every move.¬†¬†
The pinch of narrow heels and the pressure on his toes from the height of the heels.
The tight pull on his hair as ribbons are tied around bunches or ponytail

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