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Bullied by The Hunter Rain Boot Brigade
I sat gleefully in Miss Lockwood’s car with my erection fully poked out which was enjoying all the bumps in the road. “Aren’t you glad that I unlocked you from that cage of yours?” Yes I am Miss Lockwood! “Good! Because in the society none of the sissy girls remain locked up.” What’s the society? “That’s where I’m taking you now. It’s a special place for sissy girls like you and strong, beautiful, and powerful women such as myself.” That sounds amazing! What would I do there? “Well you would live there and you would serve me and my friends and do many sissy playtime activities. Doesn’t that sound fun?” It sounds like tons of fun Miss Lockwood! “Oh it will be! And look at that we are here!” It was a little bit confused when I first saw it because of the outside. It looked like a huge warehouse mixed with a strip mall. It was definitely huge as it looked like it went on for blocks and blocks.

Are you sure this is it Miss Lockwood? “Of course it is! The inside is a lot more impressive sweetie now come on.” She grabbed my hand and we walked inside and a huge bright light hit me and then the clank of the solid door closing. I was then hit with multiple sounds of high heels clanking on the marble flirting which looked amazing with the pink shaggy carpet on the walls. What I then saw next was an amazing sight to behold. There had to have been at least two hundred very pretty and intimidating women and a handful of sissy girls like myself. Some of the sissy girls were serving lunch to some of the women and others were being played with and twirling around in prom or wedding dresses. This is amazing I said! “Is it not? Come on let me go introduce you to everyone.”
Oh gosh an absolute thrill thanks for this direction for the story.
“Hello everyone this is the new sissy girl I’ve been telling you about!” All the women stopped and looked at me and I was extremely intimated by them. The sissy girls on the other hand seemed just like me. They were all very pretty and looked more like actual girls then guys. “Hello there Annabelle and welcome to the society! What brings you here?” I’m not really sure Miss Lockwood just brought me here to show me around. “Well what do you think so far Annabelle?” It’s amazing I must say! You all are so pretty and powerful! “We really are! Mistress Lockwood should we show her around?” “Sure come on Annabelle and we will give you the tour.” I was lead deeper into the society and was amazed by it. On the lower lever their was multiple sections. There was a prom dress section, a wedding dress section, a tulle skirt and dress section, and a general clothing area. It seemed like it was magical and their was millions upon millions of dresses to choose from. I noticed also that their was a gourmet cafeteria on the lower level. I was then told that the upper lever was the residential area of the building.

“So what do you think Annabelle?” One of the many gorgeous women asked me. She looked like she could be a model she was that beautiful. I said it before and I’ll say it again this is magical. “What do you say towards living here with us?” I didn’t know what to say and all I could muster was I’ll have to ask my mother. “You don’t need to ask your mother. You see we have a contract right here and all you have to do is sign it.” What does the contract say? “The contract states that once you sign it you will be legally emancipated and that will reside here forever.” I don’t really know what to do I stammered. “You know what you are going to do! You are going to sign! You belong here with the society!” With that said from another women Miss Lockwood cane up behind me and grabbed my throbbing member through my leggings. “Sign and I’ll give you the greatest thrill ride of your life! Do it sign now and you will be granted your first release of many here at the society.”

With that being said I took the pen in my hand and signed the contract and I didn’t realize the implications of that. Then with all the sissy girls and pretty women standing around me Miss Lockwood stroked me with her manicures fingers and it didn’t take much as I cummed and crumbled to the floor as the women laughed. Many months has passed since then and I think about it everyday as I serve the girl here. I’ve made many friends with the other sissy girls here and we all know our places. Each of us have our own cluster of women we serve but my main Mistress was always Mistress Lockwood. I would sometimes ask her about what was happening at school but she never told me. She always would say the same thing “you don’t need to worry your pretty little head over things like that.”

I never did end up hearing from Goddess Aubrey, Empress Brittney, or any of member from the brigade again. A couple of weeks into me living their and I noticed that a women from social services did make an appearance but she was quickly moved along. I always do wonder though that what if I never got bullied by the Hunter rain boot brigade? Would I have ended up here? Would have I ever became a sissy? All I can do is ponder because I will never know.

I want to thank you all for reading this story and I really appreciate it. I will leave you with some pictures to help you all imagine what Miss Lockwood and the other members of the society look like. I won’t pick which one is Miss Lockwood. I’ll let you all decide that!

The End

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Thank you SissyNicole117, great ending and pictures
(07-19-2020, 12:21 PM)afp Wrote: Thank you SissyNicole117, great ending and pictures
I’ve only really read into this story in the last couple of weeks, but I can imagine for those who have been following it for the full six months, it will be quite a wrench having to say goodbye to these characters.

It’s certainly made for a compelling read.

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