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Bullied by The Hunter Rain Boot Brigade
We followed Empress Brittney and her clique around the school the day and what surprised me is Goddess Aubrey seemed to enjoy it. She fit well being in a popular girls clique and I could tell she enjoyed it. Laughing giggling smirking and scheming and also making bratty comments she fit right in. I on the other hand was just standing in the background behaving as I watched all of this unfold. Later that day there was a big fight that broke out between both cliques and Empress Brittney and Goddess Aubrey fought with the brigade and girlish insults were thrown around. “Look at your hair it’s so basic!” “Those boots make you look like old ladies!” “You’re fake Aubrey you always have been!” “I can say the same about you Amanda!” Eventually a teacher broke up the fight and we were told to go to class. It just so happened that it was our last class and we were all in it together.

The class as split down the middle exactly now. Girls wearing brown riding boots sat on one side and girls wear Hunter rain boots sat on the other. There was no note middle ground at school. It was either one or the other and it was then I realized that even teachers were taking sides. At that moment Miss Lockwood was back and she walked into class. I’m sure you can guess it but she was wearing black leggings and brown riding boots and she wore a sweater dress as well. “I’m back class! Sorry I was out for most of the week but when you’re sick you’re sick!” Miss Lockwood looked phenomenal and I felt weaker then ever sitting in the back of the class. I felt like the weakest person in the class by far and was enamored with how powerful Miss Lockwood seemed. “I know you were all working on an assignment this week and I would like you to finish it quietly.” We all did as we were supposed to and I actually felt proud of my paper and I was sure it was A worthy!

“Okay girls that’s it class is over and put your papers on my desk please. Oh and Annabelle stay after class today please we need to chat!” Yes Miss Lockwood and the class piled out and it was just me and her. “Don’t be shy come up to the front of the class. Do you like my outfit I put it together just for you.” Why did you do that? “Oh I just thought that you would like it. I mean can’t you just look down at my boots and get lost?” I did just that! I looked down and I don’t remember anything else that happened as it seemed like i was suddenly standing in the hallway. Down the hallway I walked as I saw Goddess Aubrey and Empress Brittney who was whispering things into Goddess Aubrey’s ear.

Miss Lockwood’s POV
“I must say you’re doing a great Job Brittney!” “Thank you so much Miss Lockwood!” “You’re welcome! Now did you whisper the magic words in Aubrey’s ear?” “Yes I did and she seemed to respond well!” “Good! You’ve been the perfect girl for this. Creating cliques in the school and breaking up friendships and luring in our target!” “Does this mean that I’ll be a member of the society?” “Yes you will be handed out a junior membership!” “Good! And I would like Aubrey!” “You can have Aubrey I don’t need her. I just need Annabelle to serve the society and it’s looking like this will be soon.”
I just love the little insults the cliques throw at each other. Hopefully Annabelle is learning more from those to really fit in. Miss Lockwood is a dark horse, I never expected her to be behind a manipulation. Very enjoyable chapter.

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