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Bullied by The Hunter Rain Boot Brigade
Loving these new chapters, gosh I’m afraid now for Nick if he goes home from the safety of Ashley’s.
I was frightened about the cops coming and my parents seeing me dress this way. I couldn’t believe that Ashley and her family was doing this to me, but another problem floated around my mind. If I did go home I would definitely be receiving multiple beatings from my father and my mother would do nothing. “Now Nick I think it’s in your best interest if you follow my lead and agree to everything that I say. If not you will be going home and your dad seems like he’s a hot head. On the other hand if you do go along with me you will stay here in the safety of my home while you can parade around in skirts and dresses. Under the gracious command of my me and my daughters and their friends, and of course you will never not see black leggings and Hunter rain boots. Now I do believe that I hear sirens approaching. Make the wise decision dear!”

Two cop cars and my parents pulled up to our driveway as I was lead outside with Ashley and her mother and I stood their with them in my tights and skirts. Neither of my parents looked pleased as they approached us, and for whatever reason their disapproval of my dressing caused a tiny tent to sprout underneath my skirt. “What are you doing to my son?” “I’m not doing anything to your son. This is all at his request.” My dads fave turned red and he began to get closer and the cops held him back. “Hold on sir let’s get to the bottom of this. So, why are we here?” “My son is being held captive and forced to dress like some prissy girl.” “Is that true ma’am?” “Why of course not Nick here my daughter Ashley are very close friends and has always shown great interest in girls things. My daughter has always just wanted to help him. Although Nick has expressed worries over his safety if his parents ever caught him dressing this way. Isn’t that right Nick? Didn’t you say your dad would beat you if he ever found out?” Of course it didn’t seem like I had much of a choice. Beatings? Or stay serving Ashley and her friends family. That’s right ma’am I said. “See? And how long have you wanted to dress and be a girl?” It seemed like an un necessary question but I said forever ma’am. “And did you not come to me and my daughters for help?” Yes ma’am “and do you fear for your safety at home?” Yes ma’am. All of a sudden my dad lost it and ran towards me and grabbed a hold of me in front of the cops. They had to grab a hold of him to restrain him and the put him in hand cuffs. “You see? This child is not safe with them!” “We agree ma’am. Will be taking him down to the station and child services will do a further investigation. Sadly we can’t let him go home so does he have a place to stay with you until all of this is sorted?” “Why of course!”
Thrilling read. Hopefully nick will be ok.
“As you can see our plans always work. This was just the first step in the process though. We will then have to convince child services, and remember will it be dresses or beatings? Dresses would be the smart choice. In the mean time however you will abide by my rules as you live here. You will do as me and my daughters and their friends say, and you will address me as mother from now on! Got it?” Yes but mother what about my clothes and school? “Clothes you can share Ashley’s until we buy you some as you are almost the same size. As far as school goes you will go to school as a girl.” Mother! No please! “It’s the only way! We need the school to be on our side and we will need for you to transition for everything to be believable.” Please no! “It’s done! I’m going to call the school right away to fill them In on the situation in mean time go upstairs with Ashley and think of a name you would like to be called.”

“Omg isn’t this great! My mom is so smart. Well your mom too!” Your mom is not smart! What she’s doing is illegal on wrong! “Did I give you permission to speak? Now get on your knees and stare at my boots while I think of your new name!” I said yes Miss Ashley and did as I was told and stared at her boots. “You can look up a bit and marvel at the goddess that I am becoming.” As she said that my tent proceeded to push out my skirt. “Hmm what name? It has to be girly and prissy and also begin with an A of course. I got it! From now on your name will be Annabelle!”
Oh I’m so glad Annabelle is ok and going to school. Glad she’s as exited as her fans by tenting her skirt.
“Mom I got the name all figured out.” “Good and I just got off the phone with the school. They said any child can identify with whatever gender they want and they support you. Also child services called and they are coming Monday to conduct interviews with us all. So, it’s very important for you to act prissy and girly. Now what is your new name?” My new name is Annabelle mother. “Perfect! Perfect! It’s very girly and prissy. Now me and your sister cane up with the perfect outfit for her to wear to school on Monday. It’s a nice floral dress and a jean jacket to go over it and heels of course!” “Well I was kind of hoping for her to wear boots.” “Maybe in the future dear but she needs to learn how to walk in heels and it’s very important for our plan that she’s in heels.” “Okay mom your probably right.” “I am! Annabelle it’s time for you to change and put in the heels and we will begin.”

I took the clothing from mother and went into the bathroom to change. I couldn’t believe the situation that I’ve gotten myself into. I don’t think I had a choice now at this point. I couldn’t go home though I know my mad and he was mean. The beatings would be extreme and my mom would agree with him. I knew that I was much safer here. At first this just started off as some sexual game and I didn’t expect to be turned into a girl because of it. Did i even want to be a girl? I wasn’t sure. Regardless I knew that I was Miss Ashley’s girl and she’s made that very clear. I put on the dress and I couldn’t believe how tight it was but if fit and then the denim jacket went perfect over it. I was trying to put thoughts out of my head that loved the dress. I did a twirl in the bathroom and loved how it swirled but I had to stop. I was tenting hard the more and more the dress swirled. I knew that I had to stop and that I couldn’t let them see that I was enjoying it. If they thought I was miserable could I go back to living as a boy and still live here?

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Annabelle dear, you’re clearly not miserable, so no going back.
I love the idea mom has plans that you need to get used to heals.
I was given a pair of three inch heels and was instructed to put them on and practice walking. This went on for a few hours as I struggled and struggled and was instructed by all the women in the house. “You have to have this down by Monday!” “That was pathetic!” “Try harder!” “We thought that you wanted to be a girl!” “Come one sissy prance in those heels! Prance prance prance!” Finally at around midnight we were done and my feet and heels were sore but I was making progress. “Okay girls it’s late and that’s it for tonight. Tomorrow we will be doing this again but also hair and makeup and nails we have to get you all pretty for school or Monday and child services. Understood?” Yes mother of course. “We will also have to teach you how to do a courtsey. Whenever you say yes mother you should add a courtsey but we can’t get to that tonight. Off to bed now!”

Where am I going to sleep Miss Ashley? That was the first question I asked as we got upstairs. “In my bed obviously! Remember you’re my girl now.” Yes I’m sorry of course Miss Ashley. “Now take off that dress and put on that nightie and the matching panties.” I put on the panties and nighties as they silks caused an instant tent to form. I slid into bed with Miss Ashley and she cuddled up next to me and grabbed my crotch and whispered in my ear. “What a good girl you are. Giving in and making my plans possible. On some level I know that you really want to be a girl. You want to spend your life in skirts and dresses and be the girliest girl you can be. Is that true?” Yes Miss Ashley and she continued to rub my crotch. “I can’t wait for the finished product, and the finished product will be just for me.” The rubbing continued as she was getting me closer and closer to the edge. “Eventually you be perfect and prissy and you’ll be a permanent member of the brigade. However you’ll still be submissive and obey all of our commands but you’ll be dressing and acting just like us. Your mine!” That was it as o had a huge orgasm into the panties and night wetting and spilling all of it. “Hahaha goodnight and you can sleep in that wet nightie and think about what a girl you are.”

(04-29-2020, 03:09 PM)afp Wrote: Annabelle dear, you’re clearly not miserable, so no going back.
I love the idea mom has  plans that you need to get used to heals.

So glad you love this story!
Gosh, Absolutely love when Ashley says to Annabelle, your my girl now. Both are lucky to have each other.
I love that Ashley wants Nick / Nicole / Anabelle to be hers and dressed pretty for her. And that she is confidently leading him to be what she wants him / her to be.

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