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Bullied by The Hunter Rain Boot Brigade
School the next day as you could imagine was awkward as I followed the brigade while wearing my panties under my pants. I was sure to wear a belt which I was sure to make it as tight as possible. The panties were all very girly with silks and frills. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that Miss Kravitz and bought me all those panties. It was all so very erotic as you could imagine. Today at school was a special day as it was time to choose an elective course and some of them were very interesting. The girls however all migrated to a course called Future Female leaders which I didn’t think I could take, but the teacher assured me that boys were welcome to take the class. Amanda signed me me up for the class and of course I couldn’t say anything. I had no interest in taking the class but it seemed like I didn’t have a choice . Even though I knew that I could never be a future female leader. I’m sure all the girls in the brigade would be though.

The class was taught by a very beautiful younger woman named Miss Lockwood. This was one of the first time that noticed an outfit that wasn’t black leggings and Hunter rain boots. She wore a tight red dress and wore a pair of tan high heels and I liked the way the heels clicked and clacked on the floor. “Welcome ladies and one gentleman! This class is all about being a future female leader and what it will take to get there. The girls in this class will learn management skills and will find out what career path is best for them. As far as our lone boy in the class goes is a different story. He will learn all about serving future female leaders. He will have two career choices laid out for him! Assistant or secretary either will of course involve having a female boss and or multiple female bosses. Any questions?” Almost all of the girls in the class began firing off questions one after another. All I could do was think to myself and asked myself how I ended up in this class. I felt so small sitting in a class that pushed the idea of me being a servant almost. It didn’t help either that I was sitting their in pretty pink panties. The class rushed by as I was lost in my thoughts and the brigade got up to leave and I jumped to gather their purses and books. Miss Lockwood took notice and said “I see you already know your place in this world.”
“Welcome everyone welcome pile in! Today we are going to be starting our class project today. You are going to be inventing a company and you have to decide people’s roles in aid company. It must have a name and what it hopes to achieve. Talk amongst yourselves and then you will appoint a CEO.” The girls started buzzing in the class and they started talking about what their company will do. “Maybe we make panties?” “Fashion company?” “I got it girls! Why don’t we be a company that designs outfits! Specifically fall and winter outfits! Every girl in this class loves wearing leggings and some sort of boots in this class. Hunter, riding, uggs you name it. Our company could design whole outfits and every article of clothing in those outfits.” “WOW Ashley what a great idea!” “Yeah we all really love it!” “Miss Lockwood we have our idea!” “Perfect now who is your CEO?” All the girls buzzed again and came up with a a group decision.”It’s easily Ashley Miss Lockwood!” “Come on down Ashley and sit at the head of the room!” The whole class applauded her as she walked to the head of the class. “Okay it’s time for all your other roles.” “Wait Miss Lockwood don’t I need a secretary or assistant.” “You’re right. Nick what are you Ashley’s secretary or assistant?” Assistant I suppose. “Great now go sit next to Ashley and do whatever she says.” Yes Miss Lockwood. “Assistant hold my purse for me it’s heavy!” So I took her purse and put it on my lap and all the girls in the class laughed including Miss Lockwood. “Okay Ashley now it’s time to select your CFO and COO.” “I pick Amanda to be my CFO and Anna to be my COO.” “Okay girls go sit next to Ashley!” After that the all the other girls got their position assignments and that was all the time we had left in class. Everyone got up to leave and the brigade dumped their purses on my lap and I picked them up and meant to follow until Aubreys lipstick fell out of her purse and I bent down to pick it up. As I did so I guess my pants fell down a bit and my panties showed and Miss Lockwood saw! “You wear panties?” Umm I umm. I couldn’t find anything to say. “You know it’s okay to be a panty boy, and it makes sense for you. I mean you already carry girls purses for them so you should be wearing panties. Perhaps I underestimated you a little bit. I have my eye on you now. Go to your next class.”
It was later that day at Miss Ashley’s house that the girls began discussing how great Miss Lockwood was. “She just really seems to get us.” “Yeah she’s a real inspiration for us I think. Honestly I hope I’m like her at some point in my life.” “What about you sissy? What do you think of Miss Lockwood. Well she’s really intimidating! “Sounds like someone is a little afraid of Miss Lockwood.” I’m not afraid of her she’s just really powerful like you girls. “You know it sounds to me like Nick here might have a bit of a crush on Miss Lockwood.” I don’t have a crush on her. “It sounds like you do!” “Ahahaha” All the girls giggled except Miss Ashley which I thought was a bit odd. At around four o clock the girls left Miss Ashley’s house to go to their respected homes for dinner. I got up to leave after the other girls had left and Miss Ashley said a sharp “No” what? “No you don’t have permission to go! You’re going to stay and polish my boots! Now get on your knees in front of my closet. My mom is going to call your parents and tell them that you are staying for dinner.” Yes Miss Ashley. “I can’t believe that you have a crush on Miss Lockwood that’s disgusting! She’s so old!” I don’t have a crush on her Miss Ashley! “You better not! In fact I forbid you from doing so!” Yes of course Miss Ashley!

Dinner was an uneventful affair as I ate in silence as I listened to the girls talk about their various days. No one said anything to me and I felt very small but I was finally  free to be able to go home. I asked Miss Ashley permission if I could and she said “No my mom called your parents. You are spending the night tonight!” In surprised my parents agreed to that and I was a bit disappointed! It was Friday night and wanted to go home and masturbait and play video games. “Upstairs now! You need to finish my boots!” Yes Miss Ashley and I followed her upstairs. “Don’t worry we will have fine tonight and you will not mention this to the other girls!” Yes Miss Ashley and I wondered why. After I finished her boots Miss Ashley decided that my hair and make up needed to be done! Miss Ashley I don’t know about the make up! “Why you should be wearing some! Your hair should be done and you need for and finger nail polish!” Miss Ashley no my parents! “Don’t worry I’ll take it off before you go home!” That was that and so I sat on the she of Miss Ashley’s bed as she did my make up and put my hair into a bun. She the did my finger nails in a pastel pattern and I felt like such a huge sissy that this point. My penis got hard In my ballet tights and Miss Ashley giggled. “It’s okay sissy you should be turned on by this!”

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Oh my g. What a thrill, these latest chapters.
I felt like such a sissy that Friday into Saturday as all my make up was on and hair done along with the nails. It also did not help that I always had to wear that stupid ballerina outfit. Saturday afternoon came and I asked Miss Ashley if she could take off my nail polish. “No I don’t feel like it.” Miss Ashley I’m supposed to go home today and I get have it on when I go home. “I want you to call your parents and beg them to stay until tomorrow night. If you do that then I’ll take it off tomorrow evening.” So, I did as she asked and I called my mother and ask if I could stay over another night. “I’m not sure how I feel about you spending all these nights at a young ladies house.” Please mom! We sleep in separate beds and nothing will happen! “As long as her mother is okay with it then fine, but I expect you to be home Sunday night!” Yes of course mom! I was so happy that she let me and now I could only hope Miss Ashley stays true to her word.

Later that night I had found out that Miss Ashley’s older sister was also having a couple of friends spend the night. I was excited and dreading the potential humiliation that could happen that night. Miss Ashley kept me all dolled up on my ballerina outfit when they arrived. The two girls had seen me like this before but that didn’t stop them from laughing like crazy. My face burned and my penis grew in excitement which only made the laughter increase of course. I soon found out that they had a special treat In store for me that would turn me on insanely. They both stood their in front of me as the rubbed their legs together. “Don’t you love hearing that swish when you walk while wearing leggings?” “OMG yes but the feeling that the swish gives you is even better!” “You wouldn’t understand you have never experienced before. It makes us feel so powerful and girly, and then when you add in the boots we become so elegant it’s just to much for your sissy mind to comprehend.” They continued to rub their legs together in front of me as I stood their fixated as my penis throbbed and throbbed. “Swish swish swish” “Hahaha” The laughter from all the girls in the house was to much for me again as I blew my load for the second time into the ballet panties and tights!
After how humiliating that was I didn’t even want to be in the same room as the girls at the house. As a punishment they made me kneel in the living room for the rest of the night as they just talked about girl stuff. I was only allowed to of course just stare at all the girls knees as I took in the glorious sight of their leggings and boots. The following morning Miss Kravitz had me serve breakfast to the girls after she had cooked it. Of course this lead to a lot of intoxicating laughter from the girls. “Our own personal sissy servant I feel so important.” “Hahaha” “let’s cross our legs girls so we can feel the swish and the sissy can watch.” So, they all did exactly that and kept crossing and uncrossing their legs. This went on and on and finally one of the girls said swish when they did it. Then they all started saying it when they crossed and uncrossed. “Swish” “swish” “swish” This eventually began to be too much for me as I had another accident again in the ballet costume.

“Two accidents in one weekend! What a bad sissy!” I’m sorry Miss Ashley it was all just so intoxicating! “It’s okay I suppose this whole weekend could just be our little secret. You can’t tell the girls that I had you alone all weekend.” Of course Miss Ashley. Miss Ashley can you please take off my nail polish now? “I suppose I can’t but I’m leaving the toe nail polish on!” Miss Ashley you can’t do that my parents will see it! “No they won’t it’s toe nail polish! Just don’t wear sandals! My ruling is final!” So, Miss Ashley did take off my finger nail polish but they the toe nail polish on and when I got home I felt like such a secret sissy wearing my panties and having my toe nails polished.

“It’s about time you got home!” I’m sorry mom and thank you for letting me stay at Ashley’s this weekend. “Who is this girl Ashley? What is she to you? Is she a friend? Your girl friend?” She’s just a friend for right now mom. “So, I don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant?” No of course not mom! We are just friends! Best friends! “Well I don’t know how I feel about you doing girly things all weekend, but as long as nothing happened.” Mom I wasn’t doing girly things all weekend. “Well I highly doubt you were playing video games all weekend. I’m sure you probably painted her nails at some point.” Mom I would never do that! “I should hope not! I don’t want a sissy son and imagine what your father would be saying right now?” I know mom I know. “Good now go wash up for dinner!” Yes mom I said. If she only knew exactly what happens this weekend and what’s been going on the last couple of months. I knew my mom didn’t want a sissy son but I couldn’t help it! I was addicted!

“Welcome to class girls. Today you will continue to work on your class projects and I also have an exciting announcement. So, this weekend this class has been an invited to fashion week in New York City! Everything has been paid for already and all you girls have to do is pack! Sorry though Nick this is a girls only trip!” That’s quite alright Miss Lockwood! “Of course it is! You wouldn’t want to come anyway!” She was right I would not want to come but now I was very excited about getting a free weekend to myself. “Now they also sent each one of us a pair of open toed high heels! The boxes are in the back of the class and you can collect your box. They even sent you one Nick also! I suppose you can maybe sell it online.” Yeah your right Miss Lockwood. They sent me a pair of heels? I have to admit it was a bit perplexed. All the girls were very excited at the end of class as they grabbed their box. I grabbed my box last and I wasn’t the least bit excited. “What are you going to do with yours?” Ohh Miss Lockwood I don’t know I’ll probably sell it like you suggested. “You know you could also wear them?” I don’t think so Miss Lockwood. “Why not you already wear panties. Why not try heels? Why don’t you try them on now?” I don’t think so Miss Lockwood. “Do it now or get an F on your next test.” Miss Lockwood please! “Do It Now!” Yes Miss Lockwood!
I took off my socks and shoes and all it took was for Miss Lockwood to look down and then she stifled a giggle. “Painted toes huh? Who did them they look perfect. Someone who has experience did them.” It was me I did them myself. “Then it must not have been your first time doing so. Put on the heels please! I can only keep you here for so long.” So I did just that and wobbled as soon as they were on my feet. “Well you clearly haven’t walked in them before but still this must be humiliating. Panties, painted toes, and now heels. Do you want to be a girl?” No I don’t! You made me put on the heels! “That may be so but the other choices were yours and yours alone. You can take them off now and go catch up with your friends. Have fun carrying purses for a bunch of preppy girls.” Yes Miss Lockwood I said.

“What did Miss Lockwood want?” Nothing Miss Anna she just wanted to talk about my grades so far in the class. “Oh well it’s a shame you can’t come with us to fashion weekend.” Yeah but it’s okay anyway. “Well it’s going to be annoying having to carry our own purses.” “I agree Ashley I’m so used to having a sissy now.” I was so happy that I was getting a weekend back to normal I was hopping that I could also get myself back to normal this weekend. “You know what’s weird though is that Miss Lockwood is not going with us.” “Yeah I thought that was weird too. At least Principal Denver is going she’s somewhat nice.” “Yeah but she’s not going to be as fun as Miss Lockwood.” “I don’t see why you guys like her. Theirs something not right about her.” “What do you mean Ashley.” “I don’t know I just don’t trust her. You girls go have fun on the trip I don’t really feel like going.” “Oh come on Ashley!” “No it’s okay you guys know I’m not into that whole fashion week.” “Okay suit yourself girl.” I signed inwardly so much for getting a normal weekend. She’s not going because of me.

Miss Ashley’s POV
I was hoping that no one was noticing it. I knew it in my head now. It was official to me. I had a crush on our sissy boy. He was perfect! He was basically a girl. When I first knew that I was bi sexual I was nervous to say the least. I didn’t think that I would ever find someone, but when I first saw Nick in his ballet costume and fully made up I knew he was the one. Plus I quickly found out how much I love controlling him and humiliating him. I was also love finding his whole black leggings and Hunter rain boot fetish very very compelling. It was so hot. It was really starting to turn me on just like him. The swish we got from walking was making me very wet all the time. I was beginning to wonder what Nick would look like wearing outfits like we did but I couldn’t tell the group that. They wouldn’t understand and they wouldn’t want him too dress like that, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. I think I’m going to it this weekend when they are away.

I also don’t know what to do about Miss Lockwood. Some would think that I don’t have to do anything about her but I just don’t trust her. She wants something with Nick and I didn’t like it. It also made me so mad when it was suggested that he had a crush on her. He will be with me and he won’t have a choice in the matter. I’m sure my mother and sister will help me in my quest!
“You might want to tell your parents that you will be spending the weekend with me.” Yes of course Miss Ashley but may I ask why are you not going to fashion week? “Because I don’t want to go and you shouldn’t even have the gall to be asking.” Yes I’m sorry that I asked Miss Ashley it’s not my place. “You’re right it’s not! Now come on we have to go to Miss Lockwood's class.” I took Miss Ashley’s purses and followed her to Miss Lockwood’s class which should be just about empty. All of the other members of the brigade and most of the girls in the class left that Friday morning for fashion week. It was too it was just me, Miss Ashley and Miss Lockwood.

“Welcome to class the two of you. Now Nick I know that you couldn’t go to fashion well but Ashley what happened?” “I just didn’t want to go. I have no interest in that.” “Interesting Nick do you have any interests in things like that?” No I don’t Miss Lockwood. “Okay well then I guess you won’t like todays assignment then. Today I want both of you to describe female outfits that you both like.” Why can’t I do boys clothes? “This class is called future female leaders and you will play the role as a female in this class. Now merge your desks together and talk about which outfits you prefer.” We put our desks together and and began to collaborate. Ashley you already know what outfits I like. “Yes I do but you have to like more then that. Do you just like hunter boots?” Well I guess I’ve seen out girls wear normal brown or black knee high boots with leggings and even those UGG boots. “Wow so you like all that stuff too? I could wear those kind of boots I have them too.” Wouldn’t you have to ask the other brigade members? “Well yeah but maybe I’ll try out those boots this weekend. Do you like any other outfits?” Sometimes I like the tight dresses that Miss Lockwood wears. “You shouldn’t get paying attention to what she wears.” “Five more minutes you too!” I try not too Miss Ashley. Their is something I need to tell you later. “Tell me at my house! Is it serious?” In a way yes.

“Okay you both have had most of the class. Now let’s talk about what outfits you both prefer! Nick you first tell us what outfits you love.” I really enjoy the outfits that Ashley wears pretty much anything with black leggings and boots, and I also like the dresses you wear. “Very very interesting! Most boys don’t have interests in those things. Why do you like Ashley’s outfits?” I like the way she color coordinates everything and she always looks elegant. I like your dresses because it makes you seem powerful. “Very interesting maybe you should have gone to fashion week. Have you ever worn girls clothing before?” “Miss Lockwood this is unacceptable!” “Ashley I’m the teacher and can do whatever I want!!” Before Ashley was about to fire back the bell rang and we were going to leave when Miss Lockwood said “Nick you failed to answer my question so you will stay for detention and Ashley go home or I’ll send you to the principals officer you need to calm down!”

Ashley’s face was so red when she stormed out of the class and I sat back down in my seat. “Now that she’s gone answer my question. Aside from the panties have you ever worn girls clothes before?” I was nervous I didn’t know what else to do. So, I told her the truth. I’ve worn a ballet outfit a couple of times. “A ballet outfit you say? Tights and tutus?” Yes Miss Lockwood “Excellent Excellent. I brought something with me today because I knew that I would keep you after class. I do admit I thought we would be alone today. It’s a pair of tights and a skirt. I would like you to put it on for me! Stand up and take off your clothes and put it on! Or you know that you fail the class!” I knew that I could not fail this class. I didn’t have a choice! I took off my clothes and stood before her. “Very good yes very good. Go on out on the tights and skirt.” It took me a while to get the black tights on but I did and I like it. They felt so good! I then put on the pink pleaded skirt. “Look at you! Perfect! I also brought a pair of flats with me. Put them on and then walk about the class room.” I put in the flats and began to walk around the class. It felt so good and I couldn’t hide it. “I like you like this! So much that I want you to go gone this way!” I can’t go home in this Misses Lockwood. “Do it or you fail you know the rules!.” She gathered her stuff and then pushed me to the door and she locked the door. “Have a fun weekend Nick or should I say Nicole?”
I was in a panic as I stood locked outside of her class room in a skirt tights and girlish flats. How could a teacher have done this to me? I called Miss Ashley to tell her that there was an emergency and to meet me behind the school. Luckily I had quick access to the schools back door. I ran right up to Miss Ashley and said come on we have to get out of here. “Hold on the phone. Look at you! I love you in a skirt and tights! Why did you put this on?” I didn’t Miss Ashley! Miss Lockwood made me! “Really she made you huh? I gotta say that while I don’t like I do admit that she has the right idea.” Miss Ashley can we please get out of here before someone sees me. “Will you relax! Besides it’s only a matter of time before that happens. You see I have big plans for you and maybe those big plans require you to dress like this full time.” Full time? Miss Ashley I can’t dress like this full time. My parents will disown me and kick me out. “Maybe that’s my plan? Maybe I want that to happen? My mom would take you in.” Omg you can’t seriously be thinking of doing this. “My whole family is my mother and sister love the idea, but your not girly enough yet. Although it seems like Miss Lockwood would help with that. Now follow me we are going to my place, and call your mom and tell her you’ll be staying with us this weekend. Also look down and trail behind me and take in the sweet site of black leggings and Hunter rain boots and just give in to my plans.” Yes Miss Ashley as I trailed behind her and did as she asked as all my thoughts just seemed to dissipate.
I was shocked to say the least at the sight of what was in Miss Ashley’s house. Not only was Miss Ashley’s mom and sister home, but they each had five friends over. They were all wearing black leggings and Hunter rain boots too. It was pandemonium! They were all going to see me in a skirt and tights and my penis was in over drive as it managed to put a little tent in the front of the skirt. The laughter cane first as they all saw me enter with Miss Ashley. “Is this the sissy boy that you said your daughter and her friends own?” “Why yes it is and I wouldn’t say that her friends own him anymore. I feel like my daughter stole the show and is running the situation. With help from me and her sister of course!” “Oh how exciting! Why is he only looking down?” “He’s entranced by what I told you to wear of course! It’s his biggest weakness!” “Omg no way. It’s just a lazy comfy outfit, but I guess it does make me feel powerful and elegant. Especially around him.” Their words were adding and adding to the euphoria I was feeling inside. I felt like Miss Ashley or any of those women could get me to do whatever they wanted. “Mom Nick here hasn’t called his mother yet if he can stay the weekend. Why don’t you do the honors?” “A great idea Ashley. Nick give me your phone, and girls go line up together and swish your legs together and poor nick here will stay with me and watch and just helplessly listen to what I tell his mom.

Drew filled me and at the same time amazement did as I watched the legs swish together. It looked so magical as I was ensnared. I watched and listened at the same time as the phone call began. “Hello? This is Ashley’s mother and we were wondering if it would be okay if Nick spent the weekend here? Of course they are being careful but I’m sorry I don’t quite follow. He told you that? Oh no no you got it all wrong. They aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend they are just simply best friends. They do all sorts of girlish things together. In fact they are wearing matching skirts right now. I just thank you for raising such a sweet sensitive boy that my daughter can trust. Why are you angry? Their is nothing wrong with this. Send him home? No I don’t think so. It seems like you are not very upset and I would fear for the child’s safety. Go ahead get the police involved but I just heard your husband say he’s going to beat it out of him. Okay don’t worry will be here.” She hung up the phone and smiled and said “the plan has begun and the seed has been sewn, and Nick your parents and the police are coming.”

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