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Bullied by The Hunter Rain Boot Brigade
“Sissy! Sissy! Sissy!” “Look at that pink tutu girls! I believe we have a sissy ballerina on our hands!” Nick burned with embarrassment and humiliation as his erection throbbed at the same time. Never in his young life had he ever felt this much arousal, and he didn’t want it to end. “Welcome to the brigade sissy! This is your first night of many which will be spent with us. Your first task of tonight will be to go down to my kitchen and get us all sodas.” “Downstairs? I can’t walk around your house like this! What if your parents see me?” “It’s just my mother and sister who are not home at the moment, but there will be a time when they see you like this. When it happens you will treat them like us. You will only look down and only look up if spoken too. Now go get our refreshments.” Nick sadly walked to the kitchen and was glad nobody else was home this time. He found the fridge and was a little upset that their was no cans, and he had to pour each drink with ice one by one into a glass. About half way through his chore he heard the garage do open and the sound of a car coming in. “Oh no! I need to hurry.” Nicks penis betrayed him and so did his mind. It was if his body almost wanted him to get caught. He struggled the pour the remaining glass as he trembled with fear as he heard the door open and many voices could be heard. Many female voices at that! Thankfully Nick finished and carried them all upstairs on a serving tray. His curiosity peaked though as he wanted to get a good look at the women he heard. Nicks penis was in hyper drive after he saw what he saw. Miss Ashley’s mother and her sister and from what looked like a few friends all in Hunter rain boots and black leggings. Smartly he backed away and went back to miss Ashley’s room.
“Look who’s back with our drinks! I see you barely survived my mom and sister. Did she have some friends with her? That’s a common occurrence that you will have to deal with.” “I don’t want to deal with it! I can’t!” “You will have to find a way. By the way? Did you like their outfits? We almost always dress the same. It just makes us so damn powerful.” “Oh my god! Yes I loved them Miss Ashley!” “We know you did look at that tiny boner of yours. Although I’m sure it feels huge to you. Put our drinks down and let us get a close look.” All the girls looked on in amazement and awed at his tiny boner. Miss Amanda then decided to touch it. She poked it and it bounced and all the girls giggled. “Amanda what are you doing?” “What I’ve never touched a penis before. Have you girls?” “No” They all answered. “This is our very first penis girls! You should all poke it like I did.” They did just that as they all took turns poking it and then laughed as it throbbed it response to them. “We should probably stop girls. It looks like our sissy is having to much fun.” “Yeah we can this another time. After all it is our penis!”
School days and after school began to fly by for Nick and people were starting to notice why he was doing everything for the brigade. A few students who were mostly girls even started to ask him questions about it. “Why are you doing everything for them?” “Why do you carry their books and purses everywhere they go?” “What kind of dirt do they have on you?” The boys on the other hand just flat out stopped talking to him. His friends no longer spoke to him and Nick wasn’t sure if it was because of everything he did or if it was because of all his time he dedicated to the brigade. Either way Nick knee deep down inside that they we’re not his friends anymore, but did he want them to be anyway? The amount of arousal and how erotic the situation was controlling him and he knew he couldn’t stop.

The sessions after school though that’s what Nick lived for. He loved being at Miss Ashley’s house and tending to them. Nick even now loved that girly tutu he had to wear. It simply made him feel so good he just looked forward to wearing it. Every afternoon was the same. Nick would follow them up stairs and change into it. Some days he would take their boots off for them if their feet hurt. Most days he would fetch them refreshments. He still had not been caught by her mother or sister which part of him was happy about but the other part not so much. He did want to be caught but he wanted it to happen naturally.

The brigade made it a habit of touching his penis almost every time he was their. Most of the time it was just the poking or light touching until one afternoon the member that got it all started decided too kick it up a notch. Miss Amanda grabbed a hold of his penis with her hand and began to stroke him right there in front of everyone. “What are you doing Amanda.” “Shh I’m just having some fun. Watch I’m going to make him make a mess in his panties!” “I’ve never seen that before!” “This is all you have to do and say some sissy things to him. You’re such a girl wanna be it’s crazy! We are going to make you grow your hair out so you can’t hide what a sissy you are, and you will walk around with make up on and your nails painted! The world will know that your a sissy and you will love it!” He knew that he would as he made a sticky mess in his panties tights and tutu! The girls look on in amazement.
After the whole sticky mess day Miss Amanda and the brigade stuck to there word. A new rule was that Nick was not allowed to get a hair cut. Nick already had longish hair to begin with but it was now getting really long for a boy. Enough so that the brigade could put it in a bun when he was in his ballet outfit. They have not however began to experiment with nail polish or make up yet. Nick felt himself wanting to be more and more of a sissy after every afternoon session. He was becoming meek and very subservient to the brigade, and not just them either at home Nick was becoming meek to his mother and sister. He just couldn’t get enough of it. The biggest sealing of that fate was and will be happening that afternoon.

This was the afternoon that Nick would get caught by Miss Ashley’s Mother and Sister. It was routine as usual for Nick on that day. He was in the middle of fixing the girls refreshments in his ballet outfit. They didn’t use the garage for some reason on that day. All he heard behind him was “ Well well we’ll. What do we have here?”
I am very excited to find out what happens next!
(02-23-2020, 03:51 AM)Alice in chains Wrote: I am very excited to find out what happens next!

I’m glad you like it! Soon this will be a primary focus of mine. I’m in the process of finishing a part time job at the prom dress store. I know how I want it to end and it’s just a matter of getting there. I’m glad that you are enjoying it as it’s kind of a niche story. I know most people are not obsessed with black leggings and boots like I am. Thank you so much for reading! It’s so amazing knowing that people are reading some of my inner most fantasy’s.
He spun around shocked! He was caught like a dear in headlights. Standing out front of Ashley’s mom and sister plus a couple of her friends. To make matters worse they were all wearing black leggings and Hunter boots! His heart was in over drive this was like a dream come to to him! They all began to walk closer to him as Ashley’s mom said “So, who are you and what are you doing in my house wearing little girls clothes?” “Mom I think that is boy is Ashley and her friends sissy.” “Sissy? You say well i find that fascinating! So, is it true to you belong to my youngest daughter and her school friends?” It took a while for Nick to answer her question and all he could say was a meek yes. “Just what do you do for my daughter and her little friends?” Again Nick took a long time to answer. Well I dress like this for them and serve them and do whatever they ask. “Well my daughter is very clever I see.” “That’s not just it mom! He has a huge fetish for black leggings and Hunter rain boots! He can’t help but stare!” “Is that so? Actually now that you say that he hasn’t looked up since I’ve been talking to him.” All of them laughed after that and to make matters worse the brigade heard all the commotion and stared to come downstairs.
“What’s going on down here?” “Well my sweet daughter we seem to have found your sissy!” “Mom I’m sorry I.” “It’s okay don’t worry Ashley! I was going to tell you that I approve! In fact I think that it’s good that you learn how easy it is to control boys. Although I wouldn’t have thought that you would prefer to do it this way but it’s fine. I also find it interesting that he loves black leggings and Hunter rain boots so much. How did you pull that off?” “I don’t know mom I think it’s just something he was born with. We noticed him staring a lot at school and we just decided to take control. Look he so fixated on my leggings and boots! It’s so funny! We let him stare and he does whatever we want!” “WOW I must say that I am impressed and so much so that I propose we have a new house rule.”” What is it mom?” “I think in our house in order to come in you have to be wearing black leggings and Hunter rain boots. Unless you’re a sissy of course.” “Omg mom you would do that?” “Of course I would dear. Anything for you. Now what do you say we form a circle around your sissy here and have him stare at our knees.” “Mom are you getting into this?” “I am dear I am.” The girls all formed a circle around the sissy as he just stayed their and stared as his penis throbbed and throbbed. “What would you do now?” “It depends on our mood but I think today we should have a chant. Follow my lead girls. Black leggings sissy! Black leggings sissy! Black leggings sissy!” All the girls followed suit and chanted it. Ashley then mixed it up and started with “Hunter rain boot sissy. Hunter rain boot sissy. Hunter rain boot sissy.” It was all too much for him. The chanting and the girlish circle of leggings and boots that surround him. He was controlled by all these girls and he couldn’t take it as he exploaded into his ballet outfit. It was huge and from that day on his fetish sealed itself as permanent.
Life as a sissy continued for Nick after that day. He relived the humiliation in his head over and over again at night and he always exploded in sexual pleasure. He was simply enthralled with his new way of life. When he was at home and not serving the brigade he mainly spent most of his time browsing pictures on the internet of women wearing black leggings and Hunter rain boots. It was just simply to addicting to not do so! Ashley’s mom and her sister and plenty of her friends were also in on adding to his humiliation. She stuck true to her word also. Their house was truly a black leggings and Hunter rain boot house. Every girl that entered the house was dressed that way which made him think. How many girls knew about him now? Did Ashley’s mom make them swear to secrecy or did she not even care about them spreading the word about him. He knew he couldn’t ask either. He wasn’t allowed to speak unless spoken too. On one fine afternoon Ashley’s mom decided to change the game on her own.

“Girls come down her please I have a surprise for you.” The brigade waltzed down the stairs and I of course followed them. On the counter were a bunch of bags from Victoria’s Secret. “Mom why are all these shopping bags down here.” “A surprise for your sissy! I bought him a ton of panties. It’s time he had his own and he should be wearing them full time.” The girls all screamed in delight as I filled with dread. I can’t have these in my house. My mom would find them for sure. I knew I couldn’t argue though! “Sissy you will replace your boy underwear with these and you will even wear them at school!” “Omg mom how humiliating! You’re a genius!” I could only reply with Yes Miss Kravitz. That night I had to sneak the bags up to my room and o shoved them into my closet. I couldn’t believe that Miss Kravitz enjoyed my humiliation this much!
I know I’ve said it before but I’m enjoying this story.

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