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Bullied by The Hunter Rain Boot Brigade
I really like this story Nicole keep going! Smile
Hi Sissy Nicole,

Very nice continuation. I love your including the pics of the five Brigade members.

Do you have a favorite? I am leaning towards Ashley at first blush (and I am blushing at the thought of receiving their attention).
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
(01-27-2020, 08:08 AM)Kimmi Wrote: Hi Sissy Nicole,

Very nice continuation.  I love your including the pics of the five Brigade members.

Do you have a favorite?  I am leaning towards Ashley at first blush  (and I am blushing at the thought of receiving their attention).

My favorite is Amber for sure. I can only imagine what Nick experienced at school. Lol

(01-27-2020, 03:59 AM)Alice in chains Wrote: I really like this story Nicole keep going!  Smile

Glad you’re enjoying it!
“It’s quite obvious that he’s a sissy! Did you see his blank stare? He went on like that for ten minutes or so. “”Yeah then he got a tiny little boner.” “Hahaha yeah it was fantastic girls and a great first test.” “Do we even have to have anymore tests. I believe that we don’t have to do anymore.” “Yeah I think we know our answer.” “Agreed!” They all said in unison. “Okay let’s think of our next move.”

Nick couldn’t believe what had just happened! That was the weirdest but most hot thing that ever happened to him in his life. Nick knew that his interest in hunter boots and leggings was growing fast! His erection couldn’t be stopped. As fast as he could he ran to the nearest bathroom at school and thankfully it was empty! He was in luck as made it too a stall and relieved himself! Nick couldn’t believe that he just did that at school but he knew that he had too. That moment was just too hot too waste it. Plus he also had masturbation material for a while!

It was later that day that Nick had another altercation, but not with the whole brigade but just one member . Amber was standing next to him at his locker. His first instinct was to look down but he stopped himself this time. Amber spoke to him and said “We have already figured you out so you just might as well give in and look down.” He quickly did as she said and looked down and her knees. Amber had on burgundy colored boots and of course was in leggings. It was such a perfect view and he couldn’t keep his eyes away. So, he stared and stared and he began to get another tiny boner again. “You should always look down! When you see me or any other member of the brigade you will look down!” “You won’t look us in the eye unless requested! You belong to the brigade now! Your first assignment is to dedicate yourself to us!” She handed nick what looked like a usb drive. “When you release yourself you can only use the contents of what’s on that usb drive. Will talk again tomorrow and don’t look up till in fifty feet away”
It's interesting how this all is transpiring as a team effort on the part of the Boot Brigade.

I am curious about what will transpire next. Still working as a group to ensnare Nick?

Or some one-on-one moves?
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Nick rushed to get home after school and was wondering what’s on that usb drive Amber have him. Nick needed to release himself again after everything that happened at school. The amount of horny that he was feeling was too much to handle. Quickly he put the usb drive into his computer and was very excited to see the contents of it. It was filled with hundreds and hundreds of pictures and to his amazement it was pictures of the brigade. Every single picture was of them wearing their boots and leggings. Some of them were group photos and some were single pictures. Their was also a text document that looked like it was a set of instructions. Nick opened it and it read.

“Welcome to the Brigade! Well your not really a part of the brigade but more of an asset to the brigade. By plugging in that usb drive into a computer you signed a contract believe it or not. You’ve just agreed to be the brigades personal sissy. What’s a sissy you ask? Well it’s what you are! You are attracted to girls clothing and being subservient to girls. It’s clearly obvious that you are subservient to us and that will not change. As you being this journey to becoming our sissy you need to do tons of masturbation. To us of course! That’s what all the pictures of us are for! You will only masturbate to us now and that’s it! We are our sexual orientation now! So masturbate and come join the brigade!!”
As soon as Nick had done the deed it’s as almost as if the contract was signed right before his eyes. He didn’t stop all night as he continued to submit to the brigade. He went through hundreds and hundreds of photos of all the members of the brigade. Nick finally fell asleep that night dreaming of his new superiors! He was now the Hunter Rain Boots Brigade sissy!

“I can’t believe we have our own sissy now! What should we do first?” “Maybe we should hold the breaks on the whole thing? We don’t even know if he jerked off last night.” “Oh come on Amanda! All he does is stare at us when we are around! All the pictures are of us wearing Hunter rain boots and black leggings.” “ I say we all five approach him. If he looks down then we know he is ours, and maybe we make him carry all our books to class.” “ I like it! Seems subtle at first!”
The first bell of the day was fast approaching and the brigade was on a mission. Nick was alone at his locker like most days. Unfortunately for Nick he didn’t have any friends and would always be considered a bit of a loner. Although after last night Nick had signed a contract that obligated him to be a sissy. A sissy for the most popular and scary group of girls in the school. He didn’t know of what had happened was actually real or just some prank. Did the brigade really expect him to become there sissy? A part of him hoped so and a part of him didn’t. It would be really exciting to be there sissy and I’m sure it would be fun. The other part of him well was nervous and a little scared. What would his mom and sister think about him being a group of girls sissy? Or just being a sissy I general. Nick knew he was one! Something clicked over the last year. Nick didn’t want to have sex with girls anymore. He no longer had a drive too. Instead he wanted to wear there clothes and paint nails and put on make up, and dangle a purse on his wrist. Did he want to be a girl?

The brigade was fast approaching Nick. They were ready to claim there sissy and Nick knew it. They screamed elegance and power as they walked in their Hunter Rain boots and leggings. The girls saw him and approached him and formed a circle around him. Nick looked down at their knees he knew he was not supposed to look up. “ Good morning sissy! Looking down I see, which I’m sure means that you signed the contract last night?” “Yes I did Anna.” “Before you say my name again I would like to tell you that you will be expect to address us all as Miss from now on. Understood?” “Yes of course Miss Anna” “Good I’m glad that you do.” The bell began to ring signifying that it was time for first period. “Okay sissy it’s time for class and you will carry out books to class. You will trail behind us. Not in line with us but behind us. We are superior to you! Understood?” “Yes Miss Amber.”
Nick imagined that this might be quite the site to see for the other students. As the brigade walked up the hallway was a group and Nick trailed behind them carrying their books. Nick only looked down as he walked behind them as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. All the girls dressed so petty as he trailed them and held all their books. It made him feel so weak and inferior to them and it didn’t just stop at them. He felt that way towards all women at the moment. Nick heard snickers and giggles and whispering from the other student at him. He couldn’t see their faces though as he stayed looking down.

They fin ally reached their destination as Nick followed the girls into the class room. Ashley pointed toward the empty seat next to him which told him where he would sit now. Nick now filled out the last seat in the row. The first five seats were taken by those of the brigade and he sat in the end. “This is where you will sit now in every class and before class begins you will place our books on our desks.” Yes of course Miss Amber and then total embarrassment kicked in as the class heard what he had said. The embarrassment he found fueled his arousal.
The day at school went by slower than usual as Nick did the same routine for every single class. There was now laughter and humiliation and whispers in every single class for Nick. Finally the end of the day came and Nick learned what his end of school chores would be. At the end of the day Nick would be putting the coats of the girls on them if they wore one, and to be handing them their purses. He also learned that he would be expected to go with the brigade outside of school. “After school we always go to Ashley’s house for after school studying and hang outs. You will be also going with us to attend to any need that we have, understood?” Yes Miss Aubrey. “Perfect now follow! Remember don’t look up look down and follow us.”

After a short walk they ended up at Miss Ashley’s house as they walked inside. Nick was then instructed to take their coats and put them on the coat rack and then take their purses and follow them upstairs. “This is we’re we study and just gossip for a few hours. You will be expected to attend to any need we may have. Also this is what you will be wearing here. In fact you will be wearing it whenever we are together outside of school.” It was a pink ballet custom with a tutu and white tights. “I can’t wear that!” “Why not you’re a sissy that’s what sissies wear.” “Put on the costume!” “Yes Miss Amber!” Nick walked into the bathroom holding the ballet custom which came with a pair of pink silky panties. He was about to strip as her heard a knock on the door.

It was Miss Ashley! “Do you need help putting on your tutu and tights?” “Why I need help?” “We’ll I wasn’t going to assume that you knew how to put on tights and tutus, but I guess you have and that are just that much of a sissy!” “No I’m not! I need help!” “Hmm okay why don’t you go ahead and strip your clothes off!” “Strip in front of you?” “Yes do not disobey Miss Ashley!” “Yes Miss Ashley” He stripped and and stood naked before Miss Ashley and only looked at her knees. “Hmm a hairless body and a tiny penis. You must be a sissy! Do you shave off all that hair?” “No it just never grew in.” Hahaha hahah “Okay put on the panties first!” Nick slid the silky panties up his legs and over his penis. He felt immediate arousal and he got a boner In his panties in front of Miss Ashley. “Omg you really are a sissy! Sit down on the toilet and roll those tights up your legs.” Nick did just that and it made him feel much more than a sissy. The feeling was electrifying. It was all then topped off with the pink tutu that Miss Ashley put on!

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