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Breakfast in a skirt!
Hi everybody.

Today I decided to do something different for breakfast time. Although I was dressed in male clothing, I swapped my trousers for a black, box-pleated school skirt! It felt wonderful to sit and have my breakfast whilst wearing a skirt, and I continued to wear it whilst "doing the dishes". Sadly, I had to swap it for my normal trousers, as  I had to put the recycling waste wheelie-bin near the Front-garden gate. But it still felt good!  Smile
It's lovely wearing girls' clothes for just normal routines, isn't it?

Although I've been going out dressed since I was 14 it was still a thrill when I first got my own flat and went out wearing a dress, and the neighbours saw me. It was the first time I felt I really became 'me'.
I do this whenever I get the chance, it's a lovely feeling and skirts feel so natural, I've not been brave enough to go out in public in mine but I do go for drives in my car wearing skirts and yesterday I went out into my garden and washed my car wearing a Tee-shirt and short skirt as well as a lovely pair of white silky panties and underskirt/slip. To be honest it was a little windy and my white slip was revealed more than once (blush).

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