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My teacher knew?
I just made an amazing connection! A little background so this makes sense:

I wore panties to school 1st through most of 4th grade (6-ish to 10 years old). Lately I wondered if any of my teachers noticed my panties. You ever notice when a young boy raises his arms, bends or leans forward, or sits on the floor the top of his undies are guaranteed to be showing in back? Maybe my teachers DID notice?

Fast forward a few years to 9th grade (14 years old) - I made the cross country team (like track, only you run through forests, fields, hills, etc). The coach is my former second grade teacher, Mrs L, and the team is made up of boys and girls 9-12 grades. Me and a boy named Danny Clarke are the smallest boys on the team, and both of us were smaller than average 14 year olds, more like the size of 12 year olds ("late bloomers" as they say). 

It came time to hand out the uniforms (running shorts and tank tops), and Mrs. L only had one pair of boys shorts small enough for us, and they went to Danny. Mrs. L gave me a pair of the girls shorts, of which she had plenty that would fit. The girls shorts were WAY shorter than the boys, and also the side split went up a lot higher too. The boys shorts had a built-in speedo-type brief,  but the girls didnt. Some of the boys made some comments about my shorts, and I was embarrassed but secretly I was glad Mrs. L gave then to me. I had to get a speedo from the boys diving team coach to wear under my shorts, which peaked out from the leg openings in back (the shorts were REALLY short. 

My theory: Mrs. L noticed my panties on a regular basis when she was my 2nd grade teacher (7-8 years old). As the cross country coach having to choose a boy to wear girls shorts, her choice was very easy, since she knew for a fact that one of them wore panties instead of boy-undies (although I was out of panties for almost two years when I made the team). 

That pretty much answers the question I've been wondering: did my teachers (or anybody else) notice my panties showing out the top of my shorts or pants, and the answer is a definite "YES. Every day!" Lol!

Princess Tommy
Hi Princess Tommy,

What a wonderful post and recollection that you have shared- thank you.

I am completely with you. There's not a doubt that Mrs. L recalled the sweet little boy in panties who had been in her class. Choosing you to wear the grls' shorts was hardly a coincidence.

By the way, what caused you to stop wearing panties to school?
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Hi Miss Kimmi,

Thanks! I'm pretty happy to kinda clear that up - wasn't bothering me, I just wanted a little certainty, and the girls running shorts put the "nail in the coffin" on the question Smile

I stopped wearing panties to school because I didn't have any. Jim had been buying them for me up until I was almost 13, but that relationship came to a close, and Mrs. K and Tina had moved away a few years earlier. I couldn't ask my parents, no way would that have happened. I talked to my sister about this very problem (not having any panties to wear at 12-13 years old) and she told me she would've taken me to get some (she's quite a bit older and had her license). I found that very loving of her Smile I would also appreciate any comments that my sister had any intention other than helping her little brother be kept to one's self - I think we all know what I mean by that Smile

Princess Tommy
On showing one's panties..........I didn't do it until I was much older and actually married. For some reason I was very attracted to my sister-in-law. Oh how I wanted her to know about me and dress me up and to be her lesbian lover. Anyway, I had been wearing panties and sometimes pantyhose under my clothes for several, years. I know when I bent over my panties would peek out over the back of my jeans. I would usually make sure my shirt was pulled down so no one would see.  One day I had very bright pink panties on and I had to take my sister-in law someplace in my truck. When we got back I deliberately made sure my shirt was up and I pulled the waist band of my panties way above my jeans. I slowly exited my truck pausing ever so slightly to make sure my panties were showing. I know she had to see them but unfortunately she never reacted or acknowledged that she saw them. Still, it was exciting for me to know that she had to see my bright pink panties. Rolleyes
Miss Fran, That's a shame your sister-in-law didn't react. A friend of mine just told me how his sister-in-law often gives him a glimpse of her slip when she stops over (his wife- her sister) passed away some years ago.

That actually led to a conversation about slips and a discussion about his fascination with slips and her knowing (from her sister) that he loves wearing slips too.

It was interesting that this discussion was triggered by her slip showing (deliberately, as it turned out).
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

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